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    1. Professional services of trained counselors may also be made available free of cost to senior citizens who are in the grip of anxiety, depression, grief arising out of bereavement and conflicts due to problematic relationships with family members

    2. Now young man, 'What do ya say to that?'” And without waiting for his young friend's smile to fade from expression into words, he began the story once more from where he'd left off---but with a caveat: “I should probably explain that while Harry was still finishing his Malvern studies, a new beginning of sorts was arising amongst his family and friends

    3. arising that truly understands that they don’t live for this that truly

    4. I see a generation of prophets arising who burn with

    5. I see a generation of prophets arising who bring the fires of heaven upon the earth

    6. end of the age we will see the greatest of God’s warriors arising

    7. I see a breed of church planters arising that birth churches

    8. The army of God was arising from the wilderness of preparation

    9. I see a new breed of warrior arising in the Church

    10. Inequalities arising from the nature of the employments themselves

    11. I have seen visions of bold preachers arising on our streets,

    12. arising who have the anointing to speak with power

    13. I see a generation of leaders arising who will father the next generation and truly lift their disciples above

    14. This, however, seems to be the effect, not so much of any diminution in the value of silver in the European market, as of an increase in the demand for labour in Great Britain, arising from the great, and almost universal prosperity of the country

    15. Notwithstanding any regulation of this kind, it appeared, by the course of exchange with Great Britain, that £100 sterling was occasionally considered as equivalent, in some of the colonies, to £130, and in others to so great a sum as £1100 currency ; this difference in the value arising from the difference in the quantity of paper emitted in the different colonies, and in the distance and probability of the term of its final discharge and redemption

    16. The smoke of their torment arising "forever and ever" in

    17. But that when it imported to a greater value than it exported, a contrary balance became due to foreign nations, which was necessarily paid to them in the same manner, and thereby diminished that quantity : that in this case, to prohibit the exportation of those metals, could not prevent it, but only, by making it more dangerous, render it more expensive: that the exchange was thereby turned more against the country which owed the balance, than it otherwise might have been; the merchant who purchased a bill upon the foreign country being obliged to pay the banker who sold it, not only for the natural risk, trouble, and expense of sending the money thither, but for the extraordinary risk arising from the prohibition; but that the more the exchange was against any country, the more the balance of trade became necessarily against it; the money of that country becoming necessarily of so much less value, in comparison with that of the country to which the balance was due

    18. But though the risk arising from the prohibition might occasion some extraordinary expense to the bankers, it would not necessarily carry any more money out of the country

    19. The nation which, from the annual produce of its domestic industry, from the annual revenue arising out of its lands, and labour, and consumable stock, has wherewithal to purchase those consumable goods in distant countries, can maintain foreign wars there

    20. If he opposes them, on the contrary, and still more, if he has authority enough to be able to thwart them, neither the most acknowledged probity, nor the highest rank, nor the greatest public services, can protect him from the most infamous abuse and detraction, from personal insults, nor sometimes from real danger, arising from the insolent outrage of furious and disappointed monopolists

    21. Begin the practice of reflection in the body with the arising of inner spaciousness clearing the turmoil of cluttered thoughts of emotion

    22. The Lascorii had an advantage here, their eyes could pierce the thickest gloom---a legacy of their arising

    23. This, combined with her wayward limbs, a bearing that was naturally off-centre and a shakiness arising from an afternoon spent making an inventory of her master's liquor cabinet, gave rise to grave doubts that the plate would ever arrive at the table replete with its original contents

    24. The Elf only smiled, “The same as each and every arising and realized individual in the cosmos actually: to aid the most rapid perfecting of all beings, irrespective of their exterior coating, up to the level of the sacred Martfotai

    25. Then imagine friction arising from emotions or interpersonal conflicts that use up that energy

    26. In the real material always there is a plenty of microscopic cracks arising up on technological or operating reasons

    27. It was only by distributing among the particular members of parliament a great part either of the offices, or of the disposal of the offices arising from this civil and military establishment, that such a system of management could be established, even with regard to the parliament of England

    28. It would be absolutely impossible to distribute among all the leading members of all the colony assemblies such a share, either of the offices, or of the disposal of the offices, arising from the general government of the British empire, as to dispose them to give up their popularity at home, and to tax their constituents for the support of that general government, of which almost the whole emoluments were to be divided among people who were strangers to them

    29. Among other nations, whose vigorous government will suffer no strangers to possess any fortified place within their territory, it may be necessary to maintain some ambassador, minister, or consul, who may both decide, according to their own customs, the differences arising among his own countrymen, and, in their disputes with the natives, may by means of his public character, interfere with more authority and afford them a more powerful protection than they could expect from any private man

    30. But the directors of a regulated company, having the management of no common capital, have no other fund to employ in this way, but the casual revenue arising from the admission fines, and from the corporation duties imposed upon the trade of the company

    31. In 1733, they again petitioned the parliament, that three-fourths of their trading stock might be turned into annuity stock, and only one-fourth remain as trading stock, or exposed to the hazards arising from the bad management of their directors

    32. They remained for several years in quiet possession of this revenue; but in 1767, administration laid claim to their territorial acquisitions, and the revenue arising from them, as of right belonging to the crown ; and the company, in compensation for this claim, agreed to pay to government £400,000 a-year

    33. They were said, at the same time, to possess another revenue, arising partly from lands, but chiefly from the customs established at their different

    34. The revenues arising from both those species of rents were, the greater part of them, paid in kind, in corn, wine, cattle, poultry, etc

    35. According to the estimation, therefore, by which Great Britain is rated to the land tax, the whole mass of revenue arising from the rent of all the lands, from that of all the houses, and from the interest of all the capital stock, that part of it only excepted which is either lent to the public, or employed in the cultivation of land, does not exceed ten millions sterling a-year, the ordinary revenue which government levies upon the people, even in peaceable times

    36. The government neither gains nor loses by the additional tax, which is applied altogether to remedy the inequalities arising from the old assessment

    37. ˜ Taxes upon Profit, or upon the Revenue arising from Stock

    38. The revenue or profit arising from stock naturally divides itself into two parts; that which pays the interest, and which belongs to the owner of the stock ; and that surplus part which is over and above what is necessary for paying the interest

    39. The nations, accordingly, who have attempted to tax the revenue arising from stock, instead of any severe inquisition of this kind, have been obliged to content themselves with some very loose, and, therefore, more or less arbitrary estimation

    40. Taxes upon the revenue arising from stock in all employments, where the government attempts to levy them with any degree of exactness, will, in many cases, fall upon the interest of money

    41. The vingtieme, or twentieth penny, in France, is a tax of the same kind with what is called the land tax in England, and is assessed, in the same manner, upon the revenue arising upon land, houses, and stock

    42. While property remains in the possession of the same person, whatever permanent taxes may have been imposed upon it, they have never been intended to diminish or take away any part of its capital value, but only some part of the revenue arising from it

    43. Secondly, a great part of the revenue, arising from both the rent of land and the profits of stock, is annually distributed among the same rank, in the wages and maintenance of menial servants, and other unproductive labourers

    44. Thirdly, some part of the profits of stock belongs to the same rank, as a revenue arising from the employment of their small capitals

    45. Over and above the general restraints arising from this complicated system of revenue laws, the commerce of wine (after corn, perhaps, the most important production of France) is, in the greater part of the provinces, subject to particular restraints arising from the favour which has been shown to the vineyards of particular provinces and districts above those of others

    46. To transfer from the owners of those two great sources of revenue, land, and capital stock, from the persons immediately interested in the good condition of every particular portion of land, and in the good management of every particular portion of capital stock, to another set of persons (the creditors of the public, who have no such particular interest ), the greater part of the revenue arising from either, must, in the long-run, occasion both the neglect of land, and the waste or removal of capital stock

    47. Their consumption would increase, and, together with it, the revenue arising from all those articles of their consumption upon which the taxes might be allowed to remain

    48. The revenue arising from this system of taxation, however, might not immediately increase in proportion to the number of people who were subjected to it

    49. witness the arising image (its external movement) and its transformations (its internal

    50. Stretching out his neck he laid his head on the ground, closed his eyes and tried to empty his mind of the unpleasant thoughts that kept arising

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