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    1. I never thought I'd get so far from that abandoned parking garage

    2. When she looked over the rail as a child, she saw the coy-dog packs tearing at the garbage the residents of her abandoned parking garage threw out

    3. A farmer purchases an old, run down, abandoned farm with plans to turn it into a thriving enterprise

    4. In fact he was still combing thru boxes of children's wear abandoned by someone who had owned this house before Ava did

    5. The mind that was born naturally of these genes had erased itself, tragically; and she had rescued the abandoned body from death

    6. Your parents have abandoned you since you married

    7. But he never abandoned himself to the culture, he could never just let go and became one of the natives

    8. If Althart had been correct in his back-of-the-envelope calculation of dendrite growth rates we probably would have succeeded and Narrulla's Tear would be inert wrecks of abandoned starships

    9. Then Heavenly Mother would be limping in to an abandoned outpost

    10. "Not from there originally,” Leonora told her, "but I live right down by the abandoned train station

    11. ‘Gran would have my guts for garters if I abandoned you, Kate … not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself either

    12. They came away remembering that the leaves don't shrivel in the dark and the animal bones aren't wood and that all the animals look like little furry people with tails and that the cities are all just the bare skeletons of buildings that they think look like abandoned ruins

    13. Four bodies dumped in the dirt at an abandoned and decrepit farm somewhere in the nether reaches of this damnable, awful little island

    14. “The three-dimensional seal ensured the witch's pact with two rival demons, one of the void and one of the fire”, explained Arion, as we were crossing the stone bridge, having just abandoned the tower

    15. Son abandoned his sword,

    16. He took it away and I was sure he abandoned it

    17. lays abandoned in the middle of the floor

    18. his abandoned elemental drifting

    19. She went back to deeper shade where there was less brush and followed that abandoned road toward what she believed was the southeast according to Kortrax's height and direction

    20. 'What would live in abandoned houses?' she wondered and cautiously climbed into one to look

    21. This must have been abandoned for many centuries

    22. It might have been as much as a century, people can be stubborn, but this had to have been abandoned before she was born

    23. There's an abandoned town there, all the farmland the map shows is abandoned also, so that swamp is pretty serious

    24. born of the land, abandoned, in my father’s keep

    25. The older gent's self preservation skills flickered into life as soon as he saw the approaching policemen, and by the time the boys in blue reached the two abandoned children the older gentleman was nowhere to be seen

    26. “She’s feeling abandoned,” Alan sighed as they sank into the stand-cushions

    27. Nowadays it is all but abandoned which makes it an ideal place for a cache

    28. “She feels abandoned

    29. In reality it was abandoned to save face and so we lost this Athena for a while

    30. "It would be significant if whatever is transferring this information has abandoned the bodies destined for destruction

    31. The trouble is for every vase that appears on the market, there could have been dozens more that get damaged or abandoned

    32. abandoned any further experiments of this type

    33. abandoned in favor of more advanced procedures

    34. intentions, are routinely abandoned when new insights

    35. the boys in blue reached the two abandoned children the older

    36. father and how he had felt abandoned by him over the

    37. Ava had been caught up in it while it was happening, but while listening to it in words, it seemed a silly little walk thru a damp basement compared to the abandoned areas of Zhlindu or Yondure, or even the canyons of the Yakhan

    38. abandoned as she was by her own father, should become the sole

    39. The place is a mess, covered in abandoned building material and rapidly shooting clumps of dock and nettle, which are spreading across the broken and barren ground

    40. My mother was your lover, you never saw anything in me but a naive soul you could train to make the body she abandoned, act like she was still animating it

    41. The painting was more like something from a scrounge’s lair in an abandoned area of Yondure

    42. “Twenty decades, we would never leave an abandoned locker anywhere near that long, we go over them all every three years

    43. I first grew up in an abandoned concrete parking garage that my dad had planked in,” her eyes went that far away and she stared thru his procedure schedule that was hanging on the wall opposite her

    44. “It was in a city in Virginia that was abandoned with Washington

    45. “When she abandoned her body to Ava?” Kulai was beginning to get the feel of Jorma’s connection to all this

    46. Half eaten plates of food lay abandoned on some of

    47. It had been a bloody stupid mistake on his part to think that Tracey wouldn’t have reported the credit card missing … especially after he’d abandoned her like that

    48. Since the doctor abandoned the old family business, Alex and his brother have been doggedly persistent in their pursuit

    49. ’ Jarvis replied scathingly, ‘You say that he abandoned his pregnant girlfriend and ran off without telling her he was going?’

    50. A couple of cars whoosh by, the occupants clearly unwilling to take to notice of the shape of a man's torso abandoned in the cockpit of an old blue Vauxhall Astra that is wedged into greenery

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    amoral depraved dissolute immoral incorrigible forlorn dropped forsaken cast out left rejected