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    1. It is not adequate to motivate ourselves positively, when we are positive, no psyching is necessary

    2. I am indeed surprised by your ignorance of the presence in your own community of an internationally renowned rod-maker, and not fifty paces from this very spot! Might I direct you just down the boardwalk to the Mercantile? There you will find not this sad pole's equal, but its lord and master!” The Sportsman exclaimed; then added, “I'm sure the tackle you sell is adequate for the leisure fishing interests of the tourists or stray visitor who might of caprice decide to 'go fish a bit, since there's a lake here and all,' but do not impugn the truly exquisite work of master craftsmen by putting these on offer for anything but what they are

    3. adequate provisions, since the failed Ambush at

    4. “I was adequate to the challenges set forth

    5. The answer must have been adequate

    6. Hipolyta coached Titania through the account books' inner workings so that were it to become necessary she also would be able to step in at a moment's notice and serve as a most adequate surrogate bookkeeper

    7. It was finally determined the new addition would do just fine for everyone to stay in, even though it only had a wooden floor, the space was adequate to sleep the crowd

    8. None of it was adequate preparation for the

    9. "Well Vic, please think of it this way, I'm trying to estimate his chances of receiving adequate nutrition if he has reached the native city

    10. that he’d served adequate penance and that his feelings of

    11. Nothing is more adequate to lead the mob than

    12. not yet an adequate cosmogony, the absence of any

    13. adequate activity seems to be a walking through the

    14. What if…I spent adequate time reflecting on some key questions like those, I responded to them seriously, and more importantly, I put into practice what I had learned through my efforts? What would happen?

    15. 2) The use of whole wheat and rice is adequate

    16. Ern were relentless warriors, and even without adequate ranged weapons, they still posed a terrible threat to Saparen

    17. It was tempting to start another bottle, but about half each seemed adequate

    18. Not because it was needed, the central heating was adequate to keep the house warm, but the open fire added a more cheerful cosiness to the room

    19. with adequate arms and ammunition as a Confederate cruiser

    20. One must ask whether it is reasonable to require a Chief Executive to have adequate power in foreign relations and military affairs without at the same time acquiescing in an excess of power held by the same Chief Executive in domestic affairs

    21. Yet even a Blademaster was helpless against wielders unless they had adequate defences

    22. ‘I once thought the simulacrum could be an adequate substitute

    23. Without adequate rest (at least eight hours of actual

    24. ‘Yes, you've proved to have adequate genes for reproduction

    25. It didn't seem any description could be adequate with something so beyond every day experience

    26. Using a future-sent technology that would once have been deemed illegal by the Temporal Directive, Zolla was able to scan each ship’s computer systems, one of which contained a database for an experimental nullifying agent; a program had been running to find an adequate formula – a suitable molecular structure

    27. The one place to be avoided was the College Hospital, not so much for the service from the doctors and nurses, which was adequate, but the fact was that it was built upon a slope at the top corner of the College

    28. Forward view was restricted but adequate enough to drive in towns with even though it was never originally designed to work in towns

    29. Therefore there is always adequate leadership and the laws very clear on succession

    30. He was utterly inadequate for the job of President, and by many observers' estimation, incompetent, stumbling from crisis to crisis without adequate training or understanding

    31. This means a new generation of barely adequate lawyers will now take over the legal system when the time comes for the older men to retire

    32. As the story goes, the Spaniards took the name Pagsanjan from the Tagalog word “Pinagsangahan” which means “branching off” or “joining”, an adequate term to describe the place where the two above mentioned rivers meet

    33. He showed adequate credentials and signed the required papers

    34. It took some time but there was a hefty sum involved which proved adequate enough for what Eileen had in mind; and that was making a large, charitable donation to the fair, with the stipulation that the donor had to have a private talk with Mr

    35. Amonas then made some broth of what he had found to be an adequate substitute for uwe, and sipped appreciatively

    36. Two hundred metres of hose would be more than adequate

    37. “That will be adequate,” said the computer

    38. Hilderich thought there should be some sort of adequate explanation for that, but whoever had built this gate did not seem available for answers

    39. The other one just dashed towards a low-walled flower fence and jumped over, creeping away back into a semblance of adequate cover

    40. adequate pension and the government would not have the present problem that exists today

    41. If we cannot say what seeing comes to in physical or material terms, then we cannot say whether any theory is adequate to explain the appearance of an organ that makes sight possible

    42. “More adequate than killing them would be,” Matthew says

    43. The Hanjen were very enterprising and soon found a leader adequate to throw off the Mongol yoke

    44. She commented that while her partner was adequate in his

    45. The pleasant landlady, who spoke more than adequate English asked us how long we would be staying

    46. hours can be adequate for

    47. This potentiality will ripen whenever the future conditions are right – in the same way that seeds ripen in the spring when they receive adequate sunlight, heat, and moisture

    48. Instead there would be adequate cabins for officials without any frills and the carving and painting was limited to a figure and “dragon eyes” on the prow

    49. There in a barely adequate bay was a ship looking much like the one on which I had last encountered the Khakhan

    50. Their ship did, indeed, appear to be merely an adequate fishing vessel, although it is carrying a cargo of salt

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    adequate equal fair to middling passable tolerable enough ample satisfactory