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    1. an unbiased traveler (unbiased a mathematicians say in an

    2. He says that real compassion is unbiased

    3. Read any objective biography of Stalin, and at least one unbiased history of the Soviet Union in the thirties

    4. News is (generally) unbiased

    5. If they had done such an unbiased examination, they would have found the suffering

    6. For wherever violence is used, and injury done, though by hands appointed to administer Justice, it is still violence and injury, however colored with the name, Pretences, or Forms of Law, the end whereof being to protect and redress the innocent, by an unbiased

    7. take the stands on what should have been a unbiased

    8. the development of an unbiased econoscience

    9. You have to be unbiased and accept EVERY student who has any relation

    10. Also, because you’ll never hear unbiased information in an advertisement, you should only listen to those people—if that is the way you’ve chosen to go, rather than figuring it out for

    11. informed and unbiased opinion, and that brought me into contact with a great community of visionaries and thinkers

    12. Of course Mike Childers wouldn’t be happy about you looking for sources on cow flatulence; that would ruin your unbiased opinion

    13. How can news be unbiased? Even dear old auntie ABC has an axe to

    14. cooking was always unbiased and Nathifa knew that her soup was almost as good as Reema’s

    15. But on this occasion, Caiaphas was more of a prosecutor than an unbiased judge

    16. Unlike many government proceedings where the participants’ viewpoints are established in advance of the hearings, this council appeared genuinely neutral and intent on making an unbiased decision

    17. There is no need to worry about their contents for they only record unbiased information; there is no opinion in them

    18. There is an understanding needed by those on every level to achieve an understanding and an independent unbiased attitude towards giving and receiving love

    19. unbiased literature about why the war is really waging

    20. of how science is used to explain and prove through an unbiased lens

    21. Babies are unbiased, but they grow to mimic bad

    22. As he handed the pages to Donnie, George said, “Have a squint at that and give me your unbiased opinion

    23. I cannot be born with debt or criminal conviction or as a slave, for I am an innocent baby; and will grow up unbiased and with the same inalienable rights as my countrymen

    24. Commercial networks will remain neutral and unbiased in their news programs in political matters or face possible suspension of their licenses to broadcast or some sort of split-up in their ownership to spread out the opinions

    25. on suspicion of murder until his trial or until the prosecutor filed formal charges; furthermore, the testimony of the two unrelated, unbiased women would be the most damning evidence against his character and may well convince a jury of his motive for the heinous crime

    26. " Mitchell could only nod at the doctor's unbiased view of the world; knowing he had the power to gaze into his soul from a medical perspective

    27. was fresh and unbiased and that his friend was looking out for him

    28. needs a large, unbiased sample

    29. Any unbiased study

    30. As with voters needing convenient access to unbiased information regarding political

    31. impossible” she said, “to be unbiased with those you hold dear

    32. demonstrates how unbiased animals can be

    33. An unbiased study of the European Second

    34. At this point one should pause to consider the high moral level to which that youth had risen due to his open and unbiased opinions formed from a tender age, and strengthened as he became increasingly aware of the reality of this life!

    35. Because although I have tried to remain unbiased

    36. unbiased and give prudent legal advice

    37. report is unbiased and truly recommending quality products and services that will help you become

    38. We did a tour of the grounds and in my unbiased opinion while it may not be the biggest in the Premier League it is certainly the best

    39. the following with a clear and unbiased mind because when scrutinised with a clear view then the facts

    40. Then there would be an entire ritual at the end of the game of puck-counting by official puck-counters who were supposed to be 100% unbiased, and they would be accused of cheating even if they were as white and as honest as the driven snow

    41. Then whose judgment would be considered valid and unbiased?

    42. Discrimination, fraud, office politics and harassment exist everywhere, but… wee wahnt Moarr! You see, the quality of blatant corruption and absence of an unbiased appeals process has an exquisite, tangible severity in corrections institutions

    43. It is because of the potential damage engendered by the psyche generated from an unquestioning faith and belief in the rules, rituals and laws of cultures, politics and religions, that it becomes understandably imperative that we consider believing in ideas and values underpinned by unbiased and soundly informed logical and rational foundations of knowledge and information

    44. Credit scoring is an unbiased way of deciding who should receive credit

    45. Dashwood would have interrupted her instantly with soothing tenderness, had not Elinor, who really wished to hear her sister's unbiased opinion, by an eager sign, engaged her silence

    46. Our nation needs a free and unbiased press

    47. I fail to see how you can bring an unbiased perspective to this investigation

    48. When you sue a coal company in Appalachia you can’t always count on an unbiased jury

    49. It requires great flexibility of mind and a completely unbiased view of market opportunities

    50. † The thousands of people who bought stocks in the late 1990s in the belief that Wall Street analysts were providing unbiased and valuable advice have learned, in a painful way, how right Graham is on this point

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    unbiased unbiassed indifferent upright honest impartial just candid unprejudiced honourable