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Tributary en una oración (en ingles)

1. It is a tributary of the Urubamba River.
2. The sun was already over the lip of the old tributary bank.
3. The only access Hayden knew of was by taking the tributary.
4. Or float down the tributary to see where your heart will lay.
5. Balsora was the capital of a kingdom long tributary to the caliph.
6. We crossed a small tributary that joined our creek from the east.
7. Puckhill was a few miles up Puckhill Creek, another tributary of the Shashawanaga.

8. A small ravine wound its way along the hill-slopes, a tiny tributary of the Fishing River.
9. Koth was practically tributary, being under Aquilonia's 'protection' against the Hyrkanians.
10. Darren went off to look at a tributary stream that tumbled over rocks down a gully under the.
11. Some minor tributary that had to empty into Chesapeake Bay flowed behind the cluster of office buildings.
12. In 1911, the largest white sturgeon on record was pulled from the Snake River, a tributary of the Columbia.
13. At this point I reckoned that we had come not less than a hundred miles up the tributary from the main stream.
14. Their shadows had stretched themselves long, between the banks of the ancient tributary entrance to the Campaspe.
15. Her mind, in all its electric tensity, was flung about this way, that, down vast networks of powerhouse tributary.
16. Triangulating between the headlights and the burning, she ducks down a tributary street that doglegs toward the river.
17. Disappointed, he continued north for a few more miles, to a tributary of the Bonanza, called "Kid Bonanza" by the miners.
18. The first checkpoint of the day was at a bridge crossing a tributary of the Vistula that Colling understood to be the Brda.
19. They came to a tributary stream and followed it, moving fast and rather recklessly as far a generating noise was concerned.
20. On the fourth day after leaving Manaos we turned into a tributary which at its mouth was little smaller than the main stream.
21. Eventually he had no choice but to return to the latent tributary, bracing himself for the flash flood he had dreamt up that very night.
22. In the so-called "wilderness of Judea" John tended his sheep along a brook that was tributary to a larger stream which entered the Dead Sea at Engedi.
23. Also, it terminates the bureaucracy in the economic relations among countries with tributary inspection that regulates the exportation and importation.
24. In Phœnicia and northern Syria, which formed the greater part of the fifth satrapy, a great quantity of coins were struck off by the tributary dynasties.
25. The classified Air Force file on Kansk stated that there was one rail and one road bridge crossing a tributary of the Yenisei and that there was a Soviet airfield in Kansk.
26. Next morning at daybreak plus two hours, allowing for more steak requested at breakfast, they set off towards the stream, a tributary of the Manyara, which dissected the game-park.
27. Once across the latter, we followed its tributary, the Kensistenoug, (apparently Juchi first encountered elements of that tribe along this river somewhere) where we found the Yanktonai.
28. A small valley ran from the farmstead to a few cottages that made up a bit of a village further down the lane through this valley ran two streams that entered a tributary of the river Somme.
29. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries accomplish tributary attributions that swell its prices and they cause high expenses with tasks that don’t compete it.
30. You must now determine whether you will maintain the high station among nations, to which the virtues, the spirit of the people have elevated you, or sink into tributary vassalage and colonization.
31. However, there was a small tributary of the Plains Oxen that we could follow to its source, which was near another small tributary of the Chahiks, which would bring us to that river some 240 li west of the Mongol.
32. However, when the chatter went down a verbal tributary for which I wasn’t prepared, I would sometimes find myself tensing up, nervously shuffling my papers or letting out a forced Ed McMahon–style belly laugh.
33. It was very near a stream, a tributary of the Thames that ambled its way to the River Roding which rose near Stansted airport and crossed Essex, forming part of the boundary between Epping Forest and the borough of Brentwood.
34. Thus, during this October month of wonderful afternoons they roved along the meads by creeping paths which followed the brinks of trickling tributary brooks, hopping across by little wooden bridges to the other side, and back again.
35. In addition to this general usage, the tribes friendly to the French knew too well the weight of the blow that had just been struck, to apprehend any immediate danger from the hostile nations that were tributary to the crown of Britain.
36. The real question is, said he, shall we govern ourselves or be controlled by the will of others; shall we become tributary or not, shall we submit or be independent? And to the committee he cheerfully left the decision of this question.
37. She then permitted us (no doubt from extreme moderation) to trade with the French colonies, taking care, at the same time, to force a direction of that trade in a channel which could not fail to yield a tributary supply to her exchequer.
38. The hope of ultimate success in rendering our commerce tributary to them, which those circumstances, no doubt, contributed not a little to inspire, with such a government, was of itself sufficient ground to induce a continuance of those orders.
39. These compose the human society to build gigantic interconnected global network that it acts 24 hours in any region of the world, without the protectionist impediments of nationalist barriers and trash of tributary laws or of patrimonial possessions.
40. Besides, it terrorizes the citizens with high duties tributary, high interests and diversity of laws that suppress vested rights with inhospitable economic actions as justification of stabilizing the economy or fear of international economic retaliation.
41. We have now to direct the current of our special argument into this broad and mighty stream of truth on the Deity of Christ which makes glad the city of God,—a tributary to its fulness, as we believe, having its origin also in the heights of divine revelation.
42. If it had been accepted from them their temples would have remained as the temples of the Christians and the Jews had remained and the tributary was accepted from them until the coming of our Master Jesus (cpth) who will settle their conflict and they will embrace Islam.
43. After lunch on the Sunday following the party at Rosemary’s, a ferocious looking young fellow with long incisors picked up Harry and me in his Land Rover and took us to an old warehouse that backed onto a private woodland through which ran a tributary of the River Colne.
44. For instance, the corporations are obligated to create fiscal department or to hire services of third party to render accounts to the tax collection of the collection of tributes, social costs and declaration of revenues for not being punished by ignorance of the social legislation, tributary or labor.
45. The field ran unbroken more than ten straight miles, and then the dirt road turned west at its far corner, and then north again, all the way up to Mother’s Rest itself, where it came in as a narrow and insignificant tributary at the dead end of the same wide plaza that later ran onward to the elevators.
46. Suppose it ours, are we any nearer to our point? As his Minister said to the King of Epirus, "may we not as well take our bottle of wine before as after this exploit?" Go! march to Canada! leave the broad bosom of the Chesapeake and her hundred tributary rivers—the whole line of seacoast from Machias to St.
47. Observe that to Process Validation eliminates the need of tributary revenue for the Country to fulfill its social duty and cause its development; also, it eliminates the need of loans with payment of interests for the organizations to have working capital and last, it puts an end to the suffering of the lack of income for all the citizens.
48. The great innovation is the generation of income abundantly for all the individuals (citizens) and corporations (public or private) since being born until dying, without need of the vinculum to the employment, without exchange policy, without interests and without need of tributary system because all will receive income, inclusive the State.
49. The towns then, and the tributary dynasties, and, under some circumstances, the satraps enjoyed the right to coin money but only in electrum, silver and bronze; the great King reserved the exclusive right to issue coins in gold; and this principle became universally acknowledged, so that gold effectually became the unique standard of the Persian empire.
50. Another important benefit of the implantation is the immediate end of the hunger, misery, social abandonment and of the lack of sufficient income for anybody to live well in society with dignity and development opportunities anywhere in the world; it also puts an end to unemployment insurance need, tributary incentive, governmental transfers, subsidy or loan.
51. Therefore, there is need of change of the economic model, because the reality exhibits that the cause of the problem is systemic and structural in that the current system with base in the consumer society generates the myopia of the economic growth that needs to consume to generate employment and tributary revenue for state-owned need even causing the destruction of the planet.
52. The tributary kings placed under the surveillance of satraps were allowed various degrees of liberty in issuing coinage, according to their countries and to their varying relations to the persian monarch; the dynasties of Caria, of Cyprus, of Gebal and of Tyre, like the tributary cities mentioned above, continued their old coinage, while those of Sidon and of Cilicia placed upon their coins, the figure of the Achæmenidean prince.
53. And thus the third means of slavery comes into operation, a monetary, tributary one, consisting in the oppressor saying to the oppressed, I can do with each of you just what I like; I can kill and destroy you by taking away the land by which you earn your living; I can, with this money which you must give me, buy all the corn upon which you feed, and sell it to strangers, and at any time annihilate you by starvation; I can take from you all that you have,—your cattle, your houses, your clothes; but it is neither convenient nor agreeable for me to do so, and therefore I let you alone, to work as you please; only give me so much of the money which I demand of you, either as a poll-tax, or according to your land or the quantity of your food and drink, or your clothes or your houses.
54. But if it has not been entirely efficacious as a measure of coercion, it has been particularly serviceable in many instances—by keeping us out of war, which is at all times to be deprecated by civilized men, by preserving our citizens from becoming victims of British tyranny on board their war ships, and securing an immense amount of American property that was sailing on the ocean, supposed to amount in value to between sixty and a hundred millions of dollars, the principal part of which would inevitably have fallen into the voracious jaws of the monster of the deep, or into the iron grasp of the tyrant Napoleon—by which, if we are involved in war, we have preserved the leading sinews, wealth; and above all, for preventing us from becoming tributary to those piratical depredators, whose inevitable determination is to monopolize the whole trade of the world, by which they rob us of our inherent rights.
55. As England was his faithful tributary,.

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