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Succinct en una oración (en ingles)

  1. She hated his succinct answers.
  2. I catch a whiff of the succinct.
  3. The briefing was short but succinct.
  4. Excellent, was the succinct reply.
  5. A succinct summary is sufficient to uphold the.

  6. When it was my turn I tried my best to be succinct.
  7. Wisdom is often captured in a succinct quote or saying.
  8. Succinct, enigmatic, concealing more than it revealed.
  9. He replied to her information in a few succinct sentences.
  10. Your tagline/slogan is a more succinct phrase used in campaigns.
  11. A more succinct conclusion summed up yet a third, as a witch!.
  12. Bylines are pretty short, succinct and with a call to action as well.
  13. Robert’s decoded message was succinct: She covered her tracks well.
  14. Consumer Financing and Marketing gave each student a succinct overview of the.
  15. Amy looked embarrassed at Max’s succinct assessment of the forthcoming events.

  16. Spock voiced his thoughts on the dire situation in one succinct statement: Fascinating.
  17. There are many millions of years of history involved, but I’ll try to keep it succinct.
  18. The rationale for using the MindMap concepts individually is that they each provide a succinct.
  19. The suicide is the most succinct method of our own genetic engineering towards self-destruction.
  20. His tactics for battle against the farmer armies of the Revolution were bolder but equally as succinct.
  21. He gave me succinct directions to a decent and reasonably priced restaurant located close to the cop shop.
  22. Ask either Schloss about his investment strategy and you will get the same succinct response: We buy cheap stocks.
  23. Her direct stare probed, as if the story of my life were written in my eyes in a few succinct lines that she could read.
  24. Therefore, though it is a discourtesy to hurry the presentation of such magnificent gifts, I ask that the rest of you try to be succinct.
  25. Later, when you have mastered your setups and your style is more fully developed, the daily game plan can become much shorter and more succinct.

  26. The Doors close in two minutes, Newt said, a statement so succinct and final it seemed to hang in the air like a burial shroud caught in a puff of wind.
  27. How long had he worked for him? What did he do? How much was he paid? As coached by Mattie and Annette, Jeff gave succinct answers and never offered anything extra.
  28. We, at the Grange, never got a very succinct account of his state preceding it; all that I did learn, was on occasion of going to aid in the preparations for the funeral.
  29. He was rather proud of this exploit; and reflecting that the doctor, busy all day with the wounded in the patio of the Casa Gould, had not had time to hear the news, he began a succinct narrative.
  30. The chatter has increased, but, in a world of increasing complexity and shared frail immune systems, we are brief, succinct and to a point in one hundred and forty characters or ten or less human-microphoneable syllables.
  31. His attention drifted back to her speech, which was a succinct description of the Green Band emergency, of the current state of Wall Street’s insufficient computer records, and the stoppage of all international transfers of funds.
  32. Geri was providing me with all three, and much more: While helping me to edit writings that were entirely foreign to her experience, she became a challenging inquisitor forcing me to simplify where I could, and to be succinct all of the time.
  33. What this succinct, garbled, illogical confession reveals is how… in only two sentences: the undead filth controlling Gavrilo Princep TWISTED ALL OF HIS LYING WORDS AROUND… until they meant the complete OPPOSITE of what the truth actually was and is.
  34. The wealthy family in question weren't against giving out the occasional gift, but they were still extraordinarily cheap, and being that IBP messages are steeply charged by the letter, it was decided the message should simply be the affordable word 'yes,' the most succinct positive message anyone could think of.

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