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Telegraphy en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Telegraphy, accounts, and so forth.
  2. Do it like that but DO NOT telegraphy your punch.
  3. USRC Grant was the first cutter to use wireless telegraphy.
  4. Not once has wireless telegraphy failed in calling and securing help on the high seas.
  5. Fifteen years ago the curvature of the earth was looked upon as the one great obstacle to wireless telegraphy.

  6. We have since found that the fog and the dull skies in the vicinity of England are exceptionally favorable for wireless telegraphy.
  7. Then along came new distractions including telegraphy, telephone, wireless radio and the most recent communications via the internet.
  8. Radio telegraphy wasn’t new, but it had always worked along wires, which meant that huge coils of cable had to be laid along the ocean floor.
  9. Some idea of the progress made may be had by citing the fact that in eleven years the range of wireless telegraphy has increased from 200 to 3000 miles.
  10. I know you will all understand when I say that I entertain a deep feeling of gratitude because of the fact that wireless telegraphy has again contributed to the saving of life.
  11. THE fact that there are any survivors of the Titanic left to tell the story of the terrible catastrophe is only another of the hundreds of instances on record of the value of wireless telegraphy in saving life on shipboard.

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