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    1. They found one section, once, where a single mask had been fabricated in Brazil and were forced to leave it transmitting until they could get new masks developed, fabricated and, for Osama's sake, TESTED before making us live in them

    2. Meanwhile Alan was still transmitting, mostly a picture of the blond woman, not a bad image to have in your view, especially with the riverbank beyond

    3. When a qbit is transmitted from one particle to another, the state of that property in the transmitting particle goes to unknown

    4. The Petrovak has ceased transmitting, but as their ground station was lost to Talstan in 2206, I don’t think that means they were lost

    5. Whatever happened, they are no longer transmitting

    6. The Malaysian Military had tracked the aeroplane and they stated that apparently it turned from northeast and headed west and the transponder and ACARS were not transmitting

    7. "The avatar knows about the diagnostic port! It was transmitting to it and tried to take control of me

    8. A loud whirling rumble could be heard as the energiser, for transmitting Golf and the ruro globe, powered up

    9. The first is the invention of writing, which alone gives human nature the power of transmitting, without alteration, its laws, its contracts, its annals, and its

    10. “For receiving, less than an amp, but transmitting more like twenty, I’ll have to check

    11. I can’t imagine what’s transmitting from that far out but I don’t like it

    12. Prior to that it appeared that it had not been transmitting, surely they would have detected it years before if it had been?

    13. A species existing 250 light years away could have been transmitting radio signals for the last 249 years and they would not have reached your world as yet

    14. There was no knowing if the the probe had made audio contact, simply a hope that transmitting on the same

    15. Electric blue can override any other colour in the Aura, when the person is receiving and/or transmitting information in a telepathic communication

    16. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he’s transmitting electricity through his skin

    17. I'd held Agnes' hand strongly, transmitting my own trust and steadying her

    18. What harm has she done? She knew the dimension she was transmitting from

    19. jumped are transmitting deadly curse on to him

    20. The nanoscanner is transmitting the audio conversation

    21. 11 There was no understanding at the time of bacteria and the role played by rats and lice in transmitting disease, so it was natural for theories of every sort to be believed

    22. “I’m going to think of one of these three stones, transmitting which stone I’m thinking of to your mind

    23. in transmitting this message, Lucy felt the ire behind

    24. “With the larger size of your transmitting stone, and the fact that it’s power delivery is far more consistent and lasts all day and all night, it transfers almost as much power as mine does

    25. Kleti Spell-Mongers wandered about in the crowd, transmitting what they saw to other places and providing exuberant commentary, as did others who transmitted the experience via broadcasted Readings

    26. The survivor might be listening constantly, but not transmitting to save his battery because the power required to put out a voice signal was many times that used by merely listening

    27. in the astral body is capable of receiving or transmitting vibrations from one

    28. You start transmitting all the information and almost immediately, over 1000 miles away, the blueprints and the command to begin the chip’s production are received

    29. The poor writer of these lines is simply transmitting the spiritual wealth and Orthodox beauty of Mt

    30. The mike was transmitting to a receiver set-up in Rory’s office

    31. She was the means of transmitting the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit to Elizabeth

    32. Grailem estimates that the battery will continue transmitting for eleven minutes unattached from the skull before its power is exhausted

    33. Feeling the microchip in his head raise its temperature by a quarter of a degree tells Grailem that it is transmitting

    34. The controlling device appears part of the transmitting circuitry; which must mean it is a receiver as well

    35. Able to transmit at various wavelengths these would be the main mind controlling substance; with so many all transmitting at the same time, thoughts would become disconnected and control of normal bodily functions, like breathing and blood circulation could easily be disrupted

    36. Walking across the spaceport and secure in the knowledge that the girl is transmitting his health and coordinates of his assumed identity Grailem Almond, Grailem approaches the spaceship

    37. He pushed the transmit button and held it down to continue transmitting the message

    38. “The nanobots transmit to larger nanobots in the gut, which are capable of transmitting further to a nearby location all the data that transpires within the dream state

    39. “What would be transmitting, during this delay?”

    40. ‘’While I can guess that your planned interview with Doctor Davani will most probably be rescheduled because of this raid, I believe that there will be no official objections to you transmitting your video showing those Israeli planes being shot down

    41. Liu checked his connection to make sure the bug was still transmitting; it was

    42. “Sir, the Japanese Navy has resumed transmitting, but from a new location, probably Yokosuka

    43. "Religions have religious forms, while what we're transmitting here is ① Li Hongzhi,

    44. who's really transmitting a practice that takes you to higher levels

    45. Townsend was transmitting that information when Nancy got an idea

    46. would last for almost 48 hours, transmitting ‘voice detection’

    47. looked at each Maynwaring coldly, as though he were transmitting some

    48. It was the transmitting part that concerned him and not the power feed wire

    49. He said “No worries with picking up; it is the transmitting that will be dicey

    50. frequency of vibration that you have been transmitting

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