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Woodlander en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Lead the way Woodlander.
  2. Her Woodlander society was scoffed at by them.
  3. Woodlander defenders were not conversationalists.
  4. I warn you Woodlander I’m not your enemy here.
  5. He wanted to capture members of the Woodlander clan.

  6. He wondered why he was protecting the rigid Woodlander leader.
  7. You’re not alone Flint, the Woodlander was looking at him.
  8. It was obvious the Woodlander knew of the Reservation and their ways.
  9. Why were members of the Woodlander people necessary on this journey?
  10. He looked at the young Woodlander again; it was too bad they'd followed.
  11. The Woodlander was leading Flint into the bushes and watchfully he followed.
  12. Jackson! He ordered, Take the Woodlander to his room and stay with him.
  13. With this new information of the Woodlander Flint knew he would be much more wary of him.
  14. He didn’t like how this Woodlander was trying to manipulate him, change his allegiance from Denver.
  15. It didn't take a psychic to realize he was edgy and why, that didn't mean this Woodlander had the gift.

  16. The Woodlander leader stared at him for a short while longer, gave his head a small shake and then asked.
  17. The first Woodlander, the male that had built the Woodlander camp, had taught them not to follow the wrong path.
  18. It was a transitory thing, not harmful she thought, she would be back to being a Woodlander of the forest soon enough.
  19. I know they will not attack, the Woodlander continued, because I have the sight and I know when danger is at hand.
  20. There was a change in the look from the Woodlander and Flint wondered if he had understood his last thought and hadn't liked it.
  21. He knew Oak was of great significance to the Woodlander people, although Oak said little to give himself away, his actions did it for him.
  22. He was unsure of this Woodlander, unsure of how safe he was being with him; he wondered what plans were going through his controlled mind.
  23. Denver had shown a protective gaze toward the Woodlander and Flint had thought their relationship was too close to a friendship for his comfort.
  24. She had a sad thought that it would perhaps be her last view of it; her last view of the place that contained the Woodlander camp and the clan she loved.
  25. As yet, he hadn’t told Rancor that Oak was the Woodlander leader and wondered if he should wait a while before he did or whether he should tell him at all.

  26. Madden's partner made a fumble to retrieve a knife from his pocket but was quickly disarmed by one of the defenders and he too was held by a Woodlander sword.
  27. The Woodlander stopped and knelt down searching amongst the plants, and then he let out a gentle, Ah! and triumphantly arose with a handful of small leaves.
  28. His concern was that his Woodlander defenders wouldn’t want to kill but these Citans, the very ones he was now to travel with, would kill without a second thought.
  29. Kisin had planned all this; he wanted them too, just as much as he wanted the Woodlander defenders that were on board the ship, following so they could save their leader.
  30. Fern was surprised, she'd done nothing to this girl, and she wanted to know why she disliked her so much? There was a lot more to it than the fact that she was a Woodlander and she meant to find out.
  31. Around him was havoc, it was a battle of Woodlanders and Lakellers, bodies were flung across the deck, the fists of Lakellers were pummelling into Woodlander jawbones, he could hear the crack of bone on bone, could sense the pain of bruising to flesh and bone.
  32. Although, he didn't want to put them all in danger by not revealing his knowledge, especially if it meant that he and his group would be safer with Rancor, something told him that the Woodlander leader would be of help and Rancor being in the dark would help them both.

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