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Super en una oración (en ingles)

I was a super harlot.
This is the super team.
The Super will be happy.
This is such a super house.
This is a super dirty trick.
A super taster, thatś Ms.
Massie was super pissed off.

Super Man wasn’t in sight.
Super heroes don't usual y.
And his skin was super dark.
Super heroes seldom fal al.
Super Blackman to the Rescue.
Phil at the helm of Super Man.
That leaves the super number.
Super Man shook and struggled.
This quickening of the C super.
If a pregnant woman was super.
And to prove that I was super.
For example, an ad for a super.
They are super heroes after all.
First, there was the Super Bowl.
What is the Super Mind Academy?
I call it the super food of teas.
It would be a super lookout then.
Solution: super fast mommy shower.
Jody, this is a super machine gun.
The super conscious is the realm.
Super Store even received another.
Carter to play super hero once again.
You want a super car, give it some.
Realizing that he had super powers.
The captain in charge of the Super.
On one flight, when Super Man’s No.
That would be super! She glowed.
They would never see Super Man again.
This is part of having Super Charisma.
I think you’ll have to super charge.
That stuff is handled by the super ego.
This store has its own Super Omega-3.
Throw the Super Grenade, he said.

Desafortunadamente no tenemos oraciones de ejemplo para esta palabra aún.

Desafortunadamente no tenemos oraciones de ejemplo para esta palabra aún.

Some of them accuse the supers.

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