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    1. “I’ve got it on four but here, put it on eight to one reduction if you want,” he showed her the smaller lever that did that, “you could handle a tugboat in a storm on eight to one

    2. Beyond the harbor, a tugboat busily herded a raft of several

    3. They took a room on the waterfront and hung around bars near the coast guard installation – on the lookout for sailors with the shoulder patch worn by those who are assigned to a ship – located the agency that represented the tugboat operator, and learned that there was only one company that received hardwood logs

    4. Sleet, snow, 10 foot waves, and frigid waters did not prevent Chief Habel and his team from rescuing four members of a stranded tugboat crew (“Heroes

    5. Each time the barge was picked up by a tugboat, floated out, and dumped in the ocean

    6. Jumping his shorter adversary the leathery bull rammed his good horn into the boar‘s shoulder and began to push, his lean sinewy shoulders straining like the tow rope on a tugboat

    7. After floating for ten hours on a raft, he was picked up by a Japanese tugboat crew

    8. In a mass of POWs, Louie was herded onto another of the barges, which was pulled by a tugboat into the Sea of Japan

    9. We climbed over the debris surrounding an abandoned airplane hangar that faced a canal where I had a small tugboat

    10. A far-off tugboat is the loneliest sound in the world

    11. It’s a floating device usually towed by tugboat to target drilling locations

    12. drilling barge: A floating device usually towed by tugboat in still, shallow waters, such as rivers, lakes, and swamps

    13. Meantime the tugboat was getting nearer and nearer to the Carpathia, and soon the faces of those leaning over the railing could be distinguished

    14. A woman who called to a man on the tugboat was asked? "Are you one the Titanic survivors?"

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