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Tantrum en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Morgan's tips and temper tantrum.
  2. Jordy is having a full-blown tantrum.
  3. She had a temper tantrum as a baby.
  4. Robert was trying not to throw a tantrum.
  5. This tantrum seems to be lasting longer than usual.

  6. We are dealing with a child having a temper tantrum.
  7. We never discussed the tantrum over Ranch dressing after that.
  8. I let him throw his little temper tantrum all those years ago.
  9. Just as with a child throwing a tantrum, the Bulldozer needs a.
  10. Now you get here and have a damn tantrum like a damn six-year-old.
  11. Predictably, the cause of Amilla’s latest tantrum was, once again, money.
  12. She'll bargain once she realizes I'm not to be cozened or affected by a tantrum.
  13. Earlier, the child had thrown a tantrum and the crew had threatened to muzzle him.
  14. Sally saw this and thought maybe Steve might have something to do with his tantrum.
  15. The baby squawked again, a mewl that wavered dangerously between laughter and tantrum.

  16. I threw copies of the DSP-85s on Alistair’s desk---that stopped his temper tantrum cold.
  17. I threw the flowers away on the way home, last thing I need is a jealous tantrum from Phil.
  18. Eckhart sat quietly and looked out of the window; he was used to his superiors temper tantrum.
  19. They considered themselves lucky, no one had been killed or maimed by their mistress’ tantrum.
  20. And here he was, kicking them over right and left like a child pitching a tantrum among his toys.
  21. Caleb took off grudgingly so he didn’t see Colt’s temper tantrum at being took in for Christmas dinner.
  22. It seemed a good idea, when he was so moody, to take out some insurance against some wild, last-minute tantrum.
  23. The overall effect reminded her of a doll house disemboweled, utterly destroyed by a child in a temper tantrum.
  24. His tantrum had led to breaking the gas line, and before he could do a thing to stop it, the kitchen was ablaze.
  25. She waited for the calm to break; for her mother to throw something, a cup, a tantrum, even herself, across the kitchen.

  26. When it occurred to him that we were leaving him home, he put up another tantrum and held tightly on to Chinna’s hand.
  27. He didn‘t believe she didn‘t know who had raped her, but it was impossible to broach the subject without a screaming tantrum.
  28. I threw everything that I had at the door, behaving like a two year old having an absolutely heartfelt but ultimately pointless tantrum.
  29. Easy, they throw a tantrum because Star Fleet participated in an Officer Exchange with the Klingons, but didn’t invite them to play, too.
  30. Alice hated to see her son with a weapon and tried to take it away but the child threw a tantrum and she agreed to let him keep it for a while.
  31. Democrats are still throwing a temper tantrum over that bitterly contested election nearly two years after its outcome has been (legally) decided.
  32. When she had her temper tantrum, she would kick her legs around all wild and viciously, she broke mine and my husband's fingers a couple of times.
  33. Suddenly like a child in a tantrum she smashed at anything that got in her way as she violently slung her clothes on in between shouts and smashes.
  34. Just as the girls were about to leave, Joshi threw a tantrum, he stood before Rani’s horse and made it clear that they had to see his performance.
  35. That little temper tantrum you threw should have mangled this sector of space-time-probability-improbability almost beyond the limits of your sight.
  36. Finally, I threw a temper tantrum in full view of everyone and convinced them it would be safer for me if they just let me sit in on the war planning.
  37. When Mara didn't return to set after lunch, Darren assumed she was throwing a tantrum because he hadn't treated her with the respect she didn't deserve.
  38. The tip of the stoker was heavy and kept dipping towards the floor with each lunge and he soon threw the stoker back into the fireplace in a tantrum after several failed attempts.
  39. Ever seen a kid throwing a tantrum? Don't you love it? There he is, on the ground, screaming and they stiffen and they scream and bellow until they get what they want see; shouting, stamping their feet.
  40. After the fourth day of Scarlett’s sulks and obvious silent demands for an apology, Rhett went to New Orleans, taking Wade with him, over Mammy’s protests, and he stayed away until Scarlett’s tantrum had passed.
  41. In fact, for starters, Marilyn threw an emotional tantrum, screaming to be let go, crying that she was frightened and insisting that it was all a big mistake—which, of course, only served to make her appear even more disturbed.
  42. Flagg, Bentnor & Penn; and the question of his taking a much-needed rest had been gravely discussed by the other two partners more than once during the year; but the mere suggestion of it put him into such a tantrum that they let it drop, trusting to a redistribution of the work of the office to lighten somewhat Penn’s burden.

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