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    1. While group singing of 'bhajans' can be done in a suitable place like a temple or a hall in a manner and time that least disturbance is caused to those not involved in it, the individual prayer is necessarily a communion with God best performed in a quiet corner of the house

    2. This will finally, lead you to suitable products

    3. Understanding the components of the lawn’s ecosystem and providing a more suitable environment for the types of grasses and microorganisms that grow best there while decreasing the conditions for pests and harmful bacteria’s, is the “ideal” and more natural, less toxic method of providing yourself with a beautiful lawn

    4. and technologies suitable for civil projects

    5. being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the

    6. They might have their reasons of course, but I, for one, feel that such a decision based largely on looks is more suitable for a casual

    7. Nothing caught his eye as being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the cable ties holding it to a chain link fence had snapped

    8. "I'm inclined to allow we leave them here," Kelvin said, "especially when we have to consider that we don't have suitable replacement entities available without delaying our departure

    9. ’ The Yeti have confirmed that the area has already been renamed in her honour and there will be a suitable stone cairn built once the locale has stabilised

    10. ‘They have agreed that you should have company on this journey and are contacting the most suitable men to see if they are free to accompany you

    11. This not-so-subtle hint bears fruit and Gilla and I spend the following morning searching the shops for something suitable while Caderl makes the visit to his workers that was ostensibly the primary reason for his accompanying us

    12. Incidentally the Shoulderstand is especially recommended for women after childbirth after a suitable period of recuperation has elapsed, but in all cases do not prolong the posture beyond the point of absolute comfort

    13. your most suitable position of hands and elbows which should

    14. Almost any Beethoven or Mozart slow movement would be suitable but I leave the choice to your personal taste

    15. Yoga in Slow Motion is recommended for toning up the system after childbirth after a suitable rest period has elapsed following confinement

    16. I think she might be suitable, but a lot depends on whether you meld with her or not

    17. As your spine should be held straight throughout this exercise, without bending your head, it is a suitable position in which to practice deep breathing

    18. Only the strongest and the most robust contestant would be a suitable match for her grand-daughter’s spirited nature

    19. All in all, and after a few questions about prospects and family lineage, they were so pleased that they had found such a suitable young man for their grand-daughter that it was agreed the marriage should take place there and then with the cameras still rolling

    20. But, with time and the pool of potential brides quickly evaporating, the day came when the last of the country’s suitable young women was due to arrive on his doorstep

    21. Simon scribbles down dates and promises to get back to Peter as soon as we’ve decided on the most suitable

    22. Let’s hope the next one will be more suitable

    23. suitable occupation or inoccupation a piece of the inward or outward

    24. for whatever suitable reason (such as to increase stamina or motivation)

    25. start in offering your talent to others with a suitable acquisition from those

    26. would be a suitable match for her grand-daughter’s spirited nature

    27. lineage, they were so pleased that they had found such a suitable

    28. He took to criticizing what she wore to class, which was relatively staid by local fashion, things suitable for a duty-hours meeting on Gordon’s Lamp

    29. of clothing which turned out to be much more suitable: stout trousers,

    30. Once they had picked out suitable attire, they were shown around

    31. He fancies a cold pint but doesn’t want to wait for a suitable break in the crowd at the bar

    32. he hobbled to suitable perch at the side of the road

    33. “These are of course derided as stories suitable only for a child’s

    34. I think this will be a suitable place to stand – I can see Alastair and also hear myself over the organ

    35. Harry had to manufacture the proper sanding blocks as he could not seem to find a suitable substitute wherever he searched

    36. Before a suitable manager could be found, I had a good deal of practice presenting a stern face for the craftsmen one moment, and of sympathy and compassion for my dying husband the next

    37. She’d have to learn to, because she wasn't about to throw in the towel "Where" she looked about for a suitable spot

    38. This time I found much employment, and very suitable also to the time, for I found great occasion for many things which I had no way to furnish myself with but by hard labour and constant application; particularly I tried many ways to make myself a basket, but all the twigs I could get for the purpose proved so brittle that they would do nothing

    39. As for their cousins the Rock Dwarves, they have long since excavated this world’s suitable resources

    40. Many people must borrow, and nobody will lend without such a consideration for the use of their money as is suitable, not only to what can be made by the use of it, but to the difficulty and danger of evading the law

    41. and the wages of labour in those two different places are said to be suitable to this difference

    42. “Oh I see what you mean there are two here I would say not suitable

    43. ” He cut the X out in a little square and handed to me, then gave the suitable ones to Finlay to hold

    44. They neither work so well, nor look so well; and as there is not the same difference between the people of fashion in the two countries, experience would seem to shew, that the food of the common people in Scotland is not so suitable to the human constitution as that of their neighbours of the same rank in England

    45. No food can afford a more decisive proof of its nourishing quality, or of its being peculiarly suitable to the health of the human constitution

    46. "May I ask then why hedgehogs are suitable for children?" Flitter inquired

    47. No philosophy, no reading, no preaching and no religion could offer a suitable answer to my quest

    48. that it is not suitable for playing footbal ,

    49. Not the best one but suitable of the

    50. with thick sole, suitable for the apartment in

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