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    1. “We invented sun tan lotion as a byproduct of our fire protection technology,” Ackers explained

    2. Joris had bought her five years ago … she’d fallen in love on sight with the beautiful gg, with her white blond mane and tail setting off the pale tan colour of her coat

    3. Nuran had a lot of the same, the squint, more tan than burn but she had washed the dust out her hair, leaving it honey-brown and wavy

    4. She was dressed in a long tan leather cloak with fur on the inside for warmth

    5. Adults stood seven to eight feet tall; covered with a thick white and tan fur

    6. One was already dead, but the other, a creamy tan and white color, was still breathing; but just barely

    7. Her face was very elegant and well shaped and smooth, an almond flavored creme in color, not quite as tan as one usually expected in this highland sunshine

    8. A fake tan

    9. A gold card to go with his golden tan

    10. the three cards buried in the tan envelope in the board game Clue

    11. across the tan waxed floor, bouncing off the staircase and racing toward the

    12. like miles of golden tan sand that traveled to the horizon where it met the ocean as

    13. ” The bespectacled man dressed in a light tan suit turned on his heel and turned towards the hotel reception, he turned again before opening the door

    14. There was a really beautiful girl there with shiny golden waves of hair and the thinnest layer of tan jersey over her bronze skin that showed her excellent shape and coloration quite well

    15. To dream that you have tan lines in your dream represent the positives and negatives of a situation

    16. He’d dressed accordingly for a late fall hike in his tan and pale green hunting outfit, which blended in perfectly with the leaf strewn trail he had been walking

    17. First, a tall, obviously black woman in a tan jump suit stepped onto the tarmac, followed closely by a shorter black woman similarly dressed

    18. He was standing in a set of tan underwear

    19. The young man, a little taller than she, could almost have been her brother, except his hair was black and hers was a light tan

    20. The shoes were light tan in colour

    21. His eyes were dark blue with tan skin

    22. They also have powder-coat paint finish and come in tan, gray, and

    23. She was sort of all the colors: gray, brown, black, and tan, with a blue sheen

    24. He was watching her intently and his face was pale under the tan

    25. Goatee was wearing tailored beige trousers and a light white cotton crew neck sweater, his tan looked good against the white

    26. Longish black hair that needed washing, a dark tan and of course, the cowboy garb

    27. They sent me a picture of the chicken coop, with the brown and tan hens scattered about, some with their beaks frozen at the corn on the ground — the shine of the red in those roosters collars, reminded me briefly of the time that I stood toe-to-toe with Devil and watched the red in his eyes turn to fear as I stomped the devil right out of him

    28. Chicago, so I found my tan slacks, as well as a blue shirt with all of its buttons, and walked down the treacherous steps again, to find the feline contingent at the base of the stairs

    29. She had her hair all piled up on her head, beautiful make-up, a short pink miniskirt that showed five miles of great legs, and a neat tube top that showed off the rest of her body and her tan

    30. white, with tan spots, and ears of the longest, softest, and silkiest

    31. As I did, a silver haired man wearing Gucci driver moccasins, a large gold Rolex, no socks, pleated tan chinos and a designer shirt in vertical white and blue stripes appeared

    32. He picked up a bulky tan coloured envelope

    33. wards, I suppose, I looked normal again, except that the tan

    34. If the guy had been trying any harder to sound like one of those cheap hustlers wearing a stained tan trench coat selling Rolex watches for twenty dollars, I don"t know how he would have managed it

    35. His dark tan had slowly turned to a weird shade of gray

    36. The skin had gone from blotchy pink over chalk to Ladino tan

    37. The last rays of a dying sun set ablaze the golden tan skin of him who had at last stopped, seeming to enjoy its multi-hewed departure

    38. That explained why she started putting tan make-up all over her neck

    39. So I started making my way over to her to get a closer look and when I got there, I realized that her hot tan legs were really just brown paper shopping bags from a grocery store that she had sitting on the ground in front of her

    40. She had on her little blue shirt and her Devil’s Island prison pants and, of course, a gold Rolex and a soft gold bracelet, dull and gold against her tan wrist

    41. tan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he

    42. I see her crouched in front of me, fixing my mismatched shirt buttons before I go to school, and standing at the window, watching the uniform street for my father’s car, her hands clasped—no, clenched, her tan knuckles white with tension

    43. The SIN, COS and TAN Functions

    44. Here, you input the angle value into sin, cos and tan function

    45. The island was mostly gray limestone over tan dolomite and jutted out of the ocean as much as two hundred feet

    46. A table near the door was full of pictures of many, many people, both pale and tan

    47. I did not take it out personally on the “good guys” in navy and tan uniforms

    48. “It’s charming,” she said, looking around the room with polished hardwood floors, a tan suede couch, matching chairs and rocker

    49. “Oh of cause I know what you mean don't want tan lines” Jess laughed in a nervous pitch

    50. Her skin bore a slight tan, but what caught his attention the most was the color of her eyes, completely golden with the slightest ting of blue

    1. It looked a bit like someone had cut off Al Pacino's face and tanned it to make an Al Pacino mask

    2. He wore black from head to toe, was tanned and lean under a shock of black,

    3. He wore black from head to toe, was tanned and lean under a shock of black, flowing hair, showing the aquiline profile of a true son of the Julian clan, except for the silver bar that pierced the bridge of his nose

    4. The air and exercise were doing her a lot of good, in just three weeks she had tanned to a nice gold and her hair was coming in darker and livelier

    5. he caught the sun’s glare that summer and tanned

    6. A month of sailing had tanned her and filled her out, she wasn't just 'looking pretty good' any more, she was radiant

    7. He was tanned and wore his shades on top of his head

    8. and tanned tiles with wavy edges

    9. and into the sleek, tanned lines of long distance attraction,

    10. Despite his grief, and with his deeply tanned six-pack still in fine shape, the young man overcame his tragic flirtation with married life, secured a new recording contract and within a month he released a new disk full of sad little love songs, which sold millions of copies

    11. tanned six-pack still in fine shape, the young man overcame his

    12. What was not in 'common view' were Chloe's tanned and toned forearms and near ideal physique well-covered by the elaborate custom of extensive dress

    13. Her skin was a golden ocher, lightly tanned and clear, her eyes the deepest blue he'd ever seen

    14. But a great part of all the different branches of our woollen manufacture, of our tanned leather, and of our hardware, are annually exported to other European countries without any bounty, and these are the manufactures which employ the greatest number of hands

    15. He watched with amazement and confusion as it was replaced with that of a much younger dark-haired man, the same striking eyes of slate and tanned complexion

    16. “I…what?! I’m not even!” Lightly tanned cheeks awash with new ruddiness boldly contradicted such words

    17. chap, 7, the exportation, not only of raw hides, but of tanned leather, except in the shape of boots, shoes, or slippers, was prohibited ; and the law gave a monopoly to our boot-makers and shoe-makers, not only against our graziers, but against our tanners

    18. By subsequent statutes, our tanners have got themselves exempted from this monopoly, upon paying a small tax of only one shilling on the hundred weight of tanned leather, weighing one hundred and twelve pounds

    19. He felt the Power resonating from the one who held the lead in the Link, a dark-haired, dark-eyed man with wide shoulders and tanned skin

    20. Her tanned face looked up at me with

    21. Satisfied that we were all alone, she casually placed her small tanned hand on the middle of my lap and smiled

    22. He was tanned and fit which can take years off appearances

    23. After a few seconds, a supercilious frown crossed his tanned, smooth face

    24. He was quite tanned and looked to be in his early forties, but being extremely fit, seemed much younger

    25. Tears were still streaming down her tanned face

    26. He put one into his mouth and proffered one to Ethan as well, who politely nodded his refusal, the grin unwaveringly attached on his tanned face

    27. Tanned, relaxed, and ripping on his latest ruse

    28. Slightly tanned from the many hours out in the spring

    29. His face was tanned and weather beaten from the sun

    30. He had a tanned complexion and almond-shaped eyes that gave his face a slightly Asian look, but his black hair had just a hint of Mother Africa in its curls

    31. He was deeply tanned from his work as a diver

    32. He answered, dressed in a white t-shirt and black pajama shorts that left his long, tanned legs exposed

    33. Her face was tanned and weathered, but a beauty still

    34. thin, but muscular, and in his late seventies; his face was tanned and well-weathered from

    35. An overly tanned figure stepped out of a pool in the morning sunshine to pick up his mobile, he recognised the voice instantly

    36. Emily turned to see a fabulously tanned man with a row of pearly white teeth staring back at her

    37. He was tall, lean, tanned and handsome, with dark hair, just beginning to grey at the temples

    38. Tanned and lean she looked like she belonged on a television or movie set, carrying a surfboard

    39. hair out of place, his skin was deeply tanned, and that scared her for

    40. Her skin once ivory now looks almost bronze - evenly tanned, and glowing in the sun

    41. The stark difference between the tanned and very

    42. With pitch black hair and tanned skin, he looked like a model

    43. “I meant freckles not tanned lines, Goleo hates them”

    44. He was heavily tanned, had brown hair that curled below his ears, a square jaw, and a flashy smile that would melt the heart of the coldest spinster

    45. He was a narrow-hipped man with broad shoulders, dark brown hair, high cheekbones, and the perpetually tanned face and squint lines of a man who has spent much of his life outdoors

    46. Her high cheek�bones, the smooth tanned skin, the way her mouth would curl when she showed perfectly white and even teeth in quick, nervous smiles, her French way of rolling her R's, captivated him

    47. Jerry Paulson was tanned and wind-burned

    48. red hair and pale skin, and the rest of the crew with their tanned

    49. LAUGHTER, most hoarse, and Captain PRIDE with tanned

    50. Morgan would have tanned

    1. There were no tanning creams here

    2. The smell of hides and tanning mixtures was

    3. Rancid sweat, the stenches of barn and slaughterhouse, beer and baking, and odors probably relating to tanning, dyeing and soap-making were near overpowering, even to him

    4. Paul had already plastered me with artificial tanning lotion for two days, and we’d bought a pale blue Jockey bikini in anticipation

    5. That explained my continuing colourlessness in the face of weeks of tanning

    6. these types of tanning can have an orange appearance and could

    7. Her long sandy blond hair was pulled back in a bun and her face had the look of too many hours in a tanning booth

    8. It wants to buy a chain of tanning salons with no actively traded market

    9. He had obviously hit the tanning booth recently, for he looked much tanner than he should for January

    10. Andersen, one of those no-nonsense Planned Parenthoods with her four-color diagrams on SEXUAL REPRODUCTION IN THE HUMAN SPECIES which to tell you the truth look like your average Tommie and Tillie standing naked with their hands at their sides in a tanning salon except he’s got this droopy little pudding nestled between his legs and she’s got all this dotted plumbing like little elephant ears blooming between hers and they both have these dotted lines down the center of their bodies like they were fuselage diagrams for a balsa-wood airplane and all the time Mrs

    11. Jillian sat on her beach chair while Christopher rubbed tanning lotion onto her shoulders

    12. chair, his chest bare and glistening with sun tanning

    13. Yet another by the pool, that bastard rubbing tanning lotion into her buttocks

    14. “Did my sisters not explain this? It is basically tanning; advanced tanning and blanching based on exposure to the sun

    15. Gone was the golden tan I'd nurtured over the summer with tanning cream and hours sunbathing by the pool with one of my cousins

    16. They also tended to all butchering and hide tanning

    17. “Okay,” she said, grabbing her tanning oil, “could you do me a favor and put some of this on my back first?”

    18. The leather smell that you sense is actually derived from the materials used in the tanning process

    19. As soon as he was out of sight of the officers at the pier, he began to run toward Mumford Street and the leather tanning factory, located at Mumford St and the river

    20. Jacque ran over to the stairs trying to see who had entered the leather tanning factory

    21. It had been a long day of traveling, sneaking away from Coach Worthy, and tanning in the hot sun

    22. I own a tanning business here in town

    23. * Never visit tanning salons - it is a misunderstanding that the tanning salons offer the best way to remain healthy and safe

    24. ‘mysteries’ as they called them, as if there were something supernatural about tanning leather or making horseshoes – but women were usually willing to share knowledge with other women

    25. Diondra’s face was green under the lamplight, and suddenly Ben could see what she’d look like in twenty years, flabby and pimply like she described her mom, her skin hard and wrinkled, but with that electric glow from the tanning booths

    26. Perhaps Jersey Shore in fact went out to the Jersey Shore for some GTL (gym, tanning, and laundry à la MTV’s The Jersey Shore), but Shark was seated, primed, and making more

    27. Pete Fletcher went out and shot the wallaby and skinned it, and the tanning was carried out by a committee of Pete Fletcher and Al Burns and Don Duncan, working in the back of Bill Duncan's store

    28. SUNBURN—Actual burn, with blistering (not just tanning) is a real danger, especially with pale and sensitive skins

    29. But he found the hide had dried as stiff as a board, and as he knew naught of tanning, he was forced to abandon his cherished plan

    30. They worked at currying and tanning; but their chief business was usury, harbouring tramps, and receiving stolen goods; all sorts of petty irregular doings

    31. Sheldon's application of Chesnut Wood to the arts of Tanning and dying ibid

    32. Sheldon's Application of Chesnut Wood to the Arts of Tanning and Dying

    33. Sheldon's experiments, both in relation to tanning and dying, and are well satisfied that the discoverer has not overrated, or erroneously estimated, the value of his own results

    34. I am aware that nothing could be farther from the common apprehension than such results; but the uniform success of a great variety of experiments in tanning and dying, in addition to the other kind of evidence, should satisfy the most incredulous

    35. A process for effecting the tanning of leather in a neat, expeditious, and thorough manner, has been discovered by a Mr

    36. Tanning, by means of chesnut wood, 312

    37. The tanning interests of the United States have pursued this course in their limited field

    1. tans crisp and brown and complementing their gold bangles superbly

    2. The tans and the souvenirs

    3. Most women had deep and even tans that would have been admired in her time, but had to be powdered here

    4. The landscape would still contain a few clumps of grass to relieve the browns, tans, yellows and grey of the rocks

    5. Papa and Larry helped me start to navigate towards Tans

    6. Could I get more body waxes and tans for the summer?

    7. tans that now donned their bodies, sort of a castaway George

    8. It was a small room of mostly tans

    9. At that moment four middle-aged men wearing nothing but sun tans and white sandshoes appeared round a bend in the track

    10. They’ve inherited my unruly hair, though it’s several shades darker than my own and streaked with tans and browns

    11. tans and beautiful girls with their Colgate smiles and legs that

    12. ists spend more time on their tans than their post-doctoral re-

    13. The difference being that when fear passes through, unlike the sun that tans, fear will feed from your own core fears

    14. Whispers of love are lost in the night Memories of love are shared with delight Autumn’s promise replaces the ocean, sunshine, tans and laughter

    15. with a mixed batch of colors, mostly browns and tans, with grays and

    16. Health improved, tans got deeper, respect grew, spirits soared, they both became fitter and each day they grew closer to each other

    17. distributed in different ways, the most popular one is to send a list of TANs to the

    18. The most secure way of using TANs is to

    19. generated TANs depend on the time and a unique secret, stored in the security

    20. Another way to provide TANs to an online banking user is to send the TAN of the

    21. Blue window frames, old granite of grays and tans

    22. My Nana was not a worldly woman, so when she told me that James Connolly had to be strapped to a stretcher in order to face the firing squad, or spoke of the Black and Tans as bogeymen to be feared and hated, I assume that she was simply repeating what her husband had told her

    23. Five days and five Studebakers later (one blue, one black, two tans, and one sunset-red) Mr

    24. When I arrived in Bucks County, whose place should it turn out to be but Smith’s! And near him, in the center of the living room, stood this dark Italian beauty, all tawny panther, all midnight and moonstones, dressed in earth colors, browns, siennas, tans, umbers, all the tones of a riotously fruitful autumn

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