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    1. In the preparation of this tome, I advertised its availability in the bi-weekly satirical paper Private Eye

    2. However, these studies don't always take into account the efficacy of the treatments and may be based more on actual availability of the treatments and personal preferences

    3. One of the agencies I have registered my availability with rings just after eleven to say that they have lined up an interview for me

    4. “I think it was so romantic! My God, how sexy can you get!” said Susan, a rather good looking blonde with an ample figure that left no doubt about its availability

    5. committing to their availability for a relationship

    6. what was generated elsewhere to allow quicker availability of what is newly

    7. “I heard some rumors about an Internal Investigation,” Enjteen said, “concerning the circumstances pertaining to arranging a shonggot overdose to profit from the availability of a certain body

    8. “I did not take the charges as being directed specifically against Althart, I took it as within my prerogative to investigate any who might have gained by the availability of the body Ava was put into

    9. This latter facility was the result of having been given the responsibility of performing the daily ordering and planning based upon the restaurant's business load, the current menus, and the seasonal availability of supplies

    10. availability of hot chocolate being the universal gauge for

    11. do they have? Does what you expect from them match their availability?

    12. him about the availability of tickets on the train from Pune to

    13. Her joining up with the Thieves Guild on account of the availability of contacts and Imperial information networks had been the first such step

    14. The problem with them was that they stayed only for 3 months tours of duty which was deliberate to increase the availability of trained men

    15. Belief, because of the lack of the availability of knowledge attendant with that process, is required to even tentatively imagine what might progress from that point

    16. Each country or sector of the economy will increase the availability of the existent wealth and the base of the knowledge with information, data and products with quality when it chooses for the Project

    17. It builds fantastic wealth with total availability through the behavioural change for the production process and use of the resources with elimination of the chain of successive possessions between suppliers and customers

    18. availability of products and

    19. Besides, it causes the immediate availability of the allocated resources and end products soon after its execution

    20. Only to have idea, trillion of trillion dollars will remain “in a flash”, as well as trillion of products and services will circulate in total availability with application of this methodology

    21. The commercial transaction always occurs through the availability of products and services in services rendering way

    22. With the implantation of that new systematics, instantly the wealth abundance appears for immediate availability

    23. possession so that there is its total availability

    24. This budget exhibits as most of the economically lacking population of any country can solve its socioeconomic and financial problem immediately with unique symbolic contribution and availability of its resources to accomplish its activities through a new systematics, without discovering a saint to cover the other

    25. c) Total availability of the knowledge or information

    26. global availability of the information, without there

    27. of products and services in total availability;

    28. payments and guarantee of the total availability of

    29. resources of the Third Sector for total availability in the

    30. This procedure will generate abundance of products and services immediately in total availability, without anybody to have its definitive possession as owner, inclusive Bank3Sector

    31. Mr Coetzee states that they are doing research as to the availability of land as the government is considering procurement of crematorium ovens

    32. Management commitment, resource availability and monitoring and measuring of the system along with continual improvement should be documented

    33. The service provider should have an internal agreement with internal group and monitor and analyze them (for targets and components availability), to meet the service delivery

    34. The requirements for service continuity and availability are determined based on agreement with client

    35. Access right, end to end availability of service, service response times are identified for planning

    36. Service continuity and availability plans to be maintained

    37. Availability levels to be monitored and reviewed and actions to be planned

    38. Service continuity plans to be tested and availability plans to be tested and results to be recorded

    39. Trends on availability, analysis and action

    40. Burn down Chart is used to monitor the effort availability with the user stories to be developed

    41. he is not affected by the availability of eyesight, nor by its ab-

    42. In nature, the mating dance is always accompanied by showing off fertility cues and signals of interest and availability” she debated, “That might have been what we did wrong the first time

    43. So much so that they have started an association whose main purpose is to maintain a successful plan for garden visitation and increase their availability to visitors the whole year round

    44. The tunnel’s availability also allowed me to win a few unusual bets from M and L house denizens, e

    45. This year the wider availability of the iPhone on Verizon will continue to push the move

    46. Some offices and jobsites include the availability

    47. Maybe it wasn’t so much a case of whom she attracted as the availability

    48. If the opposition does not succeed with those tactics, the attack will probably shift to your products, the quality and availability thereof

    49. As far as settling the West and the availability of free or cheap land, that was an illusion

    50. Despite the wide availability and affordability

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