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    buy and sell

    1. there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain:

    2. The profits of the farmer, of the manufacturer, of the merchant, and retailer, are all drawn from the price of the goods which the two first produce, and the two last buy and sell

    3. For example, Martha Stewart goes to jail for lying about selling her stock investments with inside information, and there are many Congressmen who buy and sell stock with inside information

    4. averages to generate buy and sell signals

    5. Notice how the SMA signals a buy and sell (red arrows) much earlier than the TMA

    6. Close by REI we passed a second hand sport store with a sign “We buy and sell any sport equipment

    7. trigger buy and sell signals

    8. In his book he can see at a glance all the buy and sell orders from the public

    9. scheme, the NYSE always maintains that specialists have the right to buy and sell

    10. has revolutionized the way individuals buy and sell their products

    11. They think they own the world and they can buy and sell you

    12. In-corporations replaced common-unions as money replaced love as the indispensable essence of human organization; they had recreated Earth's ever-flowing heart with a mechanical organ of stop and start, buy and sell, own and isolate

    13. Every Buy and Sell is a transfusion from humans and Eartheart to its addictive appetite, putting food in bondage to fuel prices, housing to real estate speculators, and health to insurance premiums –

    14. The Truth sets the winner free to buy and sell the loser

    15. It has been our attempt to buy and sell all that is Eartheart that is causing her to perish and with her us

    16. Redeemer! You will not be able to buy and sell in the market anymore, but

    17. He must buy and sell positions based on market actions, not opinions of advisory services or others

    18. That is buy and sell the stocks,

    19. commodity in their lives buy and sell it in the

    20. He always considered himself superior to me though I could buy and sell him a thousand times over

    21. Yet inside civilization, the exact opposite is true: people buy and sell living animals for a pittance, while placing the value of dead things in the millions and billions of dollars

    22. This will be the only card you will need to ‘buy and sell’ anything of monetary value

    23. go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and

    24. If we used the trendlines themselves as buy and sell

    25. informed decisions on when to buy and sell currencies, you’ll have to keep an

    26. Clearly they will buy and sell

    27. `But it is not only the wage-earning class that is being hurt; for while they are being annihilated by the machinery and the efficient organization of industry by the trusts that control and are beginning to monopolize production, the shopkeeping classes are also being slowly but surely crushed out of existence by the huge companies that are able by the greater magnitude of their operations to buy and sell more cheaply than the small traders

    28. “Sir, the citizens have the freedom to buy and sell their homes

    29. Crossing the line had brushed a good many cobwebs out of his brain; he perceived that the best means of attaining fortune in tropical regions, as well as in Europe, was to buy and sell men

    30. This example illustrates that to achieve market-beating results it is not necessary to be anywhere near perfection in the timing of your buy and sell activity

    31. Perhaps the institutions may simply hold their full line until the stock is marked up to prices at which they consider it advantageous to sell, or perhaps they will actively buy and sell with the fluctuations of the trend

    32. market makers A set of market participants who, generally, are mandated to always be willing to buy and sell an asset in order to maintain an orderly market

    33. There are no fees for buying or selling shares of a no-load bond index fund, whereas the bid-ask spread to buy and sell individual bonds can be quite high

    34. Depending on the steepness of the curve, different trades can become more or less favorable as you buy and sell relatively cheap or relatively expensive options

    35. By looking for the best spots to buy and sell in an iron condor, you might be able to squeeze a few points of probability out of the trade

    36. In Appel's original system, buy and sell signals were given when the fast MACD line crossed above or below the slow Signal line

    37. The crossovers of +DI13 and −DI13 give buy and sell signals

    38. The most powerful buy and sell signals of Stochastic are given by divergences between this indicator and prices

    39. OBV gives its strongest buy and sell signals when it diverges from prices

    40. Be prepared to buy and sell more than once during a major uptrend

    41. With a large number of traders, there are plenty of orders to buy and sell, and my slippage, when it occurs, is small

    42. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the exchange for energy products, gives you the option to buy and sell natural gas futures and options

    43. What this means is, if you buy and sell a lot, ie trade, all your profit potential will get eaten up in costs

    44. The market makers wish to buy and sell the options at these particular implied volatilities

    45. For example, it doesn’t take a computer to determine the best times to buy and sell options in the soybean option market which consistently increases in volatility in the second and third quarters of the year and decreases the rest of the time

    46. Therefore, between buyers’ eagerness to buy and sellers’ reticence to sell, out-of-the-money option volatility is bid up, and with it, premiums

    47. Refer to the Bolar Pharmaceutical chart for the indicated buy and sell points

    48. He even lays out the buy and sell signals so that you can consistently know when to enter and exit a trade for the best possible profitability

    49. How to buy and sell shares

    50. After that, however, it is all up to the professional to decide what and when to buy and sell

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