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    1. Kemberra walked into the little pub at Lisingale, just back of Thirteenth Canal in the middle of the clothing machine shops that clustered in that area on the bedrock of long point

    2. On the peak of the point of bedrock there was a ring of cargo canal with a bridge to Eleventh where the clothing barges had an easier access to the market

    3. This shortcut was a stairway that ran up thru some old abandoned factories just up off the Hyadrain floor that were in a deep cleft in Rankor's bedrock just beyond the base of Thebudia's elevators

    4. It started with a high bridge above Kalipaicha and then a long echoing tunnel thru the bedrock of Kigata Spine

    5. When that was done it exposed a fine room carved right into the bedrock of the city on three sides, built stone on the other

    6. At the top of that level bedrock ended and crystal, stone or wood pillar began

    7. That was only three floors above the very bottom of it all on a deep industrial tunnel that was still in use, mainly for heavy industrial cargo, its floor was bedrock also

    8. They had been my bedrock

    9. For God"s sake, please do not hold your breath until this bedrock of the universe has again been recognized

    10. Slowly, majestically, the storm's forces built to a crescendo high above the Brockenhurst Mountains, the sheets of rain scouring the vegetation from the land below, stripping all life from its bedrock, driving even the smallest ant from its nest

    11. He slipped, falling heavily, and felt the shock of pain as his spine hit solid bedrock

    12. The first time he himself had stepped through that beacon of light, he vividly remembered how he had been instantly transferred into a huge, deep cavern with walls of solid metal jutting out of the bedrock

    13. That is the bedrock upon which this sacred edifice has been agelessly constructed

    14. · Bodhichitta (the wish to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings) should be the bedrock of all of one's actions

    15. with man is the bedrock

    16. On many such mountain ridges as well as other locations, it would be necessary to blast into the bedrock, as Enxco's New England representative, John Zimmerman, has confirmed, possibly disrupting the water sources for wells downhill

    17. At the Waymart plant in Pennsylvania, the foundations extend 30-40 feet into the bedrock

    18. He lifted the entire mass of debris from a length of the valley floor, exposing the bare rock where the two slopes met, then added more and more, clearing the bedrock for hundreds of meters

    19. The main bulk of the army had just disappeared along with most of the sand that they had traveled over, in many places gouged down to the underlying bedrock

    20. He lifted the entire mass of debris from a length of the valley floor, exposing the bare rock where the two slopes met, then added more and more, clearing the bedrock for hundreds of feet

    21. The bedrock of the mountain was virtually impossible to chisel away, but there was an ancient network of tunnels under the mountain filled only with loose rubble and sea-cement; the workers spent the vast majority of their time clearing out these tunnels, though none dared ask the skeleton to what purpose it put them to this task

    22. In the center of the lake Jai pointed out the massive stone column that rose from the magma into the bedrock above the cavern

    23. Its magic went deep into the bedrock of the land, anchoring the palace against all but a world disaster

    24. It led down three more levels to the bedrock of the land where small 6 X 6 cells had been carved into the very rock of the earth

    25. (3)……… „Awareness of death is the very bedrock of the entire path

    26. form the bedrock of pornography

    27. The other end of this cord was attached to a giant winching mechanism, the base of which was set into the bedrock of the mesa, fifty metres or so from the edge

    28. We would rock ourselves to sleep on bedrock, gladly eat dry bread, shun money as if it were venomous

    29. savings account or investment? The habit of saving is the bedrock

    30. The locals said that after the 8m diameter hole had been cut into the bedrock, metal sections forming tubing to fit inside, were shipped in

    31. family as the bedrock of society, is denying the

    32. True love is interpreted by many as meaning finding a soul mate –someone who matches our values, interests, and ambitions and will be a good parent but the reality is that it is also about learning how to accept some inevitable incompatibilities that form the bedrock of a lasting relationship

    33. A bedrock of the spiritual approach is that you do your best to manage risk and manage your life, making preparations where appropriate but you must let go of the outcomes

    34. The cliff face stood out several feet in front of the bedrock behind it and was pocked regularly with dinner plate sized holes that let the light filter in illuminating the steep steps that had taken Zeph a whole summer to carve

    35. hole in the bedrock, so there were bedrock walls on all five sides

    36. bedrock, and into the fresh water table that exists below the bed-

    37. the bedrock, never more than a foot deep anywhere

    38. There can be no durable peace nor stable security unless anchored in the solid bedrock of economic development and social justice

    39. Once bedrock is reached there’s a glimmer

    40. With a mixture of the undeniable cuteness of Nigger – of the way the sleek bitch's talc-covered fur made her sneeze clouds of mineral powder – and of the bedrock of terrible acting, the occasional rare guffaw become gold to the performer's parched egos

    41. A thought flashed through my mind about how delicate human bones were compared to cement or bedrock, but before I had a chance to work up a good scream, my feet were whooshing into brush that was growing beside the armaments bunker

    42. reliance that had been the bedrock of his success, Rafael

    43. Instead the rueful god was hit squarely in the chest by his own shot, whereupon he discovered himself crashing through protuberant bedrock

    44. This tool is the bedrock

    45. laws have been the bedrock of my life,’ said Parvateshwar

    46. There was no washing that away so the outhouse had to be placed over a holding tank made by blasting a hole in the bedrock, so there were bedrock walls on all five sides of the holding tank

    47. The water well had to go deeper, past the bedrock, and into the fresh water table that exists below the bedrock outhouses

    48. Hammering it into the solid bedrock was back-breaking work, but it was also kind of fun when you hit the auger just right with a five-pound sledge hammer! Jeremiah was taught how to properly drill, cap, and fire TNT mining charges

    49. Mutual trust is the bedrock of success

    50. It is needed and used as a crucial ingredient in soil, as a main component in all bedrock, in stone, in tectonic activity, in mountain building, in the erosion of waterways, in controlling river and ocean currents, and as a building material for insects, birds, and animals, and it is used in the digestive processes of many living organisms… to name just a few functions and purposes of sand

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