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Temperance en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Use temperance with each extreme.
  2. Temperance and labor are the two best physicians:.
  3. THE TEMPERANCE CARD is one of integration of opposites.
  4. The second card you have chosen is that of Temperance.
  5. The temperance question was discussed with great enthusiasm.

  6. The card of temperance discusses the various ways in which our.
  7. When one decides on temperance, one, only then, begins to live.
  8. The card of temperance shows this in the image of the angel, who.
  9. This creature succeeded by other means than temperance and purity.
  10. This is something that the card tells us in its very title: temperance.
  11. It needs temperance in thoughts, words and bodily gestures or body talk.
  12. The card of temperance attempts to integrate the opposites of outer and.
  13. And what about your temperance society? the student asked his sister.
  14. Temmy’s real name is Temperance Desire Lovely and she absolutely hates it.
  15. Why, it's ha'nted with whiskey! Maybe ALL the Temperance Taverns have got a.

  16. Justice and health of mind will be of the company, and temperance will follow after?
  17. It was a tiny fragment of the Fourth Gathandrian Legend, the tale of Temperance and Greed.
  18. But let me ask you another question: Has excess of pleasure any affinity to temperance?
  19. It was the men's temperance retreat conducted by the missioner, the reverend John Hughes S.
  20. Certainly, he said, that is the true account of temperance whether in the State or individual.
  21. Do you observe that we were not far wrong in our guess that temperance was a sort of harmony?
  22. Theognostos tel s us that compunction can be gained in prayer by temperance, vigilance and humility.
  23. Jesus always preached temperance and taught consistency -- proportionate adjustment of life problems.
  24. Observe then first, through the very things which stand in the way of temperance, that reasoning is.
  25. The opposite of these sins are; chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility.

  26. TOM joined the new order of Cadets of Temperance, being attracted by the showy character of their regalia.
  27. Here, too, as in the Central South Association, the temperance question held a prominent place in the discussions.
  28. Two virtues remain to be discovered in the State--first, temperance, and then justice which is the end of our search.
  29. It was, indeed, quite true that the household had not been shining examples either of temperance, soberness, or chastity.
  30. I gathered up My temperance to ready Me for what could prove the greater reason Destiny had sought and brought Me to Maroth.
  31. Quincy,) with more of eloquence than temperance, and answered in a style not dissimilar by my worthy friend on my left, (Mr.
  32. And the citizens being thus agreed among themselves, in which class will temperance be found--in the rulers or in the subjects?
  33. If he cannot, he contents himself with a pint; and, as a penny saved is a penny got, he thus gains a farthing by his temperance.
  34. Observe then first through the very things which stand in the way of temperance that reasoning is absolute ruler of the passions.
  35. This is the first practicable Collection of Hymns and Tunes abounding in vigorous Pieces adapted to the Gospel Temperance Movement.
  36. The depth to which this soul is lost brought Me to tears, then temperance, then to compassion as I saw he is more Sesavah than not.
  37. The Gathandrian who has, albeit by default and cowardice, pursued the path of temperance as best he can, has friends he did not look for.
  38. One thing then she knew—the act would have to be performed with temperance and with a steady heart, for the answer, in the end, was yes.
  39. And thus our youth, having been educated only in that simple music which, as we said, inspires temperance, will be reluctant to go to law.
  40. Cups: The cups transferring the waters in the Temperance card are a symbol of finding the right mix, keeping in motion and going with the flow.
  41. Said he to me, "The time has come for a temperance talk—that is what they need!" and designated that very evening for me to present the subject.
  42. Then the power of each individual in the State to do his own work appears to compete with the other political virtues, wisdom, temperance, courage.
  43. Yes, I replied; I will; and as far as I can at present see, the virtue of temperance has more of the nature of harmony and symphony than the preceding.
  44. The same can be said of nearly all the cheap temperance drinks; they are unnecessary and harmful and cost money, and, like beer, are drunk only for pleasure.
  45. Ten little boys recited a poem on temperance, in connection with which the Indian policeman, recently appointed, made some earnest remarks on the same subject.
  46. Our young people who are to teach in the country are quite determined to organize bands and to fight for "God and home and native land," on the line of temperance.
  47. Out of the desire to prepare for God’s kingdom grew movements such as temperance, prison reform, better care for mentally ill, and increasingly, abolition of slavery.
  48. For more than two months we have had weekly meetings on the subject of temperance, attended by large audiences, and securing more than a thousand names to the Murphy Pledge.
  49. There complexity engendered licence, and here disease; whereas simplicity in music was the parent of temperance in the soul; and simplicity in gymnastic of health in the body.
  50. The accidental discovery, just made, that the proprietor of the Temperance Tavern kept liquor on his premises, scarcely fluttered the public pulse, tremendous as the fact was.
  51. His idea of education is that of harmonious growth, in which are insensibly learnt the lessons of temperance and endurance, and the body and mind develope in equal proportions.
  52. The Heavenly Virtues combine the four Cardinal Virtues: prudence, temperance, fortitude -- or courage, and justice, with a variation of the theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity.
  53. One evening was devoted to a temperance meeting (a subject, by the way, which needs great attention in the South), with several earnest and spirited addresses by both white and colored speakers.
  54. That means the practice of religion breeds peace, contentment, temperance and all the positive virtues that is a fertile ground for the child to fully expand and tap his potentials to the maximum.
  55. At this I confess I was not a little embarrassed, for although accustomed to short, informal temperance talks in public, I had no idea, woman that I was, of taking his place at such a critical moment.
  56. This appeal on the temperance question was also responded to, at first mostly by young boys and girls, followed by a venerable gentleman and his two sons, and then the full complement of men and women.
  57. A violin and organ solo by the school teacher and his wife called the audience again to order, and an exhibition followed with a small magic lantern and about eighty pictures, Bible, temperance and comic.
  58. I couldn't sleep, and so I come along upstreet 'bout midnight, aturning it all over, and when I got to that old shackly brick store by the Temperance Tavern, I backed up agin the wall to have another think.
  59. And must not that be a blameless study which he only can pursue who has the gift of a good memory, and is quick to learn,--noble, gracious, the friend of truth, justice, courage, temperance, who are his kindred?
  60. As my husband and Brother Pope had both their special appointments elsewhere to fill, it fell to my lot, much against my predilections, to close the whole series of meetings by my third and last temperance lecture.
  61. They also must be exposed to situations where they need to exercise temperance and perseverance so they will not indulge to depression and any acting out behaviors which can be detrimental to their total functioning.
  62. Nor do not saw the air too much with your hand, thus, but use all gently; for in the very torrent, tempest, and, as I may say, the whirlwind of passion, you must acquire and beget a temperance that may give it smoothness.
  63. It has departments for Agriculture, the Sunday-school Lesson, Temperance and general correspondence, much of which is from the West and South, setting forth the advantages of different States and Territories for immigrants.
  64. It has departments for agriculture, the Sunday-school lesson, temperance and general correspondence, much of which is from the West and South, setting forth the advantages of different States and Territories for immigrants.
  65. The religious work has not been marked by as many conversions as we had hoped to see; but there has been great progress made in Christian activity in certain directions, especially in Sunday-school Work and Temperance Reform.
  66. He did not consider that the desire of a noble offspring was a passion among the Spartans, or that their physical superiority was to be attributed chiefly, not to their marriage customs, but to their temperance and training.
  67. These two harmonies I ask you to leave; the strain of necessity and the strain of freedom, the strain of the unfortunate and the strain of the fortunate, the strain of courage, and the strain of temperance; these, I say, leave.
  68. Faultfinding being a proverbially bad hat Mr Bloom thought well to stir or try to the clotted sugar from the bottom and reflected with something approaching acrimony on the Coffee Palace and its temperance (and lucrative) work.
  69. How the people looked, how earnestly they listened also, yes, and wept, as I told them of the world-wide Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and warned them of that fatal sin which was keeping many women out of the Kingdom of Heaven, and they knew it.
  70. Still, I must implore you, Socrates, said Glaucon, not to turn away just as you are reaching the goal; if you will only give such an explanation of the good as you have already given of justice and temperance and the other virtues, we shall be satisfied.
  71. That it was of great importance in every Government, but above all that it was infinitely so in ours, where the people were real sovereigns, and where the Government would be ill or well administered, according as the youths were bred in temperance, virtue, and obedience.
  72. In order to convert uncivilized nations who do us no harm, whom we have no motive for oppressing, we ought, above all, to leave them in peace, and act upon them only by our showing them an example of the Christian virtues of patience, meekness, temperance, purity, and brotherly love.
  73. Thus temperance makes men lords over those pleasures that intemperance enslaves them to: the one, parent of health, vigour fertility cheerfulness, and every other desirable good of life; the other, of diseases, debility, barrenness, self-loathing, with only every evil incident to human nature.
  74. He had joined the Buffalos and the Druids, been elected President of the Skull and Crossbones Boys' Society, and, although he was not himself an abstainer, he was so friendly to Temperance that he had on several occasions, taken the chair at teetotal meetings, to say nothing of the teas to the poor school children and things of that sort.
  75. I tell him how we started a Temperance Society twelve years ago with Koúzin, who, though he used to drink, has quite given it up, and now tells me he is very glad to be rid of so nasty a habit; and, one sees, is living well, with his house and everything well managed, and who, had he not given up drinking, would have had none of these things.
  76. Some argued that while so many churches and Women's Christian Temperance Unions and Young Men's Christian Associations shut out respectable colored people, and saloons welcomed those who were not respectable, it would be a difficult task for the better class to induce the more ignorant to vote against those who welcomed them and in favor of those who shut them out.
  77. The Ten Hours Factory Act, the legislation about women and children working in mines, the creation of ragged schools and reformatories, the rise and progress of the temperance movement, the many efforts to ameliorate the condition of the working classes by education, sanitation, public parks, and recreation grounds, hall these things have been the creation of the last fifty years.
  78. There is a battle and they gain the day, and then modesty, which they call silliness, is ignominiously thrust into exile by them, and temperance, which they nickname unmanliness, is trampled in the mire and cast forth; they persuade men that moderation and orderly expenditure are vulgarity and meanness, and so, by the help of a rabble of evil appetites, they drive them beyond the border.
  79. Because I think that this is the only virtue which remains in the State when the other virtues of temperance and courage and wisdom are abstracted; and, that this is the ultimate cause and condition of the existence of all of them, and while remaining in them is also their preservative; and we were saying that if the three were discovered by us, justice would be the fourth or remaining one.
  80. And, again, in respect of temperance, courage, magnificence, and every other virtue, should we not carefully distinguish between the true son and the bastard? for where there is no discernment of such qualities states and individuals unconsciously err; and the state makes a ruler, and the individual a friend, of one who, being defective in some part of virtue, is in a figure lame or a bastard.
  81. In the next place, he will regulate his bodily habit and training, and so far will he be from yielding to brutal and irrational pleasures, that he will regard even health as quite a secondary matter; his first object will be not that he may be fair or strong or well, unless he is likely thereby to gain temperance, but he will always desire so to attemper the body as to preserve the harmony of the soul?
  82. I therefore resolved to set my face against this for the future; and accordingly, when we had enjoyed a jocose temperance of loyalty and hilarity, with a decent measure of wine, I filled a glass, and requesting all present to do the same, without any preliminary reflections on the gavaulling of past times, I drank good afternoon to each severally, and then rose from the table, in a way that put an end to all the expectations of more drink.
  83. Even those who would rather have had tea or coffee had beer, because if they went to a temperance restaurant or coffee tavern it generally happened that they were not treated very civilly unless they bought something to eat as well as to drink, and the tea at such places was really dearer than beer, and the latter was certainly quite as good to drink as the stewed tea or the liquid mud that was sold as coffee at cheap `Workmen's' Eating Houses.
  84. To be able to do this, they have long ago worked out such provisions for temperance, that drunkenness is not impaired; such provisions for education, that ignorance is not only not interfered with, but is even strengthened; such provisions for liberty and for the constitution, that despotism is not impeded; such provisions for the labourers, that they are not freed from slavery; such Christianity as does not destroy, but maintains the governments.
  85. And so this man, without the least compunction, and without any misgivings as to his being believed, arranges an agricultural exhibition, or a temperance society, or through his wife and children sends jackets and soup to three old women, and in his family, in drawing-rooms, committees, the press, boldly preaches the Gospel or humane love of one's neighbour in general, and of that working agricultural class in particular which he constantly torments and oppresses.
  86. Meanwhile, your modern landowner will, without the least hesitation or doubt, organize an agricultural exhibition, or a temperance society, or, through his wife and daughters, distribute warm underclothing and soup to three old women; and he will hold forth before the domestic circle, or in society, or as a member of committees, or in the public press, upon the gospel of love for mankind in general and the agricultural class in particular, that class which he never ceases to torment and oppress.
  87. In the first place, none of them should have any property of his own beyond what is absolutely necessary; neither should they have a private house or store closed against any one who has a mind to enter; their provisions should be only such as are required by trained warriors, who are men of temperance and courage; they should agree to receive from the citizens a fixed rate of pay, enough to meet the expenses of the year and no more; and they will go to mess and live together like soldiers in a camp.
  88. And so we see this man, without the least trouble of mind or doubt that people will believe in his sincerity, organizing an agricultural exhibition, or a temperance society, or sending some soup and stockings by his wife or children to three old women, and boldly in his family, in drawing rooms, in committees, and in the press, advocating the Gospel or humanitarian doctrine of love for one's neighbor in general and the agricultural laboring population in particular whom he is continually exploiting and oppressing.
  89. By this method, and together with what I had done personally in the tempest, I got great praise and laud from all reflecting people; and it is not now to be told what a consolation was brought to many a sorrowful widow and orphan’s heart, by the patience and temperance with which the fund of liberality was distributed; yet because a small sum was reserved to help some of the more helpless at another time, and the same was put out to interest in the town’s books, there were not wanting evil-minded persons who went about whispering calumnious innuendos to my disadvantage; but I know, by this time, the nature of the world, and how impossible it is to reason with such a seven-headed and tenhorned beast as the multitude.
  90. And there really are men who believe in this, who spend their time in promoting Leagues of Peace, in delivering addresses, and in writing books; and of course the governments sympathize with it all, pretending that they approve of it; just as they pretend to support temperance, while they actually derive the larger part of their income from intemperance; just as they pretend to maintain liberty of the constitution, when it is the absence of liberty to which they owe their power; just as they pretend to care for the improvement of the laboring classes, while on oppression of the workman rest the very foundations of the State; just as they pretend to uphold Christianity, when Christianity is subversive of every government.
  91. But there are people who believe in it, who busy themselves with peace congresses, deliver addresses, write little books; and the governments, of course, express their sympathy with this, let it appear that they are supporting this, just as they make it appear that they are supporting a temperance society, whereas they for the most part live by the drunkenness of the masses; just as they make it appear that they are supporting education, whereas their strength is based on ignorance; just as they make it appear that they are supporting the liberty of the constitution, whereas their strength is based only on the absence of a constitution; just as they make it appear that they are concerned about the betterment of the labouring classes, whereas it is on the oppression of the labourer that their existence is; just as they make it appear that they are supporting Christianity, whereas Christianity destroys every government.
  92. Bloom's bodyguard distribute Maundy money, commemoration medals, loaves and fishes, temperance badges, expensive Henry Clay cigars, free cowbones for soup, rubber preservatives in sealed envelopes tied with gold thread, butter scotch, pineapple rock, billets doux in the form of cocked hats, readymade suits, porringers of toad in the hole, bottles of Jeyes' Fluid, purchase stamps, 40 days' indulgences, spurious coins, dairyfed pork sausages, theatre passes, season tickets available for all tramlines, coupons of the royal and privileged Hungarian lottery, penny dinner counters, cheap reprints of the World's Twelve Worst Books: Froggy And Fritz (politic), Care of the Baby (infantilic), 50 Meals for 7/6 (culinic), Was Jesus a Sun Myth? (historic), Expel that Pain (medic), Infant's Compendium of the Universe (cosmic), Let's All Chortle (hilaric), Canvasser's Vade Mecum (journalic), Loveletters of Mother Assistant (erotic), Who's Who in Space (astric), Songs that Reached Our Heart (melodic), Pennywise's Way to Wealth (parsimonic).

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