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Frasi con applesauce (in inglese)

1. Serve the pork and vegetables with applesauce.
2. What? Roman replied eating his applesauce.
3. Roman didn’t hesitate to start eating his applesauce.
4. Roman came in first with his applesauce, salad, and milk.
5. The slippery elm thickens the applesauce to a consistency.
6. And not until he spooned up his applesauce did the hands stop.
7. Roe from Kalix, small leaves of sorrel, fried duck heart, veal bacon, and dried browned butter, served with homemade applesauce and freshly cut chives.

8. The spilled apples swelled in the scarlet blaze to twice their size and blew apart with staggering force, splattering the walls of the room with burnt applesauce and black seeds.

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