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    1. It was time for Keela to be introduced to the tower clock, and, with a few bags packed and her stroller and my phone, we took a drive to my favourite spot on the beach

    2. She absolutely looked like the princess she was meant to be, unless she blessed with me another stinky diaper of course! When I was finally satisfied that she was perfectly ready, I put her in her stroller so she wouldn’t find some way of messing on herself and I would have to start all over again

    3. There, a young couple from Idaho with a two-year-old in a stroller, delighted with Beth’s adventurous account of hitchhiking to the park from McAllen, cheerfully offered to take them back

    4. mother pushing her baby in a stroller, a man out cycling, young people milling around the

    5. But I was in a stroller

    6. of walks with Joseph in his stroller, Lucy never went

    7. She pushed the stroller toward the

    8. back into his car seat, and packed up his stroller in the

    9. Joseph in his stroller, said flat out that she did not

    10. stroller packed up and herself behind the wheel of her

    11. strapped him into the stroller, and presented him to the

    12. noticing that Joseph was asleep in the stroller left him

    13. She eased the stroller up

    14. She put Taiwana in her stroller and was proceeding to head for Brian's bedroom when Raekwon stopped her

    15. A baby stroller pushed through… accidentally? At 1st you think there’s trouble, logical assumption

    16. He dives for the stroller with all the perfection of a football player intercepting a big play, throwing his body between it and you

    17. Tres and Kristina leave the parade and quickly jog the five blocks to the gym so they can beat the crowd, Tres pushing the baby stroller

    18. ” June placed Little Philip in his stroller

    19. She stood in front of Little Philip’s stroller so I couldn’t see him

    20. Then she laboriously raised her cane, pushed away her stroller and proceeded to bitch me out

    21. Instantly, she hurled her cane at me and then mustered all of her strength to raise her stroller up to her chest and then toss it at me

    22. She was asleep, and I parked the stroller next to a

    23. the airport and help free up his wife from pushing a stroller

    24. the stroller or a sling holder or just simply hold him and

    25. a baby in a stroller

    26. The stroller was roughly fifty yards due west

    27. I searched the stroller trying to find a reason for

    28. charging to the stroller

    29. stroller this instant! I’m calling the police

    30. He and the two other Koorivars however quickly had their attention attracted to a couple crossing path with them, pushing a stroller with a baby in it and with two preteen children holding hands with their father

    31. by with pushing a baby in a stroller, or when they saw a toddler’s broken steps as he walked

    32. picked Shay up out of his stroller and handed him to

    33. in his stroller holding tight to his toy while watching

    34. owning the stroller didn't make him less than a man

    35. asked as Liam pushed the heavy stroller into the

    36. stroller with his stuffed cat, the two women headed for

    37. “But he was strapped into a stroller

    38. He was strapped into his stroller when she went to deposit some litter in the trash bin over there

    39. “She left the stroller here, on the walking track

    40. When she turned back, both Zack and the stroller were gone

    41. He was in the stroller, strapped in, as always

    42. It was the stroller

    43. Her last memory of her son is going to be watching his lifeless, blue body as they pulled him from his stroller

    44. Then by the time their feet were beginning to ache from the pounding on concrete the business houses of Hong Kong would throw open their doors to emit the raucous noise of trade, which seemed to reach out and grab the casual stroller by the scruff of the neck and breathe new life into him as it dragged him inside, unselfconsciously reaching for his wallet with promises of unbelievable bargains

    45. the mother took the baby on a run every morning with a jogging stroller

    46. Then last year at the Catholic hospital, when Mom had asked for a few minutes alone with Dad, he’d parked the outgrown stroller in the gift shop, Abe and Izzy inside, and snuck over to the chapel off the lobby to sit there with his hands in his lap

    47. Glenn Greenberg does not claim to have bought his first stock while still in the stroller, nor to have paid for his introductory subscription to the Wall Street journal with money earned on his paper route

    48. Hence, in these not very attractive places, indelibly stamped by the passing stroller with the epithet: melancholy, the apparently objectless promenades of the dreamer

    49. So every stroller there recognized the world he lives in, and the child, the mother, the cabby, gambler, pickpocket, doctor, parson, each carries off his or her own bundle of impressions

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