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    1. The mantis captures, holds and devours many different bothersome insects

    2. Or, perhaps, he merely loathed bothersome people much more than he had previously realized

    3. With the reference to her Lascorii nature, the Elf had another bothersome riddle she wanted resolved

    4. The desert was bothersome, but there were no storms, for which we thanked God

    5. Part of them now had stones, and rocks weren"t quite as bothersome as on earlier trips

    6. A light sea breeze wafted a bothersome strand of hair across her face and fluttered the pages

    7. All that is nothing but bothersome interference with those dedicated to doing good

    8. I didn’t believe it wise to alter into my human form just yet, for all I knew TJ may have been harbouring a stake beneath her jumper right now, and I didn’t want to go into battle today with any bothersome nicks that my brothers could take advantage of

    9. Quite to the contrary, was making me more bothersome of the suspense of the future days

    10. He assuredly awaits us there with his bothersome companions

    11. She grabbed at the reins as if they were bothersome flies

    12. When she went into the bedroom she found Petronila Iguarán there with the bothersome crinolines and the beaded jacket that she put on for formal visits, and she found Tran-quilina Maria Miniata Alacoque Buendía, her grand-mother, fanning herself with a peacock feather in her in-valid’s rocking chair, and her great-grandfather Aure-liano Arcadio Buendía, with his imitation dolman of the viceregal guard, and Aureliano Iguarán, her father, who had invented a prayer to make the worms shrivel up and drop off cows, and her timid mother, and her cousin with the pig’s tail, and José Arcadio Buendía, and her dead sons, all sitting in chairs lined up against the wall as if it were a wake and not a visit

    13. However, there was something bothersome though

    14. Still, the call from Charity was somewhat bothersome

    15. The German seemed tempted for a second to just ignore those bothersome prisoners, but finally looked at his comrade

    16. Even this word “dropout” is bothersome, because it puts the onus

    17. This last verse in particular has been one of the most bothersome and troubling in all of Scripture for me, as I cannot see how to interpret this verse any other way other than God is referring to our salvation in Him and what is awaiting all of us at the end of our lives

    18. Between the time of espying the bothersome hand-inscribed me, the professional educator’s

    19. Almighty Thou regarding the bothersome biblical claims concerning the purpose and worth of the

    20. I experienced a relaxing of that bothersome feeling was one evening while I was preparing a

    21. would not be in the company of Rad and his bothersome helper

    22. What’s more, I’m personally going to insure it gets done, just as soon as my part in this bothersome interview is over with, which should hopefully be …” He paused briefly to glance at his watch, as he said this

    23. Now Stedder became aware of something else: new smells! Not the rank and bothersome odors they were acclimated to, but fascinating scents, smells that made Stedder’s mouth water and his empty belly growl

    24. said, “It is a little bothersome

    25. It was bothersome

    26. I sighed; being shunned by most suitors wasn’t a bothersome thought, but I feared that Marcus would totally ignore me in this unsophisticated outfit

    27. Then, once the nature of the bothersome car was revealed, first the police would be called in and then the FBI would show up to take prints

    28. The fastening to the ankle would be bothersome but he was free and the feeling was enormously exhilarating

    29. phase would begin, Moreover, he had come to understand that the bothersome occurrences

    30. Further, if the marks are bothersome to you, a good restorer can take care of them

    31. These side effects are most bothersome, especially during the first three days of your smoking cessation process

    32. R’jan laughs and dismisses his dark brothers with a regal, condescending wave as if shooing a bothersome fly from a banquet surely called in honor of him

    33. And that would have been bothersome to me

    34. In my own head, I can sometimes hear his words, or his clever answers to a bothersome question

    35. " A most unpleasant and bothersome business," he answered almost angrily ; " that young girl you were teilmg me about has hanged herself in the next room

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    annoying bothersome galling irritating nettlesome pesky pestering pestiferous plaguey plaguy teasing vexatious vexing irksome troublesome disturbing awkward