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    1. What does can't stand for? The C in can't stands for can't

    2. It’s important the people should know what you stand for

    3. It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for

    4. When at last I caught up with the others, they were on the lip of a wide plateau of sandy rock and there, emerging from the wiry scrub, stood a tidy cluster of stubborn ruins and dry stone walls that seemed determined to stand forever

    5. But, that place will stand for a long time, Sarah

    6. We stand for a few minutes perusing the menu hanging in the window

    7. Naturally I needed some kind of the stand for the table on and I get this brilliant idea from work

    8. They fear God more than man, stand for real to them

    9. It is tim to take a stand for the truth of the gospel

    10. "What he stands for is, or I should say opposition to what his pursuers stand for

    11. "What do they stand for?" he asked

    12. And perhaps, had he toiled hard enough and sacrificed enough of his self his many loved ones would have erected a monument of his very own to stand for all time as an indication of his benevolent existence

    13. They will stand for truth

    14. But in this house, Lady Phyllis won’t stand for him dipping his sword in someone else’s scabbard

    15. Andrastus would never stand for the insult

    16. a pad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information

    17. And when we're finished with it, it will stand for another seven hundred!' He looked at Rosemary, the wind streaming through her hair, and her coat hugged tightly around her

    18. Since he hadn’t done what he was supposed to do as a boy, before that time, you know he didn’t stand for that

    19. A document that should stand for the ages, and has been the inspiration for many countries; it will hast however, only so long as the people of America agree to abide by its precepts, including the undeniable fact, so eloquently expressed by John Adams, that a Constitution without the integrity, religious, and moral support of the American People, is nothing more than a destroyable piece of parchment

    20. But I have the capability to discover and understand for myself – it is merely a matter of pooling from the collective minds of the recipients

    21. Insulting him was one thing, but making insinuations about Kiri and Alexia was something he would not stand for

    22. I won’t stand for any of his shit

    23. I won’t stand for it

    24. Petty politicians have used the war for their own purposes, thimbleriggers have not been idle; but to the close observer it was evident that the war was a war of the people, the will of the multitude, inflamed perhaps by much exaggeration and misrepresentation, but nevertheless exerted for a just purpose when unvarnished facts stand forth

    25. Although you need to be understanding, you must establish a solid home for yourself and your family that is based on what you stand for as a man, father and husband

    26. I couldn’t stand for any length of time, and I still had very little strength in my hands to open containers or hold utensils

    27. Do you accept the charges?” A nasal and scratchy voice, difficult to understand for its heavy southern accent jolted her to full awake

    28. But they may wonder what, if anything it does actually stand for and if it is even necessary

    29. I could not stand for her to look at me with more fear in her eyes than she already shows! Or the look of horror, knowing that there is nothing that she could do to resist

    30. Children I see, young strong and healthy and they too will stand for balance

    31. The guards make their rounds every minute and a half, stand for twenty seconds, and then move on

    32. I stand for a moment in my triumph, the sound of rushing water combining with the heartbeat in my ears

    33. He takes me into his bedroom, and I stand for a moment, looking around at the room where he spent most of his life

    34. I stand for a little while, watching it

    35. “We are going to have to take a stronger stand for our cause

    36. 11 Wherein the king granted the Jews which were in every city to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life, to destroy, to

    37. Truth is hard and truth hurts! But God has given us a choice to either stand for truth or reject it

    38. It’s always easier to follow the majority and find excuses as to why we cannot make a stand for God’s truth

    39. They love what you do and love what you stand for

    40. day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek, and his rest shall be

    41. com – probably because the TV and radio shows are both hilarious and educational and hosted by a guy and his friends that stand for truth and integrity in journalism which is almost completely gone from like 95% of news today

    42. “We have symbols that stand for sounds so that looking at the symbols we can repeat the sounds

    43. 3 And his principate will stand forever, until the world of corruption is at an end, and until the times aforesaid

    44. Jack had agreed to stand for him but the police had called Suzy against him on the basis of her statement

    45. Put the marrow into the preserving pan, sprinkle well with some of the sugar, and stand for 12 hours

    46. Pour over these ingredients the lemon juice and allow the mixture to stand for one hour

    47. Then cover with distilled water and let stand for 12 hours or until quite soft and swollen

    48. The Democrats’ Party Chairman, Howard Dean, shirtsleeves rolled up, face painted red, verging on apoplexy screamed, “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for!” So as to leave no doubt Dean explained

    49. Who is Barack Hussein Obama? What does he want? What does he stand for? What is his true character? What does he really want?

    50. "But what is Sci–Coll? What does it stand for?"

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