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    1. As she took her first step down towards the underpass she noticed a slight

    2. As she took her first step down towards the underpass she noticed a slight change in the atmosphere

    3. Leaping to his feet, Chas – more sober than any of the others – held his hand out to help her step down from the table

    4. “Get back up here who told you to step down and leave your post now you just take note of how a master craftsman does things

    5. “When you step down on the gas with the red motor, it will

    6. “When you were sworn to act as his regent, you made a promise to him and the empire that you would step down when he reached his majority

    7. she said, gathering up her silk skirts as she prepared to step down

    8. Any politician who is either unwilling or (unable) to govern objectively; that is to say, in accordance with the requirements of public office, should step down

    9. Then they set into measured motion, moving step-by-step down the polished steps, across the open courtyard through the throngs

    10. ) But once Spain was driven out, US generals ordered Afro-Cuban generals to step down

    11. words came from, but I repeated them each step down the trail

    12. Who would Palin have chosen as her own vice president? Since she may very well quit, or be asked to step down for her mental state, that is relevant

    13. She knew, just in front of her now, was a step down

    14. Slowly, her feet moved step by step down the gradual incline of the rock wall

    15. Suspecting the worse, the team began to prepare to step down

    16. me the step down for my dip in the bay

    17. In time, the leader will have to step down and new ones will take their

    18. At each step down I feel my system relaxing further and the environment becoming wild but beautiful

    19. Harry had been placed on her own personal pedestal but it seemed like he had taken a step down from it and greeted her in a more personal way

    20. When Roger arrived in Brea, he had to abandon the world of reverie and step down to the realm of present reality

    21. He grabbed her hand as she took the last step down to him

    22. The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission stated, “As I step down as chairman of the Federal Election Commission, I fear that

    23. “Doubting reality is the first step down the road to insanity, and it’s a road you must choose to step away from

    24. Fortunately, the two employees left the area within minutes and Clarity could reach the inside of the cylinder and step down the outside ladder to the plant floor

    25. Nevertheless, the greater part of his cabinet had made it clear that they wanted him to step down

    26. `She is going to step down now that I'm here

    27. `The death of Queen Diane came suddenly and unexpectedly but we all knew she was about to step down and had accepted that Alice should take over

    28. His advice would be that I step down

    29. “It’s been fun and rewarding, but I guess I should step down before I need those workers to help me out

    30. "You may step down

    31. on your behalf, or you could always choose to step down as

    32. why is it a step down? Stop thinking that money is the

    33. “You may step down," Grover directed

    34. For Stallman, however, it was the first step down a

    35. His mind worked in this way: if I have stood here for a week, I have committed myself, therefore I cannot step down

    36. If I have stood here for a month, then this is no great achievement, so I cannot step down

    37. If I have remained a year – well, a year is neither here nor there in the big scheme of things, I cannot step down to mediocrity

    38. To add to the regional chaos, the crisis in Syria had turned months ago into a full scale civil war, with President Assad still stubbornly refusing to step down or give away any of his powers

    39. They can’t step up, and you can’t step down

    40. The present government will step down at once and I will ask the Jushin22 to step in and to govern temporarily the country

    41. The dream was to have a set of small vacuum chambers end to end to step down the air pressure in small steps in order to enter the high vacuum chamber in the center where evaporative deposition of solar grade silicon would take place and then cycle out through the same number of segments to reach air again

    42. This is the basis for a continuously operating vacuum deposition system for solar cells with pressure step down (and up) chambers on each side

    43. The pumping rate available to clean up the given segment size contamination would determine the number of vacuum elements needed to step down and then step up pressure in and out of the central chamber in series at the input and output, in and out of room pressure

    44. Have enough small pressure chambers to step down a vacuum to room pressure so that you may put in a solar cell substrate and after sequencing through the chambers, depose upon it solar grade silicon and then sequence out, doping the silicon on the way out to create the pn junction needed for the production of a cell

    45. With that, the driver did not even step down from his cab; he drove away with just pay on his mind

    46. Mudfish had been a step down, and now the mudfish were silver and fast and nearly tasteless

    47. As we step down off the granite precipice, I point to the trail in

    48. It stopped just above the bottom cushion of the pilot’s seat, permitting Ingrid to safely step down from the platform and into her cockpit

    49. “It sounds to me,” she said loudly then turned to Davis, “that you wanted Keller to at least step down

    50. my turn as President for a couple of years when Trevor was ready to step down

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