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Waiver en una oración (en ingles)

1. Do not waiver.
2. A waiver? Blunt asked.
3. Coral Gables, on a tuition waiver.
4. You signed a waiver for plastic.
5. Really? I didn't recall signing a waiver.
6. Have them sign a waiver, Garman said.
7. And here at the bottom is a waiver of rights.

8. He’s asking for a waiver of the rules on your behalf.
9. Clarence smiled as he took out the Waiver of Rights and.
10. Yes he is, and he signed a waiver giving us permission.
11. I did try, I gave you a waiver to have signed and you failed.
12. Florida also has used a federal waiver to set up a voucher like.
13. As an attorney, deep down I did realize that the waiver issue was a.
14. But unlike earlier human on ape fights, Weekely had to sign a legal waiver first.
15. The vampire brothers refused to sign the waiver, now we’re stuck, Blunt said.
16. No, Dad, responded Charlie with a slight waiver in his tone, They are yours.
17. I guess it would depend if a waiver is legal and how much of a bounty they can afford, Blunt said.
18. Later, the land was sold to a school board, with a description of the chemical site and a waiver of legal responsibility.
19. The danger of waiver power is that it will be used differentially, giving one private entity competitive advantage over another.
20. Brand said to his suspect, You signed this waiver, A-Rey, saying you didn’t need a lawyer, so now you have to tell the truth.
21. That is correct, you're a protected species and we can’t kill you, unless you sign a waiver stating you don’t want to be saved.
22. I had worked for 29½ years and so was only six months short of a full pension so the waiver was worth little to me and I took the cash.
23. Our fine city attorney didn’t provide us with any ideas, he just said he has to have a signed waiver in his office before we proceed, Blunt replied.
24. Joahaz was listening with intent, and as I spoke, a stirring began in his tent, noises of varying pitches filled the air, and he didn’t waiver in any degree.
25. However, again, since your team isn't taking time off trades can be made as well as waiver wire actions in order to assure your roster remains favorably strong.
26. The plan was to provide an incentive for executives near retirement age to leave early, in the form of a choice between a cash settlement or a waiver on pension penalties.
27. It is scary enough that seven different agencies will have the data on file—and scarier still that the possibility of a waiver being granted is very possible due to the enormity of the project.
28. When visitors to the Universal Pictures Web site select the "contact us" option, they must agree to a waiver that frees Universal and its affiliates from liability related to accusations of plagiarism.
29. Spiritual in that it sees as its guiding principle a life of joyful exploration and collective celebration for all, without excuse, without prior condition, without waiver, exclusion, or monster exception.
30. Those who have waited upon the Lord in prayer—who put no more confidence in the flesh, who have believed and received the promise of the Father, who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit—they will not waiver.
31. To them, he was a rule-breaker who had to be punished for not obtaining a waiver to the state's rule against over-aged and possibly paid-to-play ballplayers on school teams saddled with desperate-to-win parents and alumni.
32. However, detention continued for the purpose of securing a confession from the suspect, or for the purpose of getting the suspect to sign a waiver of store liability, would be considered unreasonable under many states' laws.
33. As you can see in the Minister’s letter, I have already signed a waiver absolving the Japanese Self-Defense Forces from any responsibility concerning my personal safety and asks only that I be allowed to go along with your assault troops and to land with them on Uotsuri-Shima.

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