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    1. "How was I to know, you'd be so squeamish about entering the house

    2. If this one was squeamish about her face, well, it was dark

    3. And the Naud officers weren't squeamish about how and when they disported their near constant animal urges

    4. I know you are not squeamish, though you nevertheless may perhaps be a tad idealistic

    5. Normally, I would not include this squeamish, cumbersome and boring detail in any of my books, but I do it here because it represents a perfect example that illustrates the spirit of flexibility to which I referred in the chapter entitled “The Art of Traveling”

    6. We weren’t all that squeamish, but the man was a freakin’ prince after all

    7. “What happened? Speak! Are you too squeamish for this work, is that it?”

    8. no such thing as sin, that one need not be squeamish and

    9. It took a lot for Joanna to be intimidated but she had to admit that being in the presence of Shelley Lionheart made her a bit squeamish

    10. squeamish dignity? How was it that one tiny second of bad

    11. “No maiming, no limb tearing and no killing, the king ordered,” the guard said and with a squeamish look on his bland face, hurried out of the room


    13. Dumoulin hesitated for a moment, then relented: he simply could not see why an American officer would possibly protect a girl who had tried to have her kidnapped, even if that officer was squeamish about torture

    14. What was it? Something truly terrible was up there, something so unimaginably awful that even his guide was hiding away somewhere, too squeamish to watch

    15. The squeamish sensation penetrated his dream as he neared consciousness, and

    16. He assured Dafne that he was much too squeamish for that

    17. Kent stood up when he saw Cindy’s body on the floor and her intestines strewn about the room He was very squeamish for a large man

    18. “Call me squeamish, but I had no intention of touching her in that state –”

    19. Due to poor calculation her eyes instantly met his, causing an uncomfortable squeamish

    20. By making the sensitive squeamish about mentioning Christmas, they have moved us to the next level of their program of eliminating Christianity all together

    21. The women in this case struck Rafferty as particularly strong-minded, and wasn't it true that the gentler sex were often less squeamish than mere males when it came to disposing of a barrier to happiness?

    22. 'Look at this!' she shouted, sweeping her hand across the photographs of the degraded dog, the ravished young mother, and the chain-sawed school children, 'Has this sort of thing got to carry on – because you're a bit squeamish? How many more innocent victims have got to be debauched, tortured and murdered – because of you?'

    23. That lady is more mighty than dainty, she is no way squeamish, she devours all and is ready for all, and fills her alforjas with people of all sorts, ages, and ranks

    24. She shuddered again, then she chided herself for being squeamish when her sister’s life was at stake

    25. Reading this might make some hard-core abstinence folks in recovery a little squeamish

    26. Harchongese aristocrats were seldom squeamish, but the brutality of the camp guards—especially directed towards those whose heresy had yet to be proven—had struck him as excessive

    27. “He always did seem a bit squeamish

    28. Containing a Storm at Sea, a Scene which should perhaps be skipp’d o’er by those with squeamish Stomachs, and the Entrance into our History of the notorious Captain Whitehead

    29. But, squeamish as I may seem, I cannot bring myself to describe what I could not endure even to continue watching

    30. I am not squeamish in such cases when manners are concerned

    31. Yet, for my part, I was never unusually squeamish; I could sometimes eat a fried rat with a good relish, if it were necessary

    32. The squeamish youth never answered, but he did the same with his bread, his meat, and everything he ate

    33. The doctor looked round the room with a squeamish air once more and threw off his coat, displaying to all eyes the grand decoration at his neck

    34. I remember one of them said aloud on the occasion, "Everything's so boring, one can't be squeamish over one's amusements, as long as they're interesting

    35. No; everything she must do herself with her weak, unaccustomed fingers (of which you follow the movements with suppressed irritation as those pale members do their best to uncork a medicine bottle, to snuff a candle, to pour out physic, or to touch you in a squeamish sort of way)

    36. When we reflect that our property is seized by almost every nation; that the laws and usages of nations are disregarded by nearly all Europe; that their conduct has been lately marked with a degree of perfidy and rapacity unexampled in the history of the civilized world; that they have in fact become States of Barbary; it appears to me that we ought not, as regards them, to be over nice or squeamish upon questions of this sort

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