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    1. And then he turns around and I see those rows of loathsome eyes just leering at me, and I just want to coil that sucker up and inject all my venom sacs straight into his face!

    2. He wasn't such a sucker for it, but seemed to think he was just being polite to stop by once a day for a quick one

    3. I’ve always been a sucker for a guy with chest hair

    4. Of course I'm such a nice guy or is it sucker that I will go to the trouble of trying to find out the bus routes for him

    5. Tom – and he’d never admit this – is a sucker for

    6. nosed mole, the pygmy, the sucker footed bat, and even

    7. You’ve been such a sucker for her from the start, haven’t you? And what good would that do? She’ll die on you

    8. Despite my cool and detached demeanor, the kitten quickly analyzed me as a long-dormant sucker

    9. I have always been a sucker for those, and my mood kept getting better

    10. He was not the one who had sucker punched

    11. The guy who sucker punched me was sitting inside and about flipped when I entered

    12. "I'll show you!" and he led Roderick, with his sucker, right into the best parlour, where the

    13. "Gimini!" said Roderick, and dropped his all-day sucker on the old

    14. Ernest's heart and took the sweetness out of Roderick's sucker

    15. ” Not only that: even should this coke exist, trying to steal it would be the act of a total sucker

    16. that the Lost River sucker, the short nosed sucker and the Coho salmon were more important than 1500

    17. This sucker may go out

    18. Oh, I was a sucker every time he trotted out that act from his vast repertoire

    19. Selena suddenly felt like she had been sucker punched in the stomach for the first time, as though she had never felt pain before

    20. - Sucker! - Shouted

    21. I was wondering who the poor sucker was who got his bag stolen until I realized it was my own

    22. had one big sucker chain attached to both of my

    23. However, it has been decided that the Lost River sucker, the short nosed sucker and the Coho salmon were more important than 1500 farmers and so their irrigation allocation was cut off

    24. John Harvey Adamson was just the sucker who took the money to push the remote controlled detonator

    25. you may just have the world"s greatest sucker

    26. “Who’s sucker enough to play with that outfit?”

    27. look at the white sucker we have here!” But, to their great credit

    28. a brave little sucker and one hell of a shot

    29. Bill: Michael could be a demanding sucker

    30. “Boo, are you into thighs and v?” Jenny is pointed in her question, attempting to catch Boo off guard with a sucker punch

    31. But he definitely couldn't wait to meet up with the punk that sucker punched him

    32. This sucker will be published

    33. said, Ball is also a sucker for romance

    34. “Sold, sucker,” he said

    35. “I’m a sucker

    36. I was a sucker for it

    37. I checked the opening hours on the timetable that was hanging by a sucker on the door: nine am till six pm, Monday to Saturday

    38. We had to carry that sucker everywhere we went, including the head (bathroom)

    39. This could have been the biggest elaborate practical joke ever played on a sucker like me

    40. Can you imagine the price of gold in 2191? That little sucker would have done wonders for that cranky portfolio of mine

    41. “You’re just a sucker for chocolate

    42. “Young lady,” she barked at Bernice, “where did you get this last sucker?” Bernice just smiled and crunched the last couple bits

    43. Sharon slowly inserted the sucker into Toby’s mouth

    44. I guess that was better than him coming into the office and sucker punching me in the face or something

    45. that sweater on that closet, and your cat comes across as a wool sucker you might just

    46. the wool sucker of a cat

    47. In today's world, there's a sucker born

    48. The kid's mother gave him a sucker, and a tiny carton of

    49. that she was a thumb sucker

    50. He’s a real sucker, probably better described as an all month sucker

    1. I’d say we’ve been suckered by those two

    2. I wasn‘t looking forward to telling Jack I‘d been suckered again

    3. But, no, I stayed and suckered myself into the whole sorry mess

    4. At least I suckered the kid to give me a

    5. Trask agreed, his head spinning—hoping he wasn't being suckered

    6. “I think she was suckered

    7. was suckered into breaking the law all for nothing

    8. Ben noticed a look on the Galaef’s face which told him the Galaef just had an idea—almost the same look a used car salesman gets when he thinks he has suckered a lame-brain into paying big bucks for a lemon

    9. As his powerful victims realized they'd been suckered and bled dry, they were FURIOUS! They orchestrated the greatest dragnet in the city's history

    10. He had known about the file that Jack had, and using his considerable skill, had suckered the Attorney General into turning Jack in, thereby getting Jack into one of his associate’s clutches and getting the original document that had supposedly come from God

    11. He peeled off the cheap plastic cover they used to protect the seat, shook his head, and strolled to the house, wondering if he’d just been suckered into a dinner date

    12. Please allow me to show you how they scare you to become fooled and suckered

    13. Yet people are still being suckered into working and slaving for corporations by being brainwashed from birth into believing that if they work hard: they will be fairly and properly and equally rewarded for their hard work

    14. It is the same old story: the poor being suckered into worshipping this sick, hypocritical kind of token charity by the elite

    15. If that asshole the Tsar had not declared war on Austria… Germany would never have been suckered into going to war by Franz Joseph begging for help against the threat of the huge Russian bear who had the largest army in the world at that time

    16. Morosely I let my hand fall defeatedly back to my side, as I acknowledged the sad fact of the matter that I had just gotten suckered in and had lost the battle of the sexes without contest

    17. She steps closer to the pile of Unseelie flesh, notes the suckered fingers, the gray skin

    18. They’d suckered us, and their entire neighborhood had paid the price

    19. They’d suckered us, and their entire neighborhood had paid the price

    20. Often these companies are keen to pump up the share price and are very popular with investors because of it, but you should avoid getting suckered in

    21. * Those who heeded Graham’s advice would not have been suckered into buying Internet IPOs in 1999 and 2000

    22. “He was suckered

    23. I was still blaming myself for not cuffing those kids, and Jacobi, with more than twenty years on the force, had been suckered, too

    24. I’d been suckered by crocodile tears recently, and it was a terrible mistake I wouldn’t make again

    25. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen someone standing in front of me at The Gap or Bloomingdale’s who gets suckered into these cards

    26. Red-veined vines had suckered their way up the remnant, which in places still stood twice as tall as Jaume

    27. Don’t be suckered into buying a share at a silly price early on

    28. It’s coming from someone who is still learning how the markets work, and who most likely followed her gut and got suckered into taking the wrong side of the trade

    29. That is the difference between getting suckered into selling too soon and staying in a trade until it is truly over

    1. "Absolutely, and it would come out in court that the perpetrator, the evil swindler behind these foul words had the vicious intent of suckering others into a dull and decaying life of death and deserved everything that had been dished out to them"

    2. who engineered the further suckering and brainwashing of the American Nation; by censoring and pre-empting all media, and replacing all actual facts and news; with his own personal fireside chats

    1. Find whiptail lizards basking in the sun, and geckos using their suckers to climb up wal s (local y named the

    2. The Hogans have been Toad Suckers for five generations

    3. He finished squashing the last remaining suckers and then battled on, with an aching, itching knee

    4. ‘My program worked! We’re safe! The suckers tried to suck the life out of us again, but they didn’t suck-ceed

    5. But either way, she practically suffocated me with those suckers

    6. Bolles was killed several years later by a car bomb in the Del Webb Towers parking garage by corrupt real estate “developers” who were “tombstoning,” selling for inflated prices patches of barren remote desert acreage to northeastern suckers

    7. suckers on the bus, I was going home in lawful style

    8. They’re big and black, with a mosquito-look and long suckers

    9. Still, there were plenty of other suckers out there

    10. Checking a big garbage container, she noted that although it was empty, there was garbage stuck to the bottom inside, gum and suckers and unidentifiable lumps

    11. those cock suckers did to Ava?" He shouted

    12. were die-hard thumb suckers

    13. Honda to stop producing gas suckers and promote the hybrid car and electric van

    14. I would support arbitration and get the blood suckers out of the loop

    15. He comes in here, mesmerizing the council with delusions of grandeur, then suckers them into doling out large sums of money for the project upfront

    16. Furthermore, the businesses that want you to spend realize you are trying to save, so they have found ways to turn savers into suckers

    17. I won! Ha-ha! I won, suckers! Markie-boy has scored a sack trick!

    18. “ Man I hate it when those suckers vanish like that ” Sven’s opinions were shared by the

    19. “Blood suckers

    20. the same as a wolf who only kil ed animals, these suckers fed on humans

    21. “Who said they are all suckers, in the negative sense

    22. : “Maybe, we shouldn't be such selfish zom-be life suckers?”

    23. that hope is for suckers

    24. He ignored the suckers glued to their slots and straight over to the roulette wheel

    25. ” Grabbing his lighter, he yelled, “Die, you undead suckers! DIE!”

    26. and the constant hum of pleased suckers, with an undertone

    27. Nestled among the suckers was a large snail

    28. Investors are the suckers

    29. I am so grateful for suckers such as Symeof and his clan

    30. Through bodily ejections and functions like defecating or urination… and becomes one of the millions of children known as bedwetters, or thumb suckers, or head bangers, or criers, or whiners, or angry, or short tempered, or prone to violent outbursts, or overactive, or easily distracted, or needing distraction, or short-term memories, or forgetful, or pretending to be helpless… as a way of getting attention, as a substitute for the love that is not given to them

    31. And strutted their sacred rituals and parades and holy days: brainwashing the unwashed masses into loyal, obedient suckers

    32. The international bankers won against the nationalist dictators because their propaganda machines were much more sophisticated and cunning… and because the western suckers: the unwashed masses were never allowed to know who really rules them

    33. Let these ostracized suckers soften up the natives until they get used to the European presence on their land, and then the might of the British navy and army can roll in

    34. Then they branded the buyers of their products: as suckers: with marks of shame

    35. Now billions of humans walk around proudly as branded suckers: owned by the corporations that are milking them dry and using them as consumer sucker-slaves

    36. And then these suckers called voters… are supposed to love their elected representatives? And somehow make sure that these elected power mongers do not abuse the use of all this freely given power!?

    37. The fact that only the most naïve suckers … the most brainwashed idiot-idealists are ever stupid enough to sign up for armed service in the first place: is not relevant

    38. They send out millions of pleas by mail legally, and by pure mass advertising they find the few suckers who are feeling generous and want to do some good, but cannot, because there are no charities that can use their specialized skills

    39. Middle-class consumers are the biggest suckers and the worst slaves to their consuming addictions in the world… but try and tell them they have to be more responsible in what they consume; and they laugh at you

    40. They are suckers of life energy

    41. They call the living humans they suck from: suckers

    42. What are the undead? They are vampires, they are suckers of life-energy

    43. You drop one of those suckers, that's all she wrote

    44. The following is a list of the most powerful attention suckers:

    45. It seemed to be all suckers and tentacles

    46. What was irritating this mollusk? No doubt the presence of the Nautilus , even more fearsome than itself, and which it couldn't grip with its mandibles or the suckers on its arms

    47. But he had scarcely unscrewed the nuts when the hatch flew up with tremendous violence, obviously pulled open by the suckers on a devilfish's arm

    48. What a scene! Seized by the tentacle and glued to its suckers, the unfortunate man was swinging in the air at the mercy of this enormous appendage

    49. Suckers open and close convulsively and she’s somehow still making noise: moans and whimpers of horrendous pain

    50. Just waiting for the suckers to kick in

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