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Splay en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He saw a spectacular splay of colors toward the back of the diggings.
  2. She yanked it out and dropped it onto the splay of books with a great clatter.
  3. You get that in a bridge, when the piers are inadequately grounded and start to splay apart.
  4. The track was too square with the toes tucked too tight to have been put there by a splay footed hounddog.
  5. The stones at the top of the arch are pressed downwards, so that their lower edges splay apart, and a crack appears at the crown of the arch on the intrados – the underside.

  1. DeShawn holds up both his hands, splaying the fingers.
  2. The man bent over and vomited, splaying the pavement with red.
  3. Sven ran to her writhing body, splaying water drops about him as he rushed.
  4. He leaped onto the train, splaying his hands and feet as he hugged the surface.
  5. The hand on my breast shifted, his fingers splaying to capture my hard nipple between them.
  6. He reached out to break his fall and went down hard, splaying on his belly, hands scraping packed sand and saw grass.
  7. A sharp slap across the back of her head sent her splaying into the room and landing at what appeared to be the Captain's desk.
  8. With care that was almost like love, the older woman placed her hands on either side of Ingrid's face, splaying her fingers around the eyes.
  1. The doe was splayed out.
  2. Her wings were splayed out.
  3. They splayed her out on the deck and.
  4. Legs splayed as if to make a snow angel.
  5. What does it mean? He splayed his.
  6. His limbs were splayed in every direction.
  7. His limbs floated and splayed like a ragdoll.
  8. He splayed legs out and thrust hands on the.
  9. Ben put a hand over his face, his fingers splayed.
  10. Her fingers remained splayed across Ingrid's face.
  11. There she crouched, her shuddering belly splayed.
  12. Parts to a doorbell and a bravo pager laid splayed out.
  13. Her nose crunched and blood splayed out as she fell back.
  14. His hair had come lose and some was splayed across his face.
  15. Aaron holds out a splayed hand, the same formed hand he just used.
  16. When Joey’s class was finished he splayed himself across the grass.
  17. They were both fully nude and he splayed his body on top of her and.
  18. He threw up, slipped over and crashed to the floor, his legs splayed.
  19. Halirit crept up closer to Joey with his arms splayed out to the sides.
  20. He was seated against the back wall, his chest heaving, his legs splayed.
  21. Even his running shoes were splayed open and squashed down into the dirt.
  22. By the time her dark attire came into his sight, she was splayed unnaturally.
  23. He could see Frodo below him, a grey forlorn figure splayed against the cliff.
  24. The young woman sat in the upper back of the animal with her legs splayed off.
  25. The main cable above my head was again splayed out like a lyre of about fifty.
  26. Zora’s hands lay over top of mine that were splayed wide on her pregnant belly.
  27. The boy was sitting with his back against a large rock, legs splayed, trousers undone.
  28. The Universe jumped, froze, quivered and splayed out in several unexpected directions.
  29. Gabriel and Matthew Sanders were standing over a map splayed out on the kitchen table.
  30. As he walked, his toes splayed out as if he were wearing ill-fitting bedroom slippers.
  31. You could have flipped on the news and seen our faces splayed all over it, Harry added.
  32. Did you have this car when you lived with us? Lizzy asked, splayed out on the front seat.
  33. She was overplaying her boyish role, sitting with her legs splayed and her elbows on the table.
  34. Her grip was ripped loose and she spilled forward to land splayed on the floor at Mike’s feet.
  35. Sheena was holding out her arm, her fingers splayed as she shouted at Terry, Get away from that.
  36. The sharp nails of her fingers, however, were not curled, but splayed as if charged with lightning.
  37. I’m sitting on your lap, my back to you, on a wooden chair, my legs splayed across your thighs.
  38. The remaining eretics paused, uncertain, hating, their claws splayed along the walls of the corridor.
  39. It would be hard to find anything prettier than the Amarillo skyline splayed against a West Texas sky.
  40. I squeal loudly, my arms automatically lashing out, my hands splayed on the Perspex to stop me falling.
  41. A forked tail splayed out under his cloak like a pair of snakes looking for a small animal to swallow.
  42. She stifles a moan, one hand splayed against the floor the other hungrily gripping his side, both trembling.
  43. He had kind of half turned to her in his seat and his other hand was now splayed out fingers wide on her belly.
  44. She has a habit of lying on her back with her mouth open, and with her long, dark hair splayed across her pillow.
  45. He moved her between himself and her adversary, her chief? Then he pointed at him as he splayed out his arms again.
  46. Ned was pouring coffee when the door swung wide, someone entered, and splayed his right hand lightly on the counter.
  47. The torso had been splayed and the internal organs dissected and either in sample jars or on plates of analysis machines.
  48. The search was finally called off when, as you say, Harry, one of the officers saw your faces splayed all over the news.
  49. She could see almost all of herself, her pale face, her hair as usual unruly, unkempt and splayed at many angles from her head.
  50. Slikit lay on his back, legs splayed awkwardly in all directions, chest rising and falling rapidly as he tried to recover his breath.
  51. Joey felt himself rolling off and splayed all his limbs out across the branch’s surface and stopped himself from going any further.
  52. The creatures, while small in stature, had enormous splayed feet but their hands, also naked of fur, were tiny and incredibly delicate.
  53. To walk into the temple one would have to walk beneath her and in between her legs, which were splayed apart wide in obvious symbolism.
  54. Joey didn’t find that funny one bit; especially when the thought of having Lezura lying in her own blood with her guts splayed across her body.
  55. A Warrior lay sprawled, his body inert, the tendrils on one leg splayed out and withered, high pitched cries emanating from it but barely audible.
  56. The net effect was that Zebra was now splayed out unconscious on the filthy bathroom floor beside Larry, blood trickling down from behind his left ear.
  57. George had been tried out in a variety of parts, but each time he stepped on the stage he would stand with his legs and arms splayed out and drone monotonously.
  58. Gollum sat with his legs drawn up, knees under chin, flat hands and feet splayed on the ground, his eyes closed; but he seemed tense, as if thinking or listening.
  59. Utah was asleep on his side beside her and with a quirk of an eyebrow her eyes traced down his top arm to where his hand lay splayed across her bottom possessively.
  60. At the threshold he had paused and glanced back, smiling to see Simon still sleeping, one arm splayed out across the pillows, his expression one of satisfaction and peace.
  61. With one hand splayed against his chest, she pushes herself up to look into his face, some mixture of curiosity, pleasure, and pride just visible under the sated tint in her eyes.
  62. Do I look like one? Johnny looked at himself and then down to his new doggy friend, who sat panting with her legs splayed out in the dust as happy as she could be for a rest.
  63. The doctor put down his pad on one of the crates, pulled a fold-up chair from a corner of the tent, spread it open and sat down, his relief obvious in the way he splayed his feed, heels on the dirt.
  64. Darren stopped short, confronted by the sight of Mara's prone body, still in 14th century garb, lying on the trailer floor, one hand clutching a hypodermic, the other splayed lifelessly to one side.
  65. She forces a splayed hand against his chest, which would make Eugene pause, but the gesture is misinterpreted as Walter makes a small noise of pleasure and his fingers clench against the small of her back.
  66. Stedder sat splayed in the shade of his shack, listlessly waving away the irksome dust-flies, when he became aware of a group of near-elders bustling up the street, some from his cadre and others that he did not recognize.
  67. It’s not one of the litters of Odin’s wife, Frigga, and the seats are not proportioned for someone his size, but even with his legs splayed wide, one knee awkwardly out in the aisle, it is much more comfortable than a horse.
  68. Blind, yes, but she thrust down rust-splotched fingers which petted, stroked the sluices of air, which cut and splayed the wind, peeled layers of space, blinded stars, which hovered and danced, then fixed and pointed as did her nose.
  69. By the time Patty got home, the girls were full-down-out-asleep, Debby and Michelle splayed out on the floor as always, Debby using a stuffed animal as a pillow, Michelle still sucking her pen on the floor, diary under an arm, looking comfortable despite a leg bent beneath her.
  1. The anthropologist splays his fingers and presses them into the priestess’s soft.

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