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    1. I am authorised by the High Guild to inform you that in recognition of the services of the family of James Joris Lilwin (known as Sweet) a small pension will be paid to you for the duration of your life

    2. instigated by mere Cardinals - it was authorised by His

    3. Nevertheless, I’ve been authorised to provide the

    4. The officers of excise receive few or no perquisites ; and the administration of that branch of the revenue being of more recent establishment, is in general less corrupted than that of the customs, into which length of time has introduced and authorised many abuses

    5. His human rights, duly authorised by the longhaired liberals, will not stop a police bullet and that is the way it should be

    6. These days the general idea is that if someone signs on behalf of a company he was fully authorised to do so

    7. Finally, towards the end of the month Susan authorised a break in by the MI5 officers to look around Simon’s flat and to plant cameras and listening devises in his room

    8. The gates are chained and you can’t fly or drive in without an authorised government permit" said Blair

    9. He authorised a full assessment, from scratch

    10. He was alarmed and called in another specialist who authorised specialised tests outside the hospital


    12. In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorised thereto, have signed this

    13. As Christians, they drove the Jews and Muslims out of Spain and authorised the

    14. authorised thereof shall prepare a transportation document stating the date and time of

    15. authorised by the mayor according to their competences

    16. He would have loved to criticise her for not doing a better job and swanning off to London when she was needed there, but unfortunately couldn’t because he had authorised the trip, a decision he was now starting to regret

    17. � You may not have an aircraft to paint it on but you are authorised to paint on your car a German aircraft kill

    18. Particularly when Harris, despite orders to the contrary, had authorised the devastation of the remaining German cities

    19. It was approved and Stirling, promoted to Captain was authorised to recruit sixty men

    20. If stores are being over-ordered, where are they? If cheques are being authorised for non-existent

    21. Only if the number tapped into the cash machine was the same as that on the card, would the machine be activated and authorised to carry out the transaction demanded by the owner

    22. No one would discover the code which would give her complete access to the database wherever she was, with a simple pin entry she had authorised

    23. The other man was equally convinced that the PM had never been mentioned, but just as sure the payment had been authorised by Downing Street

    24. I believe that the payment was authorised by someone in Downing Street somewhere, and that the cash must have come from his personal account rather than a Government budget

    25. Finally, I shall want you to prepare a list of all the major terrorist bank accounts, with as much detail as possible - where they are, account numbers, who is authorised to draw on them, how much is in them and so on

    26. If necessary, I was even authorised to set up a honey trap

    27. “No,” replied Bill, “but it was his Smith and Wesson that was used, so he must have authorised it and provided the weapon

    28. Anderson has subsequently confirmed this referred to Zuma but, in the proceedings of a military board of inquiry, has argued Koloane told her Zuma had authorised the landing

    29. He went back to his flat and phoned the Super at home and asked who’d authorised Clarissa being sent home

    30. The Board of Directors have approved the scheme in principle and authorised a project team to plan the work

    31. Moreover, he authorised two delegations to travel to Beijing to

    32. Therefore the cover cannot have been unbuttoned legitimately, it cannot have been unbuttoned by any one authorised to unbutton it

    33. coparceners, they cannot be authorised to operate bank account

    34. the proprietor himself or by a person duly authorised to operate the account on his

    35. authorised to open and to operate the account on behalf of the club/ association

    36. the Chairman or one of the authorised directors of the company stating that the

    37. delegate their authority to one or more unless the power of delegation is authorised

    38. in his will specifically authorised such an appointment

    39. Meanwhile, you are authorised to use it for your living costs

    40. ‘Listen, you’re not authorised to come through here with fake

    41. Responding to unauthorised air activities over the eastern skies of American airspace was a routine challenge undertaken by EADS, and their interceptors scrambled to meet errant aircrafts that violated airspace restrictions and forced them back to their authorised flight path or force-landed them at the nearest airfield from where Homeland Security took charge

    42. The scholars who were authorised by King James I to translate the Bible into current English, did not use the original Hebrew texts, but used versions translated from Hebrew into Latin by St

    43. ‘God’ is Superior and ‘God’ is Greater than having to rely on and resort to “scare tactics” to enforce and coerce a specific line of human behaviour from the threat, and subsequent fear, of Self’s personal eternal damnation authorised by the Creator

    44. The Lutheran Reformation, which restored the apostolic doctrine on justification by grace, through faith, in the blood of Christ, found its chief difficulty in the vast antiquity and catholicity of the authorised dogma which it opposed

    45. Here and there, the inmate has visitors to see the sight; then he points his finger, with something of the complacency of a curator or authorised exponent, to this cart and to this, and seems to tell who sat here yesterday, and who there the day before

    46. And if the same or some other person were authorised to examine the newly written books of chivalry, no doubt some would appear with all the perfections you have described, enriching our language with the gracious and precious treasure of eloquence, and driving the old books into obscurity before the light of the new ones that would come out for the harmless entertainment, not merely of the idle but of the very busiest; for the bow cannot be always bent, nor can weak human nature exist without some lawful amusement

    47. The company who owned her had no agents, authorised or unauthorised, giving boastful interviews about her unsinkability to newspaper reporters ready to swallow any sort of trade statement if only sensational enough for their readers--

    48. But at last a soft, genial morning appeared; such as might tempt the daughter's wishes and the mother's confidence; and Marianne, leaning on Elinor's arm, was authorised to walk as long as she could without fatigue, in the lane before the house

    49. When the Caliph heard what treatment Noureddin had received, he authorised

    50. In 1948 Stalin authorised a military coup to get rid of this dangerously independent Czech government

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