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    1. He had a triple hitch today, BigThree, EndsWaving and BobbingTwo, all the kedas who over-filled the tiny pasture behind his place

    2. "I'm working for it," Yarin said while throwing triple scaleskins and raking in three more teners and a bunch of change

    3. For all of his eighty years, his triple by-pass, his

    4. A frantic phone call; triple nine, garbled words, gun shots, men, cars without windows

    5. “I triple wrapped them

    6. That was when she too ran for the safety of her kitchen, when she rang the triple nine and then remembered to lock her doors

    7. We were up by four runs thanks to a two out bases loaded triple by yours truly

    8. The guy from first base was flying around the bases and the guy from first beat a throw to home plate so Arizona won the game 1 - 0 and Pat O'Brien stood up on third base with a triple

    9. Even though the base ball was at 450 feet away, Paul Ray Powell was not exactly a leading speedster running about the bases because he was pretty big and bulky and muscular but he still got a triple

    10. W would rate that the hardest hit triple I've ever seen in my life

    11. If colliers, therefore, commonly earn double and triple the wages of common

    12. New York was offering triple the salary he was currently earning at the Minnesota institute

    13. But the perquisites of custom-house officers are everywhere much greater than their salaries ; at some ports more than double or triple those salaries

    14. Corn on the cob, several things to drink, and a big, fat triple layered chocolate cake smack dab in the middle of the table

    15. As you may gather from what is going on here, this is now officially a double homicide case, perhaps a triple, and we are pulling everyone available into it

    16. During tests it idled on without even registering the extra heat from a triple landmine explosion underneath it

    17. What nation had the highest proportion of its males killed in a war of aggression? The dubious record goes to Paraguay, with over three quarters of its adult males dying in the War of the Triple Alliance

    18. “In that case, triple everything, including cooks,” I said

    19. In it was some ice, Coke from the galley fridge and a triple shot of Canadian Club from his cabin

    20. The triple repetition of "this" (as it is in Hebrew) vividly points to her as whom he was now admiring -with joyous amazement- with the intense excitement of first love

    21. result in TRIPLE the

    22. of the year and TRIPLE

    23. later) and your monthly recurring income could instantly double or triple the above amount!

    24. will triple the responses you get from your Yellow Pages ads! (P

    25. “As a matter of fact, I have a table of four drinking triple Stoly’s,” she said

    26. billion but will probably end up around triple that amount

    27. Historically they were conquered by the Tepanecas and then joined the Mexica in overthrowing the Tepaneca and forming the Triple Alliance that became the Aztecs

    28. Historically they joined in a revolt that overthrew the Tepanecs and formed part of the Triple Alliance that became the Aztecs

    29. suites, the Quarter Horse Suite, and the Triple

    30. in the triple digits during a long summer day, the desert would have

    31. as soon as she’d stepped through the triple set of glass doors at the

    32. Classes finished early enough for me to meet my future wife, Dixie Lee Rose, who lived in same Tempe apartment complex on Apache Trail across from old ASU football stadium, halfway home at the old Phoenix Municipal Stadium, home of the Triple A Giants, San Francisco’s top farm team

    33. The triple walled pipe was actually heavier than the stove

    34. That summer, for the first time, he worked as trainer for the White Sox’ Triple A Tucson Toro’s, so we got a really good deal on a fancy townhouse close to the plant with nice pool and screened in gazebo for parties

    35. triple sets of glass doors on the front of the building

    36. The triple doors from the large entertainment area lead outside to the pool

    37. It gives me a disorienting triple vision, but it will work” Yazadril stated, a little tensely

    38. Thirty minutes later they were orbiting over triple canopy jungle

    39. There was a triple homicide in northwest Gary today

    40. He wasn't sure if the triple seal would stop a werewolf, since he'd never encountered one before, but it would at least slow one down

    41. Barrad had pulled all but fifty men from the other passes, having ordered the men remaining at the mountain passes to triple the amount of campfires overnight to give the impression that larger numbers were stationed there

    42. Residential space was still at a premium but most of the millions of refugees had somehow found shelter other than to double or triple up with local residents

    43. One can see some of these branches covered with double, triple, and yes, quadruple layers of eggs which are then collected, processed, and frozen for later consumption

    44. The triple A life

    45. call the triple C life

    46. The triple top is a hybrid of the head-and-shoulders and double-top trend reversal formations (See Figures 4

    47. Triple Bottom is a hybrid of the double top and inverted head-and-shoulders patterns (See Figures 4

    48. The head-and-shoulders, the double top and bottom and the triple top and bottom, due to their

    49. Predictably, when she took out her mobile phone and pressed triple zero she was strangled and dumped in the bay

    50. A coin was flipped and Constable Green was sent, arriving in the City the same afternoon as a triple murder behind the Aquatic Centre, and a media furore over the shooting deaths of two innocent teenagers by a nervous police officer

    1. Herndon cursed furiously because the price had tripled since he came thru before

    2. And Emily’s falcon, Lancelot, was also enhanced at the hatching; he tripled his size and often enjoyed flying night patrol with the dragons

    3. They were digging so deep and so distant, that the cost to transport their goods basically tripled its value; thus allowing Rafe to sell his silver at an obscene price

    4. Their ordinary price, at present, is about three times greater than at the beginning of the century, and the rents of many Highland estates have been tripled and quadrupled in the same time

    5. The rent of land, however, in all the improved parts of the country, has been tripled and quadrupled since those ancient times; and this third or fourth part of the annual produce is, it seems, three or four times greater than the whole had been before

    6. Though it may, perhaps, be more than doubtful whether half a million could by any economy be saved out of the present tolls, it can scarcely be doubted, but that a million might be saved out of them, if they were doubled ; and perhaps two millions, if they were tripled {I have now good reason to believe that all these conjectural sums are by much too large

    7. ” I suddenly found twenty thousand hidden winds at once, tripled

    8. The number of militias tripled once Obama became president

    9. Aside from the fact that the number of individuals they were expected to help escape to the West had tripled, the reference to Oldenberg was puzzling

    10. The number of listeners had tripled since Jason first stepped onto his box

    11. You overpowered him easily, and I know that you have at least tripled your strength since then,” he said

    12. Under his management, the company has tripled its average turnover, and now has bigger entities than it has had in the past two decades

    13. Reagan left office, the market had more than tripled in value

    14. Then it tripled again over the next ten years

    15. People got used to him and since his strength tripled during the last five

    16. it was not long before he had tripled his sales

    17. This he is quite capable of attempting, and I have tripled the numbers of the lance guards

    18. tripled their money in a short time

    19. Blacks more than tripled compared to only a sixty percent growth of whites in the city

    20. Under the lights, attendance doubled and tripled in some cases

    21. Method: Cook egg yolks in top of a double boiler over simmering water on medium heat, whipping constantly until tripled in volume

    22. This crime would be of enormous proportions starting with the ReaganAdministration (who tripled our national debt)

    23. would be tripled and their torturous penalties drastically

    24. It's been estimated that they've tripled since last year

    25. Their average lifespan tripled

    26. Endday minus 400: By spring of ‘97 earthquakes had tripled in number over the established norm, almost doubled in average strength; volcanic activity was picking up all over the place; storms raged in unprecedented ferocity practically nonstop—even in normally calm areas of the globe

    27. first day had tripled in size

    28. My sales have sky rocketed and I’ve tripled my subscription rate all based on the

    29. The way he stared at me tripled the rhythm of my heartbeat

    30. Even though it nearly tripled the cost of construction, he made sure all the buildings on the property were as fireproof as possible

    31. Her salary was doubled and tripled in a very short time and was soon in need of her own personal secretary

    32. “Our stock prices tripled when we announced this

    33. In fact, we’ve tripled the original amount

    34. This height had tripled since the moment the Nautilus had dived beneath the waves

    35. And the inheritance, had tripled in value since the war began

    36. You have built your confidence by trading (back-testing with historical data, live data with your demo account, and, finally, you have tripled your small live account)

    37. We now have a 185% profit on it – that is to say we have nearly tripled our money

    38. By the end of the second quarter of 2007, on the heels of its emergence, the company’s enterprise value had tripled to $1

    39. Of course, we were horrified at the sudden loss, but after checking our research and confirming our understanding of the favorable characteristics of the business, we tripled our position at what proved to be bargain prices

    40. The deal was promptly ratified; hence the stock of Standard Oil Company of Nebraska nearly tripled in value during a four-month’s period in which the general market had suffered a decline

    41. Just in the few weeks since December 1999, the stock had nearly tripled

    42. It closed 1970 at exactly half of the 1959 high, while Sears tripled in price and the DJIA moved up nearly 30%

    43. Since then its profits tripled, as against a rise of less than 100% for the Dow, but its closing price in 1970 was only a third above the 1958 high, versus 43% for the Dow

    44. After all, over the previous five years, EMC had more than doubled its revenues and better than tripled its net income

    45. During the American Revolution, prices roughly tripled every year from 1777 through 1779, with a pound of butter costing $12 and a barrel of flour fetching nearly $1,600 in Revolutionary Massachusetts

    46. Prices nearly tripled over the next three months

    47. Meanwhile, the CPI has more than tripled

    48. When he started in 1982, the Dow-Jones Industrial Average was no higher than it had been 16 years earlier, even though the economy and corporate profits had tripled in real terms

    49. She’d tripled her client base today

    50. 47) as it nearly tripled in price from late March 2003 to mid-June before finally violating its 10-day moving average, at which point it should have been sold based on the Seven-Week Rule

    1. The shock wave also doubles or triples the weight of the object causing more damage

    2. My wings slapped the sand and I blinked, seeing doubles and triples of everything

    3. As much as I talk about losing overall at the racetrack, when it came to betting triples, I won a lot more than I lost, because I found out in my gambler’s mind, that there was a relationship between numbers

    4. When the berries grow too close together, the result can be doubles, triples and even more than that

    5. Then, when disaster strikes and rebuilding is necessary – if you still feel that’s a good idea – don’t be surprised if the cost of the insurance doubles or triples

    6. quicks, slows, and triples

    7. out on the floor and adapt-n-improvise with your triples,

    8. all the feasible combinations of slows, quicks, and triples,

    9. “Triples” are tougher still, but thankfully rare

    10. ” In November 2008, Direxion listed a family of triples

    11. Suppose we have 100 triples of observations Y, P1, and P2

    12. Its value more than triples from 0

    13. If volatility triples, the premiums triple; if volatility drops 10%, option premiums fall by 10%

    14. Right before earnings, this can jump to 100 percent, which essentially triples the premium portion of the options price

    1. From time to time others joined the ring, strengthening and swelling it, doubling and tripling the number of participants

    2. effectively doubling or tripling the tax rate on those who refuse to

    3. In fact, I’m willing to bet you that tripling your prices will even increase your sales

    4. “Why would tripling my price point increase my sales? That’s counter-intuitive

    5. of tripling his return

    6. bling and tripling in price while his meager wages stayed

    7. the tripling of the sizes of their over-inflated houses, in great

    8. The most recent crash we engineered was a key element of the plan, in tripling the value of our key asset

    9. Winston’s descendants remodeled the kitchen in the seventies, tripling the size, installing cherrywood cabinets, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances

    10. Our itinerary called for us to play three club shows on April Fools’ Day, tripling the threat of a confrontation at the stage door

    11. Tripling your trading account will help you to believe in your trading skills

    12. Coincident with the issuance of seven shares of stock for one and the tripling of the cash-dividend rate in 1922, this policy of understating earnings was terminated

    13. In many cases, stocks that advance dramatically by 20% or more in only one to four weeks are the most powerful stocks of all—capable of doubling, tripling, or more

    14. 67%, almost tripling the 1

    15. One particular trader saw this unfolding, watched his losses mount, and started doubling and tripling up in order to recoup his position and make money on the trade by bringing down his average cost

    16. Value Line commented that Integrated's business was booming; they predicted an earnings growth rate of 30 percent in 1988, after more than tripling in 1987, and rated the stock "2" for timeliness

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