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    1. Its specific aim or, as a point of argument, subject of intent, is not necessarily the overriding factor (however) but rather an ancillary consideration with respect to intent; that is to say, incidental to pre-existing intentions as such intentions and ensuing actions may (otherwise) produce unintended results triggered by original intent in whatever manner the outcome was unintended

    2. room and board charges, ancillary (testing) charges and increases in costs/stay

    3. The nurses and ancillary personnel wasted time getting the patient ready and doing laboratory studies and the operating doctor (in this case me) wasted the time he had blocked off for the procedure

    4. As an ancillary form of further data gathering as modeling occurs, an attentive facilitator will note comments and complaints by individuals about what's not being adequately supported

    5. The student is an entire “project,” so their comprehension of ancillary matters was critical to elevating any single matter

    6. It could be assumed, as he had mistakenly done, that her duties as a clairvoyant were sufficient means on which to live, but was that enough to spend a lengthy holiday at the Ocean Forest, one of the most exclusive and expensive resorts in the South? Or was there an ancillary supply of funds that enabled her to lead such a lavish lifestyle?

    7. Navy, CIA, and, a dozen others, with detachments and skills that would give ancillary support in

    8. The navy was merely an ancillary service

    9. Ultimately, even in the cases that it does not optimize, it balances key variables and offers management several ancillary targets

    10. Everybody in the group had worked on part or parts of the inn, including on the production of most of the furniture and small ancillary items, while artisans and workers from Ville-Marie had been paid by Fernand to help accelerate the construction of the inn and to build some of the more elaborate furniture

    11. may not appear profitable in itself, but there may be some ancillary business

    12. There were various other names on the list, contacts from the Trust, social workers and other ancillary workers

    13. Had "A Capitol Fourth" been financed by revenue generated from this kind of ancillary marketing or by donations from those gullible enough to send in contributions for those cheesy tote-bags as the event should have been, these critics might have had a case in labeling Daniels' comments as an example of the "moral flabbiness" a part of the entitlement mentality

    14. The Colorado ACLU, in cahoots with the Anti-Defamation League, filed a lawsuit demanding that a charter school in that state desist in all mentioning of Christmas, including ancillary renditions of “Jingle Bells”, on the grounds of the harm and intimidation such jubilation inflicts upon Jewish students

    15. Cost is certainly an element that should affect your cable selection process, not only of the cable itself but also of the ancillary components such as connectors and mounting hardware, the network interface cards (NICs) for the computers, and the labor required for the cable installation

    16. The hum level in the room suddenly increased as several ancillary bass driver units, mounted in sedately carved and varnished cabinet speakers around the room, cut in to give Deep Thought’s voice a little more power

    17. Maybe its core product line is maturing, its industry's growth has slowed, an ancillary business is booming, or it is investing heavily in new products or services

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    accessory adjunct adjuvant ancillary appurtenant auxiliary subsidiary supplementary secondary subordinate