Oraciones con la palabra "world"

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World en una oración (en ingles)

  1. This is a wild world.
  2. We see the New World.
  3. I reveal for the world.
  4. Into a world that you.
  5. And with it the world.

  6. World is a Holy Three.
  7. The world needs to have.
  8. His was a world of new.
  9. And then the world ended.
  10. A World Created by Care.
  11. And they saved the world.
  12. And the world was reset.
  13. The world began to fade.
  14. World Enough and Time, n.
  15. All the time in the world.

  16. I was on top of the world.
  17. The world as we know it.
  18. The armies of the world.
  19. While the world, and all.
  20. His eyes filled my world.
  21. How the world has changed.
  22. It means the world to me.
  23. Then his world went black.
  24. The world had given me up.
  25. The world had not changed.

  26. Will be down in the world.
  27. A new world order begins.
  28. Wonders of the World are:.
  29. I have defeated the world!.
  30. None in the world, Watson.
  31. Dark powers in our world.
  32. What in the world -.
  33. He showed me another world.
  34. World Trade Center and 9/ll.
  35. He will judge the world in.
  36. Hope for the world, it did.
  37. This is her New Happy World.
  38. Seeing the World in Colour.
  39. Cognition of a chilly world.
  40. That means the world to me.
  41. This world will be different.
  42. Where in the World Is Eden?
  43. For what I have in the world.
  44. The entire world lay in sin.
  45. I looked on as if he world.
  46. Unless the world in general.
  47. Something Out of This World.
  48. What world have we provided.
  49. Too advanced for this world.
  50. Made it Ma! Top of the world.
  51. That we are a world of evil.
  52. Not to the world, but to me.
  53. And is ignorant of the world.
  54. You two have a silent world.
  55. She was on top of the world.
  56. They could control the world.
  57. The world is full of choices.
  58. But how in the world did Mr.
  59. It was a world very far away.
  60. It's the same the world over.
  61. That is the way of the world.
  62. A Testament Against the World.
  63. That’s how the world works.
  64. He is the Heart of the World.
  65. Our world is in such a state.
  66. Rejected by the world and men.
  67. She had a place in the world.
  68. The world around him explodes.
  69. Laru: The world of the humans.
  70. Allow the world to be as it is.
  71. In a world that has moved on.
  72. Asked if the world of mortals.
  73. It comes to world with a team.
  74. Princess of the Western World.
  75. Hello world said LP, proudly.
  76. The world that had become mine.
  77. We will not leave this world.
  78. God is the light of the world.
  79. I hated the entire world and.
  80. I took him to save this world.
  81. The world would soon find out.
  82. The world here is just set so:.
  83. But all was well with the world.
  84. The world was in mortal danger.
  85. It’s the center of the world.
  86. It’s not the end of the world.
  87. A world of privilege and power.
  88. Orthodox believers in the world.
  89. Everyone in the world had died.
  90. It is not the end of the world.
  91. That is why the world hates you.
  92. The world looked big against it.
  93. It is a world not of this realm.
  94. She was on her own in the world.
  95. Yet my world was full of colour.
  96. During the 2nd World War, they.
  97. Japan, but also around the world.
  98. Unfazed by the world around him.
  99. The whole world was filled with.
  100. Finding Your Place in the World.

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