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    1. Go ahead and try to win that one

    2. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    3. The family health history can influence health risks in the years ahead

    4. you to have without great reward ahead of you

    5. Women appear to be way ahead in at least one undesirable category

    6. And with that Ackers marched on ahead, leaving Nancy and Johnny to watch him walk alone up the hall to his office

    7. They reached the interconnect by darkmeal and plunged ahead

    8. “Our technology is years ahead of anything you’ll find in the common world

    9. “Boo,” she said, as she skipped on ahead to monitor the area

    10. Violet ran out to the entrance ahead of her mother

    11. They just stare ahead with those fleeting, guilty eyes that just look away from the truth

    12. After a while they could finally see the door ahead of and above them

    13. Record labels and eternal fame is ahead

    14. There were tendrils of blowing dust ahead of them

    15. Nancy walked forward, holding the wrist computer ahead of her as the beeps reached a frantic pitch

    16. Some stare vacantly straight ahead

    17. He plows ahead with his treatise

    18. They are largely the dangers of a fine mental concept that runs ahead of the capacity of the physical body

    19. "No, that's not what's stopping me, it's looking ahead to where this questioning will lead

    20. He is leaned against a few pillows, staring straight ahead, and she is lying across his chest, looking up at him, watching him carefully

    21. the past behind us and strive ahead, into His healing presence…

    22. He followed the news enough to know the Yingolians were as behind in medicine as they were ahead in starships

    23. This wallpaper will make a mess when we strip it and there is nothing like trying to get soggy bits of wallpaper out of a carpet! Jack was frightful when it came to preparation … brilliant at decorating, but I was always the one who had to think ahead and make contingency plans

    24. face an insoluble or painful problem, the Lord will be there ahead of

    25. "I was three years ahead

    26. They could see twelve miles ahead and there was nothing

    27. clutches the seat armrests and stares straight ahead

    28. Their technology was a thousand years ahead of ours when those helmets were made," she paused and said slowly and carefully, "five thousand years ago

    29. She noticed Ava was on her second cup of the stuff and ahead of Glenelle's progress with her first

    30. And two more batters ahead of me

    31. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her

    32. were light years ahead with un-detectable methods and didn't even concern themselves with being discovered

    33. Griggsy! She'd never know what he'd put in there, what he'd done, what ridiculous, crazy, stupid, arrogant, pompous, jackass technology he'd gone right ahead and rammed into the thing's very registers, into its very fibers, into the permanent read-only fixtures of its central core

    34. She kicked at some water, throwing spray ahead of them

    35. "You mean is it a primitive civilization in ruins or an immense and ancient civilization thousands of years ahead of us in everything but energy technology?"

    36. All the while Brazil marched doggedly ahead putting genetic formulas from the Kassikan into production for use on human beings

    37. What the world ahead dared call the 'sovereign individual' in many a serious treatise

    38. children of Israel understood what lay ahead of them

    39. The natives of the world ahead of them live lives of ease and sloth, constantly intoxicated, constantly indulging in indiscriminate intercourse with strangers

    40. Burn pulled up out of the field and accelerated ahead of that deadly bow wave of debris so hard that he thought she'd rip the nacelles off their mounting

    41. consensus of most present (business meeting) that we would go ahead with some plans

    42. There was no instrument yet that had detected the presence of an electromagnetic signal from the planet ahead

    43. If we capture seven souls this year, we are already ahead of that schedule

    44. I stared straight ahead and left the food on the tray

    45. congregation! It may mean some unpleasant times ahead during this time of purging of this

    46. There was a very different climatology on the world ahead of them

    47. I sat there as I had done for the last few days staring straight ahead and saying nothing

    48. Go ahead and try it out

    49. "They already left to lay their trap ahead of Hardway and the battlegroup

    50. But could they have gone the next step ahead in the evolution of humans as a colonial species? Had they evolved beyond the need for brute coercion to make the cells work as a part in a greater organism?

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    Sinonimi per "ahead"

    ahead in the lead leading before in front beforehand in advance forrader forward forwards onward onwards out front advancing more advanced earlier progressing surpassing preceding