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    1. A large black dog of undetermined breed lies dreaming in front of the bar, it’s front leg twitching as it sleeps

    2. “You are charged that on the 1st of July 1916 you did flee your post thereby losing a vital position to the enemy and the deaths of undetermined amounts of your comrades

    3. Having recently read about the passage of partial birth (whatever that means) abortion in today‘s newspaper, I firmly envision a day when some undetermined grace period, a year or two, perhaps, will be extended to ―distraught‖ mothers who, unhappy with their

    4. Every society is subject to an undetermined, however certain life expectancy that varies in proportion to a society‘s demographic components, (the) statistical effects of (its) technology and medicine, temperament, market designs and……

    5. ‖ Perfection can neither add nor subtract from itself in the manner that it (already) exists in a perfect state of existence resistant to change, unlike some (possible) being whose potential attributes or (undetermined) nature remain hidden expression(s) subject to (outward) conceptual designs

    6. ‖ Goodness lies in Humility of Purpose; without intended purpose, however; that is to say, undetermined and without motive; an impartial or uncertain ―Will‖ to Goodness that internally defines the Self; a Goodness that does not issue from the Conscious Self but the Hidden Self, rather, that must necessarily refute its own ―apparent goodness‖ or the self-sustaining content of its (own) intentions

    7. More than that, an undetermined number of prisoners were killed by an epidemic inside prison walls

    8. They left together on a trip of undetermined length to a beach in Mexico

    9. An undetermined number of people were reported having ringing in their ears

    10. hospital as an in-patient for an undetermined amount of time

    11. there stiffly, undetermined as to what to do

    12. For an undetermined length of time, the individual feels void of any power

    13. The slightly curved floor, about a metre below his feet was a very dark (and in this light) undetermined colour

    14. It is brain activity run amuck, and the early recovering addict is literally bouncing off the walls for an undetermined length of time

    15. Of course, the restore would not have all the data entered for an undetermined number of days

    16. Even if it ended today, the total cost of the war would still only be an undetermined number

    17. some random fluctuations in the economy, statistical “noise”, and other undetermined

    18. I decided to leave this mystery to an undetermined later

    19. the yet undetermined cause of the so-compelling sensations

    20. cause of death undetermined due to a lab report that showed her blood

    21. You have this life back in the states but you were willing to leave it for an undetermined amount of time and you won't say why

    22. Unfortunately, very many of you have “portraits” that are still undetermined and inconcrete, and for the time being don’t look as anything truly Human

    23. At an undetermined time before the millennium is over, the physical priesthood will join the spiritual priesthood as promised

    24. whereas those who are undetermined stagnate more and more and

    25. And now, since the question is still undetermined, and you are taking in hand another State, we have resolved, as you heard, not to let you go until you give an account of all this

    26. I thought about the dead surfer, seventeen years old, lying in the medical examiner’s lab fifty miles up the coast, time of death still undetermined

    27. Aaron-Rey’s death had been subsequently written up as a killing by an undetermined individual and no further action had been taken

    28. Some undetermined time in January had become the axis day around which the months swung

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    indeterminate undetermined open undecided unresolved