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Tied en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He tied me up and.
  2. They tied me up and.
  3. And my hands are tied.
  4. Now the game was tied.
  5. A boat was tied there.
  6. But the CS is tied up.
  7. He is to remain tied.
  8. His hands are not tied.
  9. This he tied round him.
  10. They should be tied to.
  11. I tied that paw for him.
  13. It was tied to the handle.
  14. The two are closely tied.
  15. He has tied me to a line.
  16. She got out and tied the.
  17. Mary had a babushka tied.
  18. He then tied a blindfold.
  19. The guards tied her wrists.
  20. I was then tied to a tree.
  21. Now the PCT and I were tied.
  22. Tongue tied she turned to.
  23. Tied up in the church pews.
  24. They really are tied up.
  25. In the tea room, tied up.
  26. The ferry was tied up there.
  27. She tied it back on her arm.
  28. He tied and gagged them both.
  29. He tied me up on his service.
  30. She tied it around his eyes.
  31. I tied the lasers together.
  32. Her hands and feet were tied.
  34. Holding a noose tied to the.
  35. They were tied at the ankles.
  36. Eventually they tied the knot.
  37. They were tied at the wrists.
  38. We were tied together forever.
  39. The balloons tied with string.
  40. The boy’s hands were tied.
  41. As he tied his shoelaces, he.
  42. He was tied with the iron pole.
  43. Something was tied down here.
  44. Keep yourself tied to your raft.
  45. My hands are tied otherwise.
  46. He was tied up for a few weeks.
  47. The papoose was tied to a board.
  48. They said their hands are tied.
  49. This is tied to the environment.
  50. You have tied me to the secrets.
  51. She likes to be tied and spanked.
  52. We tied Robert firmly to the bed.
  53. But Jerome was tied to that desk.
  54. Standing quietly while tied is a.
  55. Her powers were tied to Sebastian.
  56. I’m tied up at a crime scene.
  57. We have left them tied up for as.
  58. Giant bows tied around the chairs.
  59. Smith sighed; his hands were tied.
  60. Honey, I have him tied upstairs.
  61. They effectively tied my hands.
  62. Roadrunner tied to Willie? None of.
  63. His dark-orange hair was tied back.
  64. He is tied to the feds, to Aristeus.
  65. I should have tied the knot myself.
  66. He then took his son and tied him.
  67. When this was done he tied up the.
  68. He tied it at the back of her neck.
  69. As only Molly can do, it was tied.
  70. Mark tied the string around his neck.
  71. I have, my hands are kind of tied.
  72. Tied up and the stadium was rocking.
  73. I clapped the cap on, tied the scarf.
  74. There they tied me up and began to.
  75. The men were tied and lightly beaten.
  76. The pub has several horses tied to.
  77. There was a tag tied to the big toe.
  78. I tied crackers to their saari ends.
  79. I tied up and started along the bank.
  80. His hair was tied in a ponytail and.
  81. The Senate vote was tied three times.
  82. I’m tied up at the moment, Shawn.
  83. They grabbed Jesus and tied His hands.
  84. He clapped the cap on, tied the scarf.
  85. You had better keep that dog tied up.
  86. He walked over and tied down the tarp.
  87. Gulab tied her chunni round her hips.
  88. He tightened and tied his ropes and.
  89. Look, I could have left you tied up.
  90. Tied to the sponsor or host is a prize.
  91. This is closely tied to the former tip.
  92. Tied alongside, was an old steel boat.
  93. He tied his horse and had a cold meal.
  94. He allowed himself to be tied to the.
  95. The sheet had been tied over her head.
  96. One of the ropes was tied too tightly.
  97. Lawsuits tied up everything for years.
  98. The girl was naked and tied to the bed.
  99. They tied up the others, he said.
  100. Especially with his hands tied behind.
  1. Merry was tying it up, and.
  2. They are tying themto the trees.
  3. Mike finishes tying his sneaker.
  4. Pulling and tying nets all day.
  5. All of this whipping, tying, and.
  6. They’re tying up all loose ends.
  7. With one less issue tying up your.
  8. This cult was tying knots in my nerves.
  9. Des momentarily stopped tying his cravat.
  10. There was no physical evidence tying Mr.
  11. Using two loose wraps, start tying the.
  12. This is a rule any time you start tying.
  13. What is it? I asked tying up my robe.
  14. Beating a horse, tying it up for hours on.
  15. He finished tying before going to answer it.
  16. The chains tying her to her fail-safe loosened.
  17. She hid behind the door, tying her gown closed.
  18. He dismounted, tying the reins to the branch of.
  19. Selma finished tying the belt to the threadbare.
  20. Then there was more tying and tightening of cords.
  21. She laid her underwear on the bed then after tying.
  22. Oftentimes, crucifixion was accomplished by tying.
  23. She came down tying her hair at the nape of her neck.
  24. Good scissors are an absolute necessity for fly tying.
  25. Connections "tying" the knot and "the ties that bind".
  26. Pierre had taken part in tying a policeman to a bear.
  27. Practiced fingers worked, joining and tying in a blur.
  28. Two men in their forties were tying their mounts to it.
  29. This means tying and wrapping all herbs in cheesecloth.
  30. It’s been tying me up in knots seeing you so unhappy.
  31. They all reached the gate, securely tying it to the post.
  32. The airhostess insisted for tying up seatbelts, to cover.
  33. Yeah, just let me finish tying this thingie in the back.
  34. I know, it means a direct hookup without tying up a phone.
  35. Tying him up was hardly necessary but they did it to show.
  36. This is much bigger than tying baby Don Sprinkle to a tree.
  37. Since you are tying in the head area of the hook, any whip.
  38. Finally tying the knot so as she could not mover her trunk.
  39. You’ll need to start your fly tying expedition with a hook.
  40. She thought of tying herself on, but was too tired to do it.
  41. The police are turning everyone back, or at least tying to.
  42. Stretch out the intestines and you have cord for tying things.
  43. There is some thin stuff, probably for tying up his victims.
  44. The Turle knot is ideal when tying on flies with turned-up or.
  45. Refrain from tying the hair very tight, as it can break easily.
  46. The first thing you need to know about tying your own flies is.
  47. Sancho asked him the reason of this sudden dismounting and tying.
  48. This is a rule any time you start tying any material to the hook.
  49. Is he finally tying the knot? This looks like a wedding venue.
  50. Pam was tying her scarf around his head when we got there to help.
  51. He reached for the rope tying the two boats together, then paused.
  52. Once you have the basic idea of fly tying, the rest is just up to.
  53. Dale finishes the knot he is tying in the string and then stands up.
  54. We'll also look into tying all market decisions to their timeframes.
  55. There really aren’t a lot of tools required to undertake fly tying.
  56. Snidley got off on tying Nell to railroad tracks, so that she would.
  57. Toinette had had enough of the elves, and, tying her shoes, took the.
  58. That means the State of Nevada, through your court, will be tying.
  59. If you attach the balloons by tying to fishing string a long line of.
  60. He stopped his horse and dismounted, tying its reins to a small tree.
  61. Yes, Alex said while tying the congressman’s feet with a rope.
  62. Instead of tying her up, Tom rolled the reins around the saddle-knob.
  63. The public witness is by the tying of the red cord to the bars of the.
  64. Amar runs a hand over his black hair, tying it back with a rubber band.
  65. Although no runs scored, the bases were now loaded and the tying run.
  66. The bobbin will also keep the thread tight while you are tying the fly.
  67. The yelping came from the kitchen where mermaids were tying up our dog.
  68. For the same reason do NOT use a tourniquet (except when tying arteries).
  69. Tying the sash around her she felt the softness of the fabric and spun.
  70. Sab unhooked the bungee cords and began tying the unresponsive Brossard.
  71. He considered tying it back into a ponytail, but then decided against it.
  72. Using two loose wraps, start tying the fibers down to the top of the hook.
  73. The hangman did as he was bid, and was tying the cord firmly, when he was.
  74. The terrorists had a vicious tactic of tying a steel cable across the road.
  75. Since you are tying in the head area of the hook, any whip finisher will do.
  76. If aasan means sitting at some external place, where is the need of tying.
  77. Bro, I know you’re smart, Alex said while tying my hands with a rope.
  78. Less than a standard week ago, while tying up some loose ends for Iratus on.
  79. Tying the leather straps of her high leather boots she took a deep breath and.
  80. Tying these two anchors here, Flask, seems like tying a man's hands behind him.
  81. She was tying some string around a box when she heard a knock at the front door.
  82. For tying the ends of two spars at an angle, when making an A-frame, for example.
  83. She grinned, tying her hands behind her back and casting her eyes sadly upon the.
  84. Mind, he was tying his shoelaces when the man upstairs was giving out the brains.
  85. There is no competent evidence tying the murder weapon to my client, he says.
  86. Once you have the basic idea of fly tying, the rest is just up to your imagination.
  87. If this was her old boss tying up a loose end then it might actually come to that.
  88. The big man spent time securing the plane, tying it to anchor points on the apron.
  89. I can’t believe you agreed to that savages suggestion about tying in the desert.
  90. When she came to her senses, Jonah was kneeling on her, tying her hands with a rope.
  91. She left her hair falling around her face rather than tying it into her usual braid.
  92. The public witness is by the tying of the red cord to the bars of the window, which.
  93. Tie with butcher’s twine, then keep tying the roast with twine every 2 inches or so.
  94. Yet there was never any evidence tying either Al Qaeda or Iraq to any of these attacks.
  95. He reached for her hands and began tying them up until they were secure, but comfortable.
  96. With great speed, the gunmen grabbed several police officers tying up four men on a bench.
  97. Of course, even though Davidson had the biggest motive tying him to all the.
  98. Athnu came thru the door and she turned toward him while she finished tying her pony tail.
  99. Are you okay? I asked as I sat down opposite him, tying my hair in a loose ponytail.
  100. This should be one designed for fly tying, not something you found at the department store.
  1. I have close ties with.
  2. He had no family, no ties.
  3. Pitzarelli had ties to a.
  4. She ties down her breasts.
  5. This theory ties into the.
  6. Is a string of broken ties.
  7. Lydia pulled at the zip ties.
  8. Put him on the cross ties.
  9. That ties into the concept.
  10. You can take one of my ties.
  11. Surrounded by ties that bind.
  12. Even with the ties that bind.
  13. I cut ties with her as she.
  14. Ties are silly aren’t they.
  15. We should ties his hands also.
  16. He severed ties with Our Lady.
  17. Ties where coming down my cheek.
  18. Cut the wrist ties, of course.
  19. Just the ties, a rag, the floor.
  20. Sileas appeared with cloth ties.
  21. Joe cut the loss, and ties with.
  22. Wrestling creates ties that bind.
  23. Your blood ties are somewhere in.
  24. She's got no ties in this country.
  25. The ties to friendships and home.
  26. The other boys got shirts and ties.
  27. She squirmed against the cable ties.
  28. Old twisted ties, blouses that are.
  29. I had just started Cutting the Ties.
  30. Emotional ties that bind beyond death.
  31. The Lord has secured all family ties.
  32. Grabatology is the collecting of ties.
  33. The ties that bound Simon were now cut.
  34. Tempted to stay put, but family ties.
  35. Every suspect proven to have ties to.
  36. There are no emotional ties so it is.
  37. The top left was all ties and collars.
  38. Thou know’st what ties are breaking.
  39. The zip ties were ripping into her skin.
  40. His ties with Florence were all broken.
  41. Obviously, family ties remained strong.
  42. Very strange ties had been established.
  43. There are other ties equally efficacious.
  44. There was never any evidence of such ties.
  45. The faculty code of conduct ties my hands.
  46. But we ourselves hadn't severed all ties.
  47. This very curiously ties in with the so-.
  48. Zip ties were such an ingenious invention.
  49. Your shirts and ties are Turnbull and Asser.
  50. All such ties are demolished when there is.
  51. Who haul iniquity with strong cords and ties.
  52. In these relationship family ties we can be.
  53. Keeping close ties with business is important.
  54. She was happy she had it as she had no ties.
  55. Most of the men wore suits and red ties and.
  56. The third circle with which Anna had ties was.
  57. We watch as the man ties the rope round Joris.
  58. This involves recapturingthe early ties with.
  59. It all ties up with him having built his home.
  60. EeEe had strong ties to the established order.
  61. A true faith has no laws, it ties only with good.
  62. The sites were her only ties to a blissful past.
  63. It ties all that lies north of that place to us.
  64. He ties the Roadrunner to himself and drives off.
  65. Blood Ties announces on Facebook that he will be.
  66. He has ties to a known international arms dealer.
  67. Please remember to make a donation to Special Ties.
  68. Use plastic cable ties and aquarium safe sealant.
  69. The ribbons around his staff and the ties around.
  70. When 2 has reached the bank, 3 ties on and crosses.
  71. Something that ties him to one of the murders?
  72. Stuart had strong ties to the mythical Billionaire.
  73. She pulls back her curly hair and ties it in a knot.
  74. I long to have that dream that give me the old ties.
  75. I need four ties thirty to forty centimeters long.
  76. Connections "tying" the knot and "the ties that bind".
  77. She plucked their ties from nowhere, tossed them back.
  78. Israel had close ties to the British, and more than.
  79. Reynolds nodded and used zip ties to bind the Pullers.
  80. There’s no way, his ties to the club, he’d sever!.
  81. I am a respectable man, I have family ties, of course.
  82. From now on, no pants, no ties, no shaving, no nothing.
  83. Except that blood ties are far stronger than gratitude.
  84. Tibetan having ties with China was considered a traitor.
  85. Do you really want to severe all ties with him?
  86. Till the tissues that held me parted their ties upon me.
  87. This chapter ties in a lot with the chapter on internals.
  88. The ingathering came in a flood, called by ties of blood.
  89. He then takes his socks off and ties them to each ankle.
  90. This ties in well with the use of habit in ritual magic.
  91. My family has no blood relations or blood ties with him.
  92. When he reaches the bank, 1 unties himself and 2 ties on.
  93. But for now, it is necessary to sever your ties with him.
  94. Are you aware sir of anyone that has ties with Madison?
  95. It ties data more closely to the functions that operate on.
  96. We tightened our family ties and battened down the hatches.
  97. Establish the Prayer and pay the Zakat and maintain ties of.
  99. The profits from al sales on this page wil go to Special Ties.
  100. Like all other ties, it brought along with it its obligations.

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1. A tie is a loss.
2. Tie it to (1) this.
3. When to wear a tie.
4. Let me tie it all.
5. To hell with the tie.
6. The vote is a tie.
7. Bring a suit and tie.
8. Then, there is a tie.
9. Tie them to the mast.
10. Tie the ends and boil.
11. Tie many fine nooses 1.
12. Tie up all loose ends.
13. I tie a very handsome.
14. You seemed my only tie.
15. Tie him up, and the kid.
16. The last tie was broken.
17. He flapped his tie at me.
18. He loosened his tie and.
19. Tie a knot on your shift.
20. And to tie the ropes to.
21. First was the red power tie.
22. We could tie it up in the.
23. No tie is worth $1,000,000.
24. She started to undo his tie.
25. Tie that man to that chair'.
26. How do shadows tie in to.
27. Just tie up the cord….
28. He wears white tie and tails.
29. She fiddled with the tie on.
30. Black tie at the White House.
31. She paused to tie off a stitch.
32. He wore a suit, shirt and tie.
33. Oh, no! A tie? Not in dominos.
34. He chuckled grabbing his tie.
35. He was starting to tie up the.
36. It was brown and had a bow tie.
37. But don’t tie your own hands.
38. Andrew quickly adjusted his tie.
39. You had to tie him as he would.
40. And he called for a tie breaker.
41. I just hate wearing this tie.
42. But without his collar or tie.
43. The officer straightened his tie.
44. He tucked the long tie into them.
45. A white coat over a suit and tie.
46. Dr dear, and that you may tie to.
47. I had picked the tie because it.
48. I wasn’t ready to tie the knot.
49. I smiled and began to do his tie.
50. Cal would tie his blanket, with.
51. How does this tie together?
52. That seemed a long shot to tie in.
53. The president straightens his tie.
54. Babs adjusted his Gerry Garcia tie.
55. Then they can tie their raft to it.
56. Tie off the openings to seal them.
57. I have to tie up a few loose ends.
58. First your coat off, now your tie.
59. Wrap in tulle and tie with ribbon.
60. There was nothing to tie her down.
61. I'd better find it and tie it down.
62. One of the men cut the plastic tie.
63. That would tie Rory to her forever.
64. How about this time, you tie me up.
65. We Can Tie This All to Volatility.
66. Lovern and I did not have that tie.
67. Tie her up and suspend her!’’.
68. Tie the fibers down to the hook eye.
69. After that I tie up his hands again.
70. His tie swayed down near his crotch.
71. But how does that tie into Mom?
72. She reached out and fingered his tie.
73. I will have to bend over to tie them.
74. She put her hands up to tie her hair.
75. Maybe it was your tie, Nik said.
76. Open in the back and tie at the neck.
77. Then follow these steps to tie your.
78. Tie in the activities on the timeline.
79. He went back to straightening his tie.
80. Scott? We need to tie up the animals.
81. He’d just wear this tie, he decided.
82. I am not worthy to tie his shoe laces.
83. I need to tie up a small business.
84. He was in evening dress and white tie.
85. Tie Dagan patted his chest and shouted.
86. That was to tie you into The Family.
87. It seems to tie in all the so called.
88. He looked different in a suit and tie.
89. Hers was the strongest tie in his life.
90. He pulled a bright red bow tie out of.
91. No tie and I wasn’t the bow tie type.
92. He bends down to tie his sneaker again.
93. I picked up his tie and straightened it.
94. It is important that you tie the knot.
95. Now, in the manifesto, we tie the pain.
96. Seating the knot means to tie it tightly.
97. No, one had to tie the rope to the boat.
98. There, said Mother, fixing his tie.
99. You can tie me to the desk with this.
100. This is also a rule any time you tie in.

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