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Stud en una oración (en ingles)

1. This guy was a stud.
2. You are my hero, my stud.
3. That’s not what a stud.
4. John, the stud, turned down.
5. Come on stud, let's see some speed.
6. Ace and Stud are each getting their first.
7. Yes, the stud of the fire department was.

8. Then I put the clasp on the stud in the back.
9. A short while later, Stud and Ace left Room X.
10. You’ve always been a stud; but this is not.
11. A gold stud winked in the lobe of his left ear.
12. Ace and Stud have been talking about you non-stop.
13. Like it always happens, I earned the tag of a stud.
14. The big gay sort of guy called Robert with a stud.
15. It was a head shot only of a horse and his stud groom.
16. Wait! Fiance! I ain't sleepin' with this big black stud.
17. Peel the second onion, leave whole and stud with the cloves.
18. Okay, stud, thanks for the potty break, Ashley giggled.
19. Would it be enough to turn off the stud? As was later to become.
20. A bearded man with a gold ear stud was smiling at his small joke.
21. Yes, actually, her boyfriend is a fraternity brother named Stud.
22. Where the bull advances to do his masculine work, where the stud to.
23. You need to keep growing this out, but otherwise, you are a stud.
24. They just elected me a Runner, so you’re buddies with a stud now.
25. Ace and Stud as they are commonly known were apprehended a short while ago.
26. Peel the third onion, leave it whole and stud it with the cloves and the bay.
27. Remember Stud from the Toyota pickup? He was sitting next to Ace my boyfriend.
28. On the basis of more limited evidence the same stud concluded that between 1973.
29. I had a Dragoon revolver, a musket and a stud horse that wasn’t afraid to fight.
30. Stud the onion, that you left whole with the bay leaves and bury in the vegetables.
31. Karen was an attractive young thing of 23 who wore heavy gold jewellery and a stud.
32. If we want to play the stud or the smart-ass or the fool, we know the words to say.
33. He’s not a great stud, polite and considerate with great hands but no huge wow.
34. And there’s a prime suspect who’s an ex-porn stud and a Teflon-coated sleazeball.
35. Nelson if we’d had it back then he smiled, pressing the stud in his winged collar.
36. Slice the clove of garlic and stud the meat in different places with the garlic slices.
37. Girls: persistently refuse the attentions of the Family's carefully selected stud Dog.
38. Now, as stud operations manager how long have you been in the employ of Sir Alex?
39. My name is Helen, she told him, wondering if it was wise to give a stud her name.
40. The round had struck the dry-wall and driven into it, exposing a bit of the stud behind it.
1. Some were large, some small, some had towns that we could see, some had ruins of long departed civilizations studding their hillsides.
1. It was studded with micro-ports.
2. Now, we were in a valley studded with.
3. The whole rind was studded with small bristles.
4. The Shah looked down from his diamond studded chair.
5. It was big and stout, studded with great iron nails.
6. The terrain was flat and studded with parched grass.
7. I noticed a diamond studded golden Rolex on his wrist.
8. He looked at the ground below him, studded with farms.
9. The ceiling was studded with white spikes of dripping stone.
10. It is also studded with jet and gold bronze beads and ornaments.
11. A cream coloured cat with dark paws and a diamond studded collar.
12. Before them lay a long lawn of shining grass, studded with golden.
13. Then he made out the thousands of tiny rings that studded the ceiling.
14. How could the girl who introduced me to studded leather wrist cuffs.
15. She wore makeup and a tiara studded with gems framed her long black hair.
16. At the bottom of the stairs was a twelve-inch thick, iron studded solid oak.
17. All manner of flotsam and jetsam studded the mist, carried on by the current.
18. The top of the wall itself was studded with towers and defensive battlements.
19. Add the with cloves and bay leaves studded onion, bury it in the kale and let.
20. The pink sand was studded with shell-shaped rocks of various sizes and colours.
21. The house was surrounded by green lawns studded with trees and a lush rose garden.
22. He was trembling with fever and cold and his armpits were studded with sores again.
23. But I do think we have a diamond studded boring blade that is used for drilling.
24. The heavens were still studded with stars, when Hawkeye came to arouse the sleepers.
25. At length we came to the last of many studded doors, and the porter beat on it with.
26. Tonight she wore a ruby red dress with faux jewels studded across her enormous bosom.
27. He wore a mantle over his body that was elaborate and ornamental, studded with gold.
28. Behind the bulldozers came the earthmovers, and behind them came the studded levelers.
29. The universe and nature are one big void, studded here and there with small particles.
30. Beyond, there were another million lights, a diamond studded backdrop of North Vancouver.
31. From the Romanov collection there was the Imperial cape, studded with diamonds and other gems.
32. Both my parents studded and flabbergasted; they gazed me as something had had happened with me.
33. At his side stood a fishing basket, corked round the top and studded with lethal-looking hooks.
34. It was the blue chiffon dress, diamond studded, neatly packed inside with a special note from Rex.
35. Al-Anabar Province, the area that contained the city, was studded with insurgents of various forms.
36. Reluctantly, Sosha snatched the money then placed it haphazardly into his metal studded, black purse.
37. And there indeed was a trunk with rounded lid, covered with red morocco and studded with steel nails.
38. Then he turned round and cast a glance of anguish toward heaven which was becoming studded with stars.
39. The pink diamond studded stuffed animal had a letter in its hands and a gold key tied around its neck.
40. A gold base with embedded diamonds was topped by a scalloped band of gold studded with smaller diamonds.
1. They want to keep studs.
2. He took a look at the wheel studs.
3. The studs of the new room were up.
4. This side still had un-sheetrocked studs.
5. They had leather bracelets with brass studs.
6. Liam, maybe you could invite some hot young studs.
7. A bunch of want to be studs; what about the denial or the.
8. The oak shaft two inches across and covered in brass studs.
9. Humans aren’t as pretty as cats are, that’s why the studs.
10. The wooden studs had been inside the walls for over sixty years.
11. Setting the studs by their tenons in the mortises according as they.
12. But they do say she has studs and rings in the most awkward of places.
13. She had just about come into flower and the big studs were checking her out.
14. I could see his staring eyes and gleams of light on his studs and watch chain.
15. The small cubby fit just between two wall studs and was two feet high but used.
16. Franticly forcing her diamond studs into her ear lobes, she started for the steps.
17. It had plain looking pink eyes and black studs on its elbows, knees and shoulders.
18. Bingo, he said, the way the studs have sheared off is exactly the same on both of them.
19. The other unpops the studs of white nylon fabric gathered above a tiny stretched pelmet of skirt.
20. A clean, dandified shirt of fine linen with gold studs peeped out under the collar of the dressing-gown.
21. Cables and connections covered the wall, all attached to a sheet of plywood anchored securely to the studs.
22. At some point recently, though, her earlobes had lost their elasticity and the gold studs pulled them downward.
23. USA (2007: Progressive Press – Joshua Tree, CA) Studs Terkel – The Good War: An Oral History of World.
24. It was exciting, but Lionel found that the studs on the player's boots kept treading through him, which really hurt.
25. The studs she and the children had bought for William were in his shirt-front; he wore one of William's dress shirts.
26. I had got ready long beforehand a good shirt, with white bone studs; my overcoat was the only thing that held me back.
27. She ran a comb through her hair, and exchanged her gold studs for a pair of imitation pearl earrings and matching necklace.
28. It featured spiky studs which were punctuated by stitched leather and a sitting peep toe, elastic sling back and the signature red sole.
29. In half a second, I held a shimmering bronze sword with a double-edged blade, a leather-wrapped grip, and a flat hilt riveted with gold studs.
30. We found two of them, Webber said, with only two wheel studs remaining I would assume that whoever did this took the other two nuts with them.
31. After each couple courses were fitted in this manner, his father would take straw and pack it into the spaces made by the studs and the two wall sides.
32. Black t-shirt, black leather pants, black boots with a black belt that had metal studs and a chain that ran around to what I would assume is his wallet.
33. Her total count is continually changing as her studs and rings grow out and she adds new ones, but she has been pierced at least 4,225 times since 2000.
34. We may be able to salvage some of the barrel shop, but the entire roof’s gone, and every bit of wooden framing—rafters, studs, floors: everything—is pretty much shot.
35. This time she was wearing white jeans with metal studs on the trim, a light green silky blouse and a sleeve-less shiny jacket with the collars wide around her neck like a frill.
36. Tonight, though, in something of a rarity, she was wearing jeans – albeit with pumps, a pearl necklace, tastefully sized diamond studs, and a gardenia artfully pinned in her hair.
37. The door flung open, and Uther strode in, his emerald green outfit highlighted with small metal studs which flashed in the light of the many candles which were positioned around the room.
38. The women arranged the kerchiefs on their heads and let down their skirts, and stood looking with surprise at the clean gentleman with gold studs to his sleeves who was entering their house.
39. When Harry had five courses of the floor planking completed, the cross-members of the roof, and all round the upright studs of the walls were in place, and the little room was ready for sheathing.
40. Bambridge was finding it worth his while to say many impressive things about the fine studs he had been seeing and the purchases he had made on a journey in the north from which he had just returned.

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