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    1. necking tourists and the occasional meandering, unworldly

    2. After all, there WAS a certain divinity hedging a minister, even a poor, unworldly, abstracted one

    3. It is an unstarlike mixture of the dogs’ howling, the emerald sphere’s own unworldly voice, and the red terror coursing through both himself and the Lost One, as if here there can be no deceit and no shadows

    4. "Oh I know you think of me as an unworldly old maid who can't tell you youngsters a thing

    5. Shy, unworldly Milisent Mortimore has been confined for nine years by a brother who now demands she agree to wed a cruel, heartless man

    6. The radiance they gave off produced an unworldly appearance on the surrounding landscape

    7. They also, though they themselves were chiefly unworldly persons who lost money rather than made it, instituted the most searching private inquiries into Wemyss's business affairs, hoping that he might be caught out as such a rascal or so penniless, or, preferably, both, that no woman could possibly have anything to do with him

    8. Mixed with an unworldly sound, something was

    9. And putting aside the unworldly beauty of his, he was sort of creepy

    10. Letts's diary how the weather was fine, the children demons, and Jacob Flanders unworldly

    11. Of course there was a great jubilee, and when the story came everyone read and praised it, though after her father had told her that the language was good, the romance fresh and hearty, and the tragedy quite thrilling, he shook his head, and said in his unworldly way

    12. So unworldly was he—or so capricious—that he frequently refused his help to the powerful and wealthy where the problem made no appeal to his sympathies, while he would devote weeks of most intense application to the affairs of some humble client whose case presented those strange and dramatic qualities which appealed to his imagination and challenged his ingenuity

    13. He had been devoted to the childlike Pitty and closer than brothers usually are to Melanie, and two more sweet, unworldly

    14. I suppose you don't conduct business on what you call unworldly principles

    15. disinterested, unworldly fellow," said Mr

    16. I should have known better than to think a mousy, unworldly governess would attract a brilliant rebel

    17. Once there, facing her, what should he say? She was so simple, so direct, so honest, so unworldly

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