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    1. beautiful and the daughter of a Hawaiian tribal chief and was

    2. Black tribal chiefs vilify accomplished black conservatives such as Ward Connerly, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, or Steele himself

    3. “My deals are assumed by the tribal chiefs to be forever

    4. "I am the tribal chief and I am guessing that Douglas MacArthur has called me here to give back the rest of the continent

    5. There were then also images of birth, growth, and death of one of the tribal chiefs

    6. Therein, at the conference, were 50 tribal chiefs

    7. sold to Europeans by tribal chiefs and African and Arab

    8. What is undeniably his greatest achievement is that Nyerere prevented tribal conflict; all Tanzanians speak the same language and because of the ethnic mixing implied in policies hatched and announced in Arusha, which also included eradicating the political power of tribal chiefs, the reply to the question, ‘Who are you?’ put to any Tanzanian, perhaps with the exception of the mountain tribes of Meru and Kilimanjaro, is almost always, ‘I am Tanzanian’

    9. But only until the earliest days of Uhuru: one of the Teacher’s first acts, almost straight after independence in 1961, was to abolish the role of tribal chiefs and village headmen and elders; KK had successfully made the case for removing the chief agents of reaction; ‘the enemies of progress’

    10. after the tribal chiefs had lifted it on a clock

    11. It was true; without Arthur to stand in our centre, we could never hope to unite the nations as one, because Arthur had greatly surpassed the tribal chieftains and he was more or less our High King, just as the Dal Riada believed him to be

    12. By accumulating knowledge-experience-expertise, they became medicine men, shamans, leaders, tribal chieftains

    13. And because of this: all the money he is donating is being sucked and stolen by all the corrupt greedy African nations he is giving it to, and ending up in the pockets of corrupt drug lords and corrupt tribal chieftains and corrupt politicians, and not benefiting anybody who is poor at all

    14. The five tribal chiefs looked at me in shock

    15. But since acquiring the Block Island house, he’d kept on the walls the family pictures of the people who’d owned it before, the way tribal chiefs hang on to scalps

    16. ” He paused for effect and said, “What they all want is to be happy!” What’s the common denominator, he asked, between the goat herder in Afghanistan and the financial trader in New York City; the tribal chief in Africa and the mother of ten in Argentina; the fashion designer in Paris and the weaver in Peru? “They all want to be happy

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