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    1. Soap will increase effectiveness as a wetting agent, use Dr

    2. SuperSeaweed also acts as a wetting agent

    3. She felt he was searching her soul, as he gazed down upon her trembling lips, wetting his own as if in anticipation

    4. Wetting her lips, she asked "How long have I been here?"

    5. Wetting his lips, he chuckled and started to say, "You don't mean—”

    6. Finally, she pulled it out of his pants and looked down at it, wetting her lips with her tongue

    7. Aspen shook her head slowly from side to side, gently wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue

    8. They plunged into the edge, wetting themselves from head to foot, which seemed to release the adults from their lethargy

    9. A little water spilled from her pail, wetting my foot

    10. The tears poured down my face, wetting the counter as they dripped off my chin

    11. Wetting his lips, Brokin tried again and this time the shrill, high-pitched shriek of an injured weasel rang out across the clearing

    12. Lyra leant forward, the tip of her tongue wetting her lips

    13. “I just…” The tears that have been gathering in his eyes spill over, wetting his cheeks

    14. Connor gulped in fear, wetting his parched lips with his slimy tongue, his fiery cherry eyebrows arched in panic

    15. Her tears flowed like a river, wetting her blouse

    16. let alone try to organise a wetting of the baby’s head

    17. He stood and looked around, the rain wetting his bare head

    18. Finally, parent history and medical history will be taken, as some medical problems cause bedwetting, as do genetics (children with two parents who were bed wetters as children have a more than 76% chance of having a problem with wetting the bed

    19. Children using this approach learn to stop wetting the bed through a combination of urine retention training, urine alarm system, self-correction, rapid waking training, positive 41

    20. by wetting the bed, some of the anxiety will decrease

    21. This is often a case of “why did this have to happen to me?” Children may feel that it is unfair that they have a problem with wetting the bed when others seem to have no

    22. However, putting the focus on your child first means that you will not lose track of your child’s comfort level as your try to help your child stop wetting the bed

    23. He gently took both my hands into his, raised them to his lips, and kissed my fingers, his tears wetting my knuckles

    24. thumb, wetting it with my juices, stroking and swirling over my pulsating nub as he kept

    25. These, in countermeasure, began to wet the fat enchantress with their magical instruments; and in seconds everybody was wetting everybody while we were scattered in the lounge seeing amazed the Dantesque scene

    26. Matthew later said he was wetting himself in the back room

    27. I went through to the wash room and got a flannel, wetting it with cold water under the tap, then I mopped his sweaty brow

    28. Nocturnal enuresis or bed wetting correlates with criminality

    29. he’s just about wetting himself!

    30. and by the time Beth returned they were just about wetting themselves

    31. But in reality I’m wetting myself

    32. I just wanted to hurl - he really is the grossest bastard in the whole world and Kate is gonna be sooo rid of him and that is when Toto really started wetting himself and told me

    33. interviewer would be nearly wetting himself by then and would

    34. up his sleeve, he would have been wetting himself at the sight of Shoop’s clear

    35. It brandished vicious fangs and whipped its fishing rod with pant wetting

    36. ” She stops and sighs, wetting her hair in the tub, but eyeing her knife, which has gotten closer with Jerry’s move

    37. He had never had a magical duel before with anyone who had not been practically wetting themselves laughing at his lack of magical abilities

    38. “I didn’t mean anything by it, I just…” She faltered, tears wetting her cheeks

    39. What the boy Salah Ad-Deen saw, and what he still remembers until now, was that the magician’s disgusting and stinking sweat was flowing all over his face, wetting his chin, and then falling to the ground drop by drop

    40. To his horror and shame, a few weeks after his arrival at the orphanage, he started wetting the bed again

    41. There it was, the fatal window, huge as the one in the bedroom below and the one in the library below that, yawning wide open above its murderous low sill, with the rain flying in on every fresh gust of wind and wetting the floor and the cushions of the sofa and even, as she could see, those sheets of notepaper off the writing-table that had flown in her face when she came in and were now lying scattered at her feet

    42. large cob of corn, and it was all the man could do to avoid wetting

    43. • Wetting the retractors just before insertion eases the process of positioning

    44. She ignored the mess she was making and focused on wetting all of her hair

    45. Once this is done then it is a matter of wetting the backing down

    46. The bed wetting increased, so that the washing machine was constantly at work

    47. I had tears in my eyes and felt hers wetting my neck

    48. sobbing and her tears were wetting the front of my shirt

    49. 'Probably sitting up there in his office wetting himself,' Rafferty said

    50. Tears were wetting the skin of my hand still caressing her face and I watched something fiercely passionate give birth in the stormy depths of her eyes

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