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    1. · Have only a moderate intake of sugar; use unrefined or fruit sugar or honey in place of refined sugar

    2. He holds a heavy woodcutting axe in his left hand, and he looks dangerous in a coarse, unrefined sort of way

    3. Once again, pure, wholesome unrefined ingredients are being skillfully crafted into truly splendid, completely nutritious, irresistibly mouth-watering breads and rolls

    4. Eat unrefined whole grains as they add fiber to your

    5. Though he appeared rough and unrefined and at times rather sluggish, this inspector was the type who hid his brilliance and excellent ability to observe at a distance behind his stereotypical, good-old-boy nature as Terence had discovered last night when he noticed La Mont at the far end of the corridor watching the doctor treat his patient in the hall

    6. And it always amazed me to see how great of an effect God could raise through unrefined folks, that, in no obvious way, could be set apart from any other, but still stir such unusual miracles

    7. patient"s diet, as well as reducing the amount of unrefined carbohydrates he or she

    8. However, these carbohydrates should be unrefined

    9. Wouldn’t it be simpler, and less expensive, to just buy salt that hasn’t lost all of the nutrients God put in it? Maybe if we purchase some unrefined salt, and then used a salt grinder? Then we would not need to buy all those other vitamins and mineral supplements

    10. It is garish and unrefined

    11. Then he will be like Ares, "hated by gods and mortals," the embodiment of unrefined brute strength and blind violence, obstinate and eager for strife, yet not nearly so successful as the more prudent Athena (his dual; see next) (Larousse 124-5; Sharman-Burke & Greene 39-41)

    12. ple who would frown at their unrefined race up the hill

    13. Where is the gold, or should I better put it, where’s the unrefined raw gold? That is what I’m most interested in

    14. Rhett always vowed he knew nothing about them and accused her, in a very unrefined way, of having a secret admirer, usually the be-whiskered Grandpa Merriwether

    15. And even though it may offend you, I feel bound to say that the majority also of English people are uncouth and unrefined, whereas we Russian folk can recognise beauty wherever we see it, and are always eager to cultivate the same

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    unrefined crude unprocessed vulgar unpolished coarse rude ill-bred harsh native virgin impure