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    1. He lifted my legs to straddle his waist, climbed the stairs, while kissing me with renewed passion

    2. He can’t straddle the fence forever

    3. The company also owns 2,000 acres that straddle Highway 47B in the vicinity of Tonti Road

    4. They often straddle the line between trust and stupidity

    5. A short straddle is only suitable for those who have

    6. If a straddle is to work well, it is often desirable to liquidate both positions at the same time

    7. A little lower it rose, a little meaner it looked, this one would hit its target, would straddle the hilltop

    8. I read this as an attempt to straddle both worlds – the world of good feeling and the world of good action, the career and the home

    9. She tried to move away from me, but I grabbed her forearms and pulled her to straddle my

    10. We are a family that, in public, attempts, by example, to straddle the Islamic divide between Shia and Sunni

    11. least 1 year and straddle 2 income tax years, but obviously the

    12. His eyes were wild with desire now as he watched her straddle him

    13. I still straddle the fence (on a daily basis) and I am sure I cause my Heavenly

    14. amazed at His patience with me as I straddle the fence in my relationship with Him and

    15. Smiling and in complete control, Cecily moved forward to straddle him

    16. Is it possible to straddle a middle ground between the position of abortion on demand versus those declaring it to be murder in every circumstance? The principled conservative should say yes, as abortion falls into the dicey area of both religious beliefs and sexuality

    17. At last she felt his readiness and rose to straddle him, gently helping him inside her with a mix of almost platonic affection and stifled fear

    18. I straddle him again

    19. Twenty five dollars was a lot to have a girl straddle his face with her privates

    20. Trying hard the mare to straddle

    21. Emory tightened his hold, forcing her to straddle the knee-high fence which snagged her skirts and exposed her ankles

    22. Before he could stop himself he slid over to straddle her and was rewarded by her eyes opening to stare up at him

    23. Where the cheese-cloth hangs in the kitchen, where andirons straddle the hearth-slab, where cobwebs fall in festoons from the rafters;

    24. Del Rio leaped from the webbed aluminum chair, grabbed Cruz by the neck, squeezed his throat with both hands, then pushed the chair over and managed to straddle Cruz while pressing his thumbs into Cruz’s throat

    25. She really wanted him, didn’t she? She wanted to make love with him there and then, and he let her straddle his body, unbutton his shirt, and draw her fingernails over his stomach while her eyes shone with an intense glow and her large breasts heaved beneath her dress

    26. He was off instantly at a smart walk; the rigid straddle of his legs, the turned-out feet, the stiff back, the rakish slant of the sombrero above the square, motionless set of the shoulders expressing an infinite, awe-inspiring impudence

    27. Let’s consider one simple options trade, a straddle in First Solar (FSLR), one of the more consistently volatile stocks around

    28. So as you can see, after the initial act of trading the straddle, we have so many variables that we can see any combo of results

    29. The iron butterfly is the combination of a long (short) straddle and a short (long) strangle

    30. Translating to our AAPL, the iron butterfly would involve buying the AAPL March 95 straddle and shorting the March 85 puts and March 105 calls

    31. The goal of the iron butterfly is for the underlying not to move as the decay from the short ATM straddle outpaces the decay from the protective strangle set around the short straddle

    32. However, unlike with a condor, the final determinant of success for an iron butterfly is the overall relationship of the wings relative to the value of the straddle

    33. Skew: An iron butterfly is basically a short straddle and a long strangle

    34. Setting up the iron butterfly is simple: Sell that ATM straddle

    35. In the final few days of a contract’s life, this has less to do with IV and more to do with absolute straddle price

    36. Anything within one week to expiration is straddle price, not an IV trade

    37. The VIX was coming in; shouldn’t skew flatten as implied volatilities drop? SPX skew is steep, more so in October than in September (although it’s elevated there too), where the 10 delta put is trading at a volatility of about 152% of the ATM straddle

    38. I asked myself, “How can a retail trader trade a straddle?”

    39. If you are using options to scalp gamma, no matter what month the straddle is placed, the front month options should be used to hedge

    40. When I exited the trade, I made slightly less than that naked straddle; however, my position had far less P&L volatility and was never down as much as the naked straddle

    41. A straddle is used by an investor who believes a stock is going to move significantly in one direction or another but isn’t sure which direction that it is going to be

    42. If the trader was taking a long volatility position based on his forecast volatility as compared to the current implied and historical volatilities, he might, for example initiate a long at-the money straddle position, again with 120 days until expiration

    43. Keeping time and volatility constant, this type of position, an outright call or put purchase, or a straddle or strangle purchase, is “always the right way,” with respect to market moves

    44. The “Option Purchase Straddle” is a purchase of a put and a call of the same month and underlying market

    45. This strategy was successfully initiated in July when a Deutsche Mark straddle was recommended just prior to the G-7 meetings

    46. The option straddle removes this question, allowing the trader to profit by a large move in either direction

    47. Examples are buying a straddle or strangle - both involve simultaneous purchase of a call and a put

    48. Wild price swings not only could put the straddle in the money but also pump up the premium

    49. One example is a straddle purchase (buying both the put and call)

    50. Our recommendation in the last issue was to buy the OEX February 390 straddle

    1. They hugged sensuously and his hands lingered on her chest and ass while she played them over him and straddled his leg

    2. She straddled my legs, grabbed me firmly and the flood of tears started

    3. She still straddled him in her tight blue jeans, looking directly into his

    4. Heather straddled him now, grabbing him with her hand, sliding on slowly

    5. Bobby calmly walked over to the rail, straddled it, and then dropped to the

    6. Luray seemed to be curled around Larneh now while Valla straddled Knume’s knee, but Luray didn’t seem the worse for it

    7. As she “walked” over the bed, she suddenly straddled his body and looked down at him in a way that he could understand but not believe

    8. The crows were now trying to out caw each other high up in the empty branches of a giant oak, which straddled the walk in front of the porch

    9. Instead she then straddled him, pulled the dress over her head, leaving her hair untidy about her shoulders

    10. He straddled Akstyr, hands wrapped around Akstyr’s throat

    11. He walked from the Kombi, and straddled the two white lines in the middle of the road as the sound of the Kombi motor faded in the distance

    12. neck and straddled him

    13. From out of that background Gnosticism also appears to have emerged during the Roman Syncretist movement (referred to in chapter 19 “Does History Repeat Itself?”) this was a drawing together of the “Mystery” cults during that transitional age that straddled the BC, AD chronology change just prior to the time the “Followers of the Way” emerged upon the scene

    14. touch her as she straddled his naked body

    15. My desk chair straddled a sunken drain in the tiled floor

    16. Tui stepped out of her shift and, kneeling, undid his belt and his zipper, stripped off his pants and underwear, then his shirt, pushed him gently back on the bed, and straddled him

    17. These are situations when we are straddled between two or more uni-

    18. He climbed on the bed, straddled me with his hands on either side of my shoulders,

    19. He straddled me with his chicken legs, his

    20. straddled the serpent’s back, chomping down again and again with his

    21. “According to the crime report, he immediately threw the victim to the ground and straddled him while pouring acid on the man’s face

    22. He straddled around the dogs back and hopped onto

    23. ‘ Reginald hoisted himself off the bed, went to a shelf where he‘d seen a pump dispenser of skin lotion, massaged a wad onto Sebastian‘s erection, straddled his chest, worked another load of lotion up his arse, then slowly lowered himself, stopping every centimetre, vainly attempting to hide the spasms of pain

    24. Soon they were on the open road that straddled the River Suir that was an ancient access point into the fertile hinterland that opened up before them

    25. Stu hadn’t faired so well, Tar was a martial arts specialist and a commando and struck Stu with a high knee to the face, which made Stu lose his balance and fell with Tar straddled on top of him

    26. In a flash, firmly attached to the ear, he straddled the downed pup and began to chew on the ear

    27. In a singsong voice he half spoke, half whispered, ―yes—yes—yes, Grandfather, the journey begins, the journey begins…‖ Whipping his body around, the entranced man straddled the stupefied nurse and brandished the gore stained club over her head

    28. Peter pinned them down to the ground as he straddled Ishan's body in the sand

    29. Then she put the vial in her mouth so that her two sharp canines blocked it from falling out as she straddled him

    30. Sam straddled a chair and facing her; one side of his mouth turned up

    31. I do recall one assignment where I was straddled with two software systems that I didn’t know that well, so I had to master them on my own

    32. After reaching the top, he straddled the peak, listening for any noise inside the home

    33. Travis then straddled Mitchell's midsection, while attempting to push him over the edge

    34. She entered the water, promptly straddled me and clasped her hands behind my head

    35. We switched positions and she straddled me and threw her head back when we became one

    36. Jodas approached the priest, slow and deliberately, the priest was rooted to the spot, mesmerised by shock, snapping out of his trance he turned to run but his two guards pushed him to the ground and held him fast, Jodas straddled his chest, forced open his mouth and one of the guards kept the mouth open by inserting the haft of his spear into Yaotl’s mouth, Jodas sawed away at the tongue, then stood and held the severed tongue above his head for all the people to see, applause, cheers, whistles and laughter rippled like thunder through the crowd, they began to chant

    37. She kissed his mouth and straddled his hips

    38. The tentacles pressed down on Max, trying to impale him on the tip of the beak, but he straddled it and slipped down outside it, into the root of the tentacles

    39. Bismarck's first salvo fell short, the second was over and the third straddled

    40. As this order was being executed, Bismarck's fifth salvo straddled Hood, scoring one or perhaps two hits with disastrous and incredible results

    41. The patriarch and his family traveled in these coaches that straddled two long poles on each side, carried by eight men each, and there were three of them

    42. In the failing light of dusk no one wanted to help a stranded driver whose vehicle had mounted the footpath and straddled the kerb before coming to a halt in the harsh light of a showroom window

    43. And then he steps off, me straddled in his

    44. The second time, he was being straddled by an old lady

    45. Then one of them stepped off the path, proceeded a short distance into the clearing, straddled a web of tree roots, and extended the tendrils on its legs and arms into the mucky soil

    46. He had finished with her abdomen, straddled her middle and was exploring the sensitive inner part of her upper thighs

    47. He was being straddled by a

    48. ” Tears straddled her cheeks

    49. She got onto the bed and straddled him

    50. He straddled the log across from me, and the light grew above his head

    1. Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents; Europe and Asia

    2. The small market town straddles the River Beane and sits near

    3. Kaite out of the sunroof in the forward car, a magnetic mount straddles the hole, she steadies a heavy machine gun to the rig

    4. It straddles a very deep, rocky gorge, spanned by a delicate looking bridge perched on the hundred metre high vertical cliffs

    5. She leaps over to the tipped car then straddles the window of the rear door

    6. and all of a sudden she reaches over and unzips him and straddles him, all in one motion,

    7. Ben straddles my center then

    8. Let’s say Long Gamma Man buys 10 straddles from Ms

    9. I then take that guesstimate and analyze a handful of delta-neutral volatility plays like straddles and/or strangles

    10. I apply this to some straddles and strangles, and I come with an anticipated move in the 8–10 percent range

    11. But let’s say I find volatility too cheap, and I buy some straddles or strangles in SPY

    12. As a mentor I wanted to be able to help my students trade straddles and scalp gamma if they wanted to

    13. Short outright calls or puts, straddles and strangles, are always the “wrong way,” regarding market moves, keeping time and implied volatility constant

    14. At this point one would probably want to purchase either the February or March straddles with a striking price close to the current OEX price

    15. The serious option investor will either be buying some straddles as an outright profit play or he will be buying puts to protect his holdings

    16. For example, in the last issue, we recommended the purchase of straddles on both OEX and soybeans

    17. This differential is often the basis for our recommendations on buying or selling straddles

    18. In such a situation, one would buy straddles or combinations (a straddle is a put and a call with the same strikes, while a combination is a put and call with different strikes)

    19. As one can see from the chart, the implied volatility has slipped down below 12% and the straddles should be bought

    20. Suppose that index option traders perceive volatility is imminent and bid straddles up to 15% implied volatility

    21. You would buy straddles in the XMI and simultaneously sell straddles in the NYSE

    22. Fortunately, with straddles you seldom experience a total loss, as that would require the stock to land precisely on the strike price at expiration

    23. This could consist of buying options: Calls for bulls, puts for bears and straddles or strangles (involving calls and puts) for those neutral

    24. Finally, in early spring we begin to purchase option “straddles” to take advantage of the seasonal breakouts in price and option volatility

    25. Such strategies include covered calls, naked puts, short straddles, and credit spreads

    26. Armenia is a region in the Caucasus that straddles Russia and Turkey

    27. Examples of long and short straddles, with their expiration profit-and-loss (P&L) graphs, are shown in Figures 11-1 and 11-2

    28. Straddles are most often executed one to one (one call for each put) using at-the-money options

    29. A new option trader often finds long straddles and strangles attractive because strategies with limited risk and unlimited profit potential offer great appeal, especially when the profit is unlimited in both directions

    30. This is not an endorsement of either long or short straddles

    31. This is important for a trader who might want to sell straddles but who is uncomfortable with the possibility of unlimited loss

    32. For this reason, butterflies tend to be executed in much larger sizes than straddles

    33. A trader may find that buying 300 butterflies (300 × 600 × 300) is actually less risky than selling 100 straddles

    34. Ratio spreads tend to mimic straddles, but with the risk or reward limited in one direction

    35. Of these, straddles and strangles tend to have the largest gamma and vega values and therefore the greatest risk

    36. It may seem that if one encounters a market where all options are either underpriced or overpriced, the sensible strategies are either long straddles and strangles or short straddles and strangles

    37. Straddles and strangles are certainly possible strategies when all options are too cheap or too expensive

    38. But we will see in Chapter 13 that straddles and strangles, while often having a large positive theoretical edge, can also be among the riskiest of all strategies

    39. If the trader sells five straddles, the position can take on a maximum delta of ±500

    40. Depending on the trading platform, an electronic exchange will usually allow traders to submit bids or offers for the most common types of spreads—simple call or put spreads, straddles, strangles, and calendar spreads

    41. Although there is no substitute for experience, most traders quickly learn an important rule: straddles and strangles are the riskiest of all spreads

    42. New traders sometimes assume that the purchase of straddles and strangles is not especially risky because the risk is limited

    43. Of course, a trader who is right about volatility can reap large rewards from straddles and strangles

    44. Straddles, strangles, ratio spreads, and butterflies may change slightly because a change in interest rates or dividends will raise or lower the forward price

    45. A trader who sells straddles knows that such spreads have negative gamma

    46. On the other hand, a trader who sells the same straddles but prefers to trade with the trend will adjust at every opportunity

    47. The latter two methods are synthetic long straddles

    48. Even if a trader carefully chooses his expiration straddles, the great majority of time no gap will occur in the market

    49. The same logic is true of expiration straddles

    50. The fact that an at-the-money straddle may be cheap does not mean that a trader should buy these straddles in large numbers

    1. The wolf sank onto all fours, straddling the girl, nuzzling at her breasts and her

    2. Bobby pounced on the man, straddling him

    3. They were still wet when they threw the sheets back and jumped into bed Sue straddling Tom

    4. Tragus was straddling her, holding down her shoulders

    5. Aspen turned over him, straddling his waist as she rose above him

    6. Melanie quickly straddling him

    7. Khan was upon him in seconds, straddling Raven as he lay on the floor, face down

    8. What follows should give pause to those straddling the fence on this issue: California‘s popular vote (54 electoral votes) for example, could potentially neutralize the combined votes of Delaware (3), Maine (4), Hawaii (4), Alaska (3), New Mexico (5), Nevada (4), Utah (5), Idaho (4), Montana (3), Wyoming (3), North Dakota (3), South Da kota (3), Vermont (3), New Hampshire (4), and Rhode Island (4) or fifteen states in all presently under the ―protection‖ of the E

    9. Democrats, to their enviable credit, know how to play up to their core base, including independents straddling the fence

    10. O‘Connor (privately) subscribes to the archaic notions oftentimes conveyed to his readers, his transparent agendum however, apparent to those properly schooled in divisive matters, must continue to sow confusion and reap resentment among the uninitiated and other individuals who are otherwise straddling the fence; whose (own) imbedded impressions about Race continue to color their thinking

    11. She held me down and Argyl was above us, straddling us and the boat was rocking

    12. Then he built a new capital on what he must have seen as the empire’s geographic center, the Bosphorous, close to ancient Troy, straddling Europe and Asia

    13. He kissed her fiercely, and then she was straddling him, his cock poised to plunge inside her

    14. Before she knew it, Nico was straddling the sitting Ash

    15. She appeared to be very slowly straddling her way towards Earth

    16. Straddling his outstretched legs, I watched him from above as he gradually moved in, his

    17. she shifted positions so that she was straddling my legs

    18. looked up, Jason Briggs had come in and was straddling the corner

    19. Doldrums: sea areas straddling the equator consisting of calm water and light breezes

    20. my bra unhooked and off me, and as I was in just my panties and still straddling his waist

    21. He moved me over onto his lap so that I was straddling him, and his hands moved to

    22. Straddling him, I allowed my

    23. It is the only house in a two‐mile radius straddling the frontier between Los Los and the dead land between the next set of suburbs

    24. „Yeah, but I hated straddling him and clutching at his fat, sweaty throat, watching his blubber quiver over a nice looking girl

    25. Taking a condom from the drawer he rolled it onto Guapo‘s unprotesting manhood, greased it thoroughly, then straddling the object of his lust, lowered himself gently

    26. flipped them so he was straddling her

    27. I was now straddling him, never breaking our heated kiss

    28. I was still straddling Aidan's lap, so we were still very close

    29. He felt a warm sensation in his loins and looked at Lilly who appeared to be straddling somebody and sucking their todger

    30. She saw a Zingaran sailor, blinded by a great flap of scalp torn loose and hanging over his eyes, brace his straddling legs and drive his sword to the hilt in a black belly

    31. I surveyed the line of 42 aircats straddling the banks of the river Aarh that fed the swamps surrounding Orleans

    32. Anyway, when Lonnie arrived old Pop was standing behind the locked gate cursing a blue streak and Hilda was straddling the gate squalling like a banshee with a toothache

    33. exchanging blow for blow while protectively straddling the supine bodies of Don

    34. And there I was, straddling Brenda, my bandaged hand thrust into the night sky, the other hand on her throat to avoid any more screaming

    35. metal leviathan, straddling the angry sea

    36. He places his hands on either side of my face, kneeling next to me, but not straddling me

    37. taking me with him so I’m straddling his lap on the shower floor

    38. Starla stopped in obvious aggravation and sat up abruptly, still straddling Hank

    39. We are now straddling the old sports field of the Santo Tomas University, which had been turned by the Japanese into an internment 819

    40. She tore down the road, straddling the central white line, as if it was her private lane

    41. Once down to her leather bottom and boots and with her huge, firm breasts fully exposed, she slowly approached the mesmerized Mickey and sat on his legs, straddling him and presenting her chest to his face while passing her arms around his neck

    42. The four heavy machine guns and two 20mm cannons then redirected their fire on the boat rushing at them, straddling it with near hits

    43. Anxious to avenge his wingman, he opened fired at maximum effective range, straddling his target but missing it

    44. Zo ey sits straddling the outside of her lion’s mecha

    45. Raising my hands, I was able to see long electrical filaments straddling the gaps between my fingertips and the chair

    46. Stay in the Workpiece and Avoid Straddling Slots

    47. instead of straddling a slot, it cuts a pass on either side of the slot

    48. caught her up, she was engaged in a far from regal clinch with Leofric, practically straddling the

    49. Before she knew what was happening he had lifted her up and was walking across the office floor with her still straddling him

    50. Within seconds, he had Sebastian face down in the sand, straddling him, his right arm twisted painfully behind his back

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