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    1. Enough room to get to the head, the sink and the bunk

    2. I sit on the bunk, waiting for Berndt

    3. Gradually, I hear someone calling my name … slowly the mist dissipates and I realise I am lying on my bunk

    4. Come and sit on my bunk while I do that

    5. He’s sitting on the edge of his bunk, Gottestones in hand … for a moment I wonder if I have disturbed his devotions but a second searching glance shows me clearly that he’s just sitting there

    6. Lying in my bunk, my thoughts turn yet again to the future

    7. Would three Elements be enough to turn the tide of decay, sufficient even to save the world? Unable to answer any of these questions, I carefully put the Element away in my belt and lie back on my bunk, staring at the ceiling of the cabin

    8. This was the first he noticed she had actually decided to bunk with him, but it was too hot and they fell asleep too soon for him to do more than say thanks

    9. He removes his tunic and sits on the bunk while I unwind the bandage

    10. ‘It would be sensible on several levels … not least the fact that I am not going to sleep much tucked in my own bunk knowing you are in here … and I have a feeling that you have strong views about sex outside marriage

    1. “Sir?” I wanted to say that I had not bunked all but wasn’t given

    2. He bunked eight years

    3. One morning, he bunked the school assembly and

    4. ‘But what’s wrong with you? You bunked yesterday and your sevens have become nines these days

    5. He said he got bunked up with some og's (black and white) that

    6. bunked, she would quickly mitigate her mistake, taking pleasure in

    7. It was a strangely beautiful and just reality, because even when he could not physically prevail on the battlefield he would simply spit out his last breath and switch places with those he fought, and so carry on with a changed allegiance and with the perverse knowledge of a new enemy that he might have bunked with just the night before

    8. “I heard that excuse from a confidence man I was bunked with in Van Diemen's Land

    9. bunked on the ferry watching the Liver

    10. bunked on the ferry watching the Liver birds

    1. Luray wound up bunking with Yarin as much because she knew where his place was and didn't know shaNai's

    2. emphasis on studies was low with more teachers bunking classes than students

    3. “Yeah,” Purple Streak cut in, “She was always bunking off with Gary

    4. Bunking through the afternoon

    5. Rain pattered steadily on the tent, bringing to mind a camping trip when she was quite young, bunking in a metal-roofed cabin during a wet spell

    6. And now? Now he lived a pointless existence in a backward hamlet populated by trailer trash and clod-hopping farmers, bunking in a shabby room of a run-down farmhouse on a dirt road in the boondocks, drinking water from a well out of mismatched glasses, counting himself lucky when this girl cooked him a hot meal served up on chipped crockery

    7. „By the way," I said, removing the intrusive fingers, „the place he was staying in was washed out, so he"s bunking in with me for a while

    8. It reminded her of the summer camps she had been on as a teenager, bunking with a roomful of other girls and just talking and thinking about the boys in the male dorms every spare minute of every day, and then even more intensely at night

    9. From what we heard on the phone call, I don’t think Hedy’s bunking in with Casselli

    10. AVIS AND KRISTIN BEALE had been bunking in the same room for more than a year

    1. the bunks in the boys’ room

    2. There were two extra bunks set up on opposite sides of the room, the elaborate trysting bed in the middle of the room being piled with the biggest collection of clothes Klowa had ever seen

    3. their way to their respective bunks, but the look on his

    4. ” She yawned, “If that's all you're going to do about the issue at hand,” she passed over her notes---rather the original tech's notes, “then we've got a date with our bunks

    5. Nerea walked to the bunks and sat down on the nearest one, holding her head in her hands

    6. bunks for the extra passengers

    7. “There are bunks inside, and it has a large work space,” Sicarius said

    8. ” She ran to the bunks and shook Maldynado and Books

    9. “There are two bunks forward

    10. Each had twin bunks

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    berth built in bed bunk feed bunk bunk bed hokum meaninglessness nonsense nonsensicality buncombe bunkum guff hogwash rot break away escape fly the coop head for the hills hightail it lam run run away scarper scat take to the woods turn tail beat bed couch cot