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    1. "We're delighted to hear it", said the two men, beaming at him, and they proceeded to name the chapters, to summarize their arguments and to explain all of the most salient points they had made

    2. and they proceeded to name the chapters, to summarize their

    3. But if you wish, I’ll summarize what I recall

    4. Summarize the features and benefits within the bullet points

    5. So you need to summarize the four questions we talked about earlier within

    6. Ensure you summarize what the offer is, how much it will cost, what the risk

    7. Let me summarize desireless happiness in this way

    8. Finally, I'll summarize my presentation (before concluding with some recommendations)

    9. “Pass the meat, please,” said Charles, continuing as he took out what for him was a surprisingly large portion, “so, let me summarize where it seems we are on this

    10. Summary: Summarize the bug

    11.  Summary: Summarize the bug

    12. It has become a daunting task and I won’t even try to summarize it here

    13. To summarize, during the years he called 1485 through 1491 the following occurred

    14. * Track marketing efforts and summarize the results in a report

    15. * Summarize the responses and suggestions in a report

    16. One of the joys of being a Chair is that you can summarize all the action points at the end of the meeting

    17. summarize all the action points at the end of the meeting and ensure that each point

    18. To summarize this --

    19. To summarize, you've learned that the main offpage optimization factors are:

    20. According to the life cycle of a sale, we can summarize the core activities of project management as:

    21. I greatly encourage the sharing of this material in churches, and by other ministers, as long as you follow the above requests which I’ll summarize for you: Direct people to the website for their own free copy

    22. summarize it here briefly and then share my reflections

    23. It is not easy to summarize in a few words all the complexity and wealth

    24. only summarize that he has always been at total choice

    25. and more data-intensive, but indicators summarize highlights, and that is sufficient for

    26. To summarize is to condense the content but retain the concepts

    27. summarize at the end (of a book, paper, speech, or whatever)

    28. And to summarize the rules; the 13

    29. ―So what you‘re asking for is an alliance,‖ Cherybus said, doing his best to summarize all

    30. should try to summarize your whole press release story while also including a

    31. Providing a section in your resume to summarize your qualifications can offer you the edge that you need over your competition

    32. Then you will want to summarize your article

    33. At 0900 on the day following the last day of exams or as soon thereafter as other business in this room will permit, Cadet Solomon will orally summarize her report and defend it before a panel of my choice

    34. I would ask you to summarize your report and then to step beyond it

    35. ‘To summarize; according to recommendations in TBOS, the following actions will be taken:’

    36. All you have to do is summarize points in the salesletters (and explain that this is what you are doing) and paraphrase testimonials

    37. interpret and summarize all of the Prophecies of the Noble Quran

    38. attempted to summarize the details of an accident in the fewest words

    39. I summarize three instances now

    40. I can only summarize that there is too much junk being brought to television monitors – high definition or otherwise

    41. What follows in this chapter should summarize what I have already pointed out as well as supplemental suggestions that I made in my other book on work

    42. Let’s summarize the new market strategy that saves America from the brink and gives hope to more that a hundred million low economic advantage people

    43. In advance of telling the story of the assassination, I am going to list and summarize the books which I have read, by coincidental leads here and there, in my search for the truth

    44. ______________________________________________________________ I beg the indulgence of the authors of the above references, if I didn’t adequately summarize their extensive work

    45. So to summarize Jesus had a mortal mother and father

    46. I will try to summarize what I feel the mystics are saying about the human condition and the

    47. Let me stop and briefly summarize what has taken place in these first 29 years of my life

    48. To summarize, “the day of the Lord” is the focal point of prophecy, both in the Old Testament and

    49. amount of data points that significantly contributed to it; it will summarize the

    50. To summarize in its most basic form, the following are considered factors that contribute to the higher ranking of a website

    1. They both listened as he summarized the classification, evolution and physiology of life on the planet

    2. ” It summarized A history of creating live creatures, including rare Cabalistic texts researching the production of a Golem, and more whimsical tales like that of

    3. I summarized the situation for him

    4. How about a summarized version of the story, if wouldn’t mind?”

    5. "Life brought me here," he summarized his case

    6. The working of karma and the consequences of karmic actions are fittingly summarized below:[148]

    7. In sum, the causal mechanisms taught in the early texts of Buddhism are in five categories, and may be briefly summarized as follows:

    8. She summarized, “So, the extent of the good news is that we no longer have a suspect but that you helped the police with another case

    9. Monroe summarized this type of transformation as the

    10. Stevenson’s book, Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect, summarized 112 of those cases

    11. col eague of mine summarized this approach with the phrase

    12. a few years from now, a senior colleague of mine summarized this approach

    13. The work is summarized by Professor Smith:

    14. His holdings are summarized in Appendix B, Building a Media Empire

    15. It was summarized for him from each property compared to budget

    16. The dozens of awards and citations during his business career are summarized in Appendix C, Memberships and Honors

    17. By the time it was all over, a family member summarized the progress of the meeting by declaring it “a waste of time

    18. And as they are both highly trained, thoroughly educated, and very intelligent professionals, I doubt it will be more than a few days before they have neatly summarized all that is known on the subject

    19. The old adage, summarized is “preview, present, and review”

    20. (CTQ) tree summarized in the tool section is one effective

    21. These findings were summarized and posted on the internal web site, as well as presented and discussed with the Oversight Committee, meaning that the whole agency was getting a vivid picture and agreement on its IT investment

    22. Astray summarized her feelings for her with a mourning roar that carried across the river like a kite with no string

    23. ; Pali: Sakyamuni; English: “sage of the Shakyas”), is the key figure in Buddhism, and accounts of his life, discourses, and monastic rules were said to have been summarized after his death and memorized by the sangha

    24. He summarized his instructions up to that time regarding these matters, as:

    25. Summarized as follows: Ectomorphic body type - is characterized by long arms and legs and a short upper body, and supposedly have a higher level of nervous tissue

    26. Jesus' instruction to the apostles during these days, regarding prayer and worship, may be summarized and restated in modern phraseology as follows:

    27. The statement which Jesus made at this time may be summarized in modern phraseology as follows:

    28. 1 This memorable discourse on religion, summarized and restated in modern phraseology, gave expression to the following truths:

    29. Summarized and restated in modern phraseology, Jesus taught:

    30. 3 Jesus' answers to their many questions may be summarized as follows:

    31. 1 Having summarized the teachings of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven, we are permitted to narrate certain later ideas which became attached to the concept of the kingdom and to engage in a prophetic forecast of the kingdom as it may evolve in the age to come

    32. This discourse, together with his answers to questions, may be summarized and restated in modern language as follows:

    33. summarized in the two following statements;

    34. “Not like this,” he summarized, warding off the blow she directed at his stomach

    35. Any hesitation after the gripes expected (1 day of gripes) should lead to hound dog ferreting with the staffs of the Chiefs and so on down the line, to get the information summarized nicely in the president’s office on time, in one week

    36. It might be simply summarized as “what goes

    37. “Ok! We are on our way” said Max as he summarized the brief, “Helicopter from here to the airport then in the Lear to Bermuda, private car to Hamilton Harbor, tender to Ocean Raider

    38. works of the flesh as summarized in the book of Galatians

    39. because the Luke account is a highly summarized version of events

    40. And point four (bear in mind the Revelation account is highly summarized):

    41. reign of terror lasting approximately thirty years was summarized by his successor Nikita

    42. Morse continued to make notes from the planisphere and the astrolabe, until he had summarized his notes as follows:

    43. ‘‖ Father du Bois summarized what they had so far:

    44. summarized the details they knew to date

    45. What deliverance on earth have all the modern schools�which scorn dogmatic teaching�what deliverance have they wrought? What overgrown and semi-heathen parishes in the metropolis, in our great seaports, our manufacturing towns, our colliery districts, have they evangelized and civilized? What New Zealand, what Red River, what Sierra-Leone, what Tinnevelly can the high-sounding systems of this latter day point to as a fruit of their system? No! if the question, "What is truth?" is to be solved by reference to results and fruits, the religion of the New Testament, the religion whose principles are summarized, condensed, and embalmed in our Articles, Creeds, and Prayer Book, has no cause to be ashamed

    46. Swift verbally summarized her findings

    47. He summarized his findings in his head:

    48. I think that in short term the main objectives could be summarized as follows: 1

    49. Thereupon Krishn has summarized to Arjun eighty-one manifestations

    50. The latter is summarized by US and Them thinking, culture, economy and global policy in the motto, “U r 4 US or against US

    1. Make sure that it summarizes the key benefits, emotional drivers and

    2. Try to use a tag line to your URL that summarizes the benefit of visiting your

    3. Again, William West summarizes this point beautifully when he states

    4. The following summarizes these practices

    5. “Well that pretty much summarizes things,” Elizabeth said

    6. We had many adventures in Flying Squad, it is a book by itself, but I think the above summarizes it well enough

    7. summarizes your company and the services that you offer

    8. A submittal in the Wall Street Journal by Bjorn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus on November 12, 2010 summarizes it well

    9. Twelve Conclusions, which summarizes these differences with the Catholic Church

    10. This Web site summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths

    11. The following list summarizes the phases of oedipal development within masculine

    12. In it he summarizes the events around World War II and includes letters by those who experienced the war years, whether in Japan, Europe or at home

    13. following table summarizes the key characteristics of the one storage tank

    14. summarizes the key characteristics of the one filter

    15. The following table summarizes the key characteristics of the two heat

    16. Which of the following conclusions best summarizes the selection above?

    17. The following table summarizes each category and herbs that belong in each

    18. It is this symbolic fruit that we are concerned with, for it summarizes the inchoate issues tangled in the vague concepts of ethical choice

    19. For clarity, the table below summarizes which herbs are in each category of action

    20. The table below summarizes the three categories of herbs used for people with eczema:

    21. Then after detailing their lives… he summarizes each notable: by listing their virtues, and their vices… And then conveniently: comes up with the most convenient logical conclusion, that the greatest Roman ever born; was the present Emperor whom he lived under… Believe it or not: Modern Historians still agree with him! This is how prejudiced and slanted and dishonest historians are, and how slanted history is in favor of the winners

    22. Each layer summarizes the layer above it and is organized by the layer(s)

    23. It summarizes the company�s goals and provides your future staff with information that is vital to the daily function of your company

    24. When you have finished constructing your argument, the last paragraph summarizes the journey

    25. The Apgar score summarizes answers to five simple questions

    26. The following quotation from the study summarizes the results and conclusions reached by the author:

    27. 10 Figure 4-1 summarizes the pros and cons

    28. It summarizes the overall return of each of these funds for 1961–1965, 1966–1970, and for the single years 1969 and 1970

    29. He describes the business; he summarizes its operating results and financial position; he sets forth its strong and weak points, its possibilities and risks; he estimates its future earning power under various assumptions, or as a “best guess

    30. 1 He summarizes them as:

    31. This table summarizes the price, performance, and valuation of these companies as of year-end 1999:

    32. Our Table 18-7 summarizes the showing of the companies at the end of 1968

    33. ” The second part summarizes the later metamorphosis of the enterprise

    34. Table 13-2 summarizes these address classes

    35. We could spend hours talking about the various Greeks and how they will affect your option investments; however, I have found a tool that really summarizes them all

    36. 4, which summarizes cash payments to sponsors and sponsors-controlled investment funds from 2006 through December 2012

    37. A parameter is any single value, such as the mean θ of a normal distribution, that summarizes some aspect of an entire population

    38. 1 summarizes the contrasts

    39. Tharp nicely summarizes his trading philosophy in these words taken from the conclusion to Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom:

    40. For example, RSI summarizes in a simple index the average price advances with average price declines for the past 14 sessions

    41. This application of a formula to create a range of momentum (in the case of RSI between 30 and 70 index value) summarizes the average of price movement and its likely meaning

    42. Ritter (2005) summarizes: “Empirically, what matters for stock returns is how much of an economy’s growth comes from reinvestment of earnings into positive NPV investments in existing publicly traded companies, versus how much of it comes from personal savings that are then invested in private companies or new issues of equity from existing companies

    43. Table 8-2 summarizes the Vanguard and DFA index funds appropriate for both taxable and tax-sheltered investing, for tax-sheltered only investing, and taxable only (tax-managed) investing

    44. 2 summarizes the results

    45. 2 summarizes mean and median long-straddle returns for each of the absolute pre-earnings-announcement-return quintile portfolios

    46. 1 summarizes the standard letters to indicate an expiration month for futures contracts

    47. 1 summarizes the three expiration cycles

    48. 3 summarizes the call option settlement values based on both the VIX index close and the final VIX settlement price

    49. 7 summarizes the Large Stocks base rates

    50. 12 summarizes the results for large stocks

    1. Was he just thanking her for summarizing his story for him, or was he thanking her for leading him away from something bigger? Whatever it was, now that he had been lead away from it, he would stonewall returning

    2. A collection of Blueprints is included summarizing each of the 10 sections

    3. (Again I tried for brevity by summarizing from a much larger context

    4. Correctly summarizing routes can lead to smaller routing

    5. use the "area range" command; if you are summarizing routes that are being

    6. “After summarizing daily the teletype cash reports, Ben Williams gathered each location’s sales report

    7. I’ll leave you with this Scripture passage from Colossians that does a great job of summarizing this chapter, and a little activation

    8. Harman and Rheingold summarizing the perennial wisdom, say that the most essential part of the self is the ‘supraconscious’ not ordinarily accessible to conscious awareness

    9. Summarizing is one

    10. filing, classifying and summarizing court cases

    11. In summarizing the secrets of Torvalds' managerial success,

    12. * repeating and summarizing the message,

    13. I still think that this man has done an incredibly good service to the research community, summarizing for us on his map of Dealey Plaza a ton of useful information, which I have used in my work, and correlated to other sites on the internet to check agreement

    14. Summarizing "yes/no" entries across virtually all the forms (i

    15. I rang up Shazi, summarizing the gist of my conversation with the CEC

    16. Judge Colin Lamont expanded on the definition of Ubuntu in summarizing his ruling on the hate speech trial of Julius Malema:

    17. ‘In the West,’ he said as if he were summarizing the essence of his observations, ‘they’ve a deep-rooted work culture, while the philosophy of life is better evolved here

    18. Summarizing the constitution of the body which is kshetr with all its

    19. It helps in analyzing & summarizing large collections of data

    20. For effective analysis, PivotTable uses the concepts of row & column fields for summarizing and grouping data

    21. The first list in the said screen (Summarize by) provides for alternative ways of summarizing information

    22. There is less data and more rules (wisdom) summarizing the data and things swirling

    23. My object, however, in this chapter, in summarizing the statements of Scripture on the action of evil spirits in human affairs, is not to prove the truth of those statements to general skeptics

    24. The fourth step: Composing, begins with a first paragraph that states your intent, introducing what you are setting out to prove and summarizing, briefly, the nature of your evidence

    25. And then, summarizing this idea, he off ers to consider the battle

    26. Congress should require the Department of Health and Human Services to issue an annual, public report identifying federal investigations conducted or completed during the preceding twelve-month period regarding compliance with MHPAEA and summarizing the results of any investigations

    27. After each session close, it serves the purpose of reviewing and summarizing the day’s P&L and of measuring the intended risk for the next session

    28. To get the latest levels of tax rates, allowances and benefits, telephone any of the 10 largest accountancy firms, all of which will almost certainly have a free leaflet summarizing the current position

    29. Summarizing the foregoing analysis, we find that buyers of Petroleum Corporation shares were paying the following price for the managerial skill to be applied to the investment of their money:

    30. In this section of his chapter, Graham is summarizing what is known as the “Gordon equation,” which essentially holds that the stock market’s future return is the sum of the current dividend yield plus expected earnings growth

    31. 363–364, Graham is summarizing the Efficient Market Hypothesis

    32. Your objective in summarizing your results should be to communicate some idea of all of the following:

    33. We reviewed what to report, the best form in which to report it, and the appropriate statistics to use in summarizing your data and your analysis

    34. This is an easy-to-use and highly effective tool, and the mental imagery may be extremely useful for quickly summarizing the character of a manager

    35. Summarizing these observations, we can conclude that relative to the elemental system, application of the portfolio system has led to the creation of portfolios with more even capital allocation

    36. Summarizing the aforesaid, we conclude that usually the determination coefficient is positively correlated with the slope coefficient

    37. Summarizing the analysis of data presented in Figure 3

    38. Summarizing the data presented in Figures 4

    39. Summarizing, we can conclude that all the three statistical tests confirmed the predictive power of the criterion in solving the problem of strategy selection

    40. Summarizing the results of the three analysis techniques applied to two sets of market data, we note that only in one case all three methods confirmed the effectiveness of the criterion in solving the problem of option strategy selection

    41. Summarizing this study we conclude that the Pareto method of multicriteria analysis prevails over the convolution

    42. Summarizing the data presented in Figure 8

    43. ) Summarizing these two analyses we conclude that strong correlation between criteria leads to a decrease in the number of combinations included in the Pareto set, which increases the average profits owing to selection of the best elements only

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