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    1. DE is totally harmless to mammals if eaten and is recommended to be given to your animals as part of their diet

    2. This is a totally overlooked sales technique in virtually all small business shopping systems except

    3. During that hour she got so totally satisfied that it was really tough to get back up

    4. "What? What's so funny?" She's totally into me

    5. I don’t want to step on their toes, but the band seems totally cool with getting some original ideas

    6. it was totally the wrong sort of gun, of course, but nobody minded that

    7. I’ve become totally fixated on the things over the course of the last month

    8. "He's totally doing it!"

    9. This caller was certain that only some aphids are herded by ants and that most fly from place to place totally indifferent to what the ants have to say about it

    10. It is better to be totally safe and sure than sorry later

    11. Anyway, she totally rejects the idea that there could be someone who hates her that much

    12. To begin with this living being is totally free of all constraints

    13. He stands up and stares off into the distance as if he had totally forgotten about them

    14. "Yeah," doostEr said, "the thing's totally sick but it does go fast

    15. He maintains he was totally unaware of this and is shocked that his wife of only a few years should have behaved so badly

    16. Despite that, or if anything because of it, I totally stopped listening at all at that point

    17. " In spite of knowing she was totally illegal and would be erased if found out, she would fight for survival if she had to wouldn't she? That survival instinct had certainly been cloned with her hadn't it?

    18. ‘Liz, it was extremely kind and considerate of Molly to offer to come with you this morning,’ I reminded myself, ‘it is totally unreasonable of you to be so terribly unappreciative …’

    19. It might be best not to leave her totally alone for a while

    20. I was totally wiped out

    21. She was totally unconscious he says

    22. "Oh?" she was totally calm about that

    23. ‘Sad and totally unnecessary

    24. We’ve become quite close friends, he’s a nice guy and I soon discover that he’s totally involved in his work

    25. ’ She said reaching for the biscuit tin and totally missing my frozen look, thank goodness

    26. I was totally unprepared for the inevitable introspection of solitary confinement

    27. ‘It’s only that I’m totally relaxed, Nick

    28. There was something nasty going round, can’t remember what it was now, but he caught it and died very quickly and totally unexpectedly

    29. I unfolded it slowly, measuring each crease between my fingers, aching for the comfort of words and yet totally afraid of what I might read

    30. A good fraction of the original crew has gone totally native and disappeared from their knowledge on the hands of native girls, including one of only two shuttle pilots, on their first trip outside the Kassikan

    31. Smith looked down upon one small star and upon one totally insignificant rocky ball at the outer edge of a tiny spiral galaxy of stars, and there He heard the very first bum note

    32. I have primed Wiesse that we are expecting an extra incomer and assume, again from what you wrote, that it is someone with Errdian heritage – unless they are totally unsuitable, and I sincerely doubt you would be sending them across if that were the case, there will be no problem allowing him or her to stay

    33. The beer was totally different but apparently wine was wine wherever you were

    34. "What if I wanted to remain totally who I am with no new genes in me at all?"

    35. Without the phone he was totally cut off from them

    36. The same general that burned Sepphoris to the ground for their revolt also totally destroyed a town called Emmaus

    37. ‘That’s a totally stupid idea … let’s do it

    38. She was totally different from the cold distant ice witch he remembered in camp

    39. ” The question itself was totally valid

    40. I watch as she leaves the room, wondering if she has been looking through my stuff and aware in the same thought that I now see the staff here at the villa in a totally different light

    41. After several hours they fell asleep in each other’s arms, totally spent

    42. Then score each value between 1 and 10 with the lowest score 1 being totally dissatisfied with the way you honor this value and 10 being totally satisfied

    43. It helps us to be totally honest with ourselves

    44. The test results are totally invalid

    45. Trying to keep out of the way of the crew, all rushing around doing totally incomprehensible things very efficiently while Drens directs operations, I duck under some ropes to stand by the rail taking in the scene on the shore

    46. He stood there talking to her totally engrossed

    47. Eventually, the track emerges from the woods and we find ourselves in a totally different landscape

    48. By morning they were spent, totally exhausted

    49. Berndt, totally in control and confident, giving the words of passing … so familiar to me I can almost say them with him … a little voice in my head asking repeatedly why should that be so?

    50. The ship that wore it was totally different from the typical riverboat

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    all altogether completely entirely right totally whole wholly exactly just purely quite utterly