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    1. ’ I said eventually, pointing to a place on the far left of the island … I’m not sure about cardinal points; there are none on this map and I am not sure how the island is orientated

    2. another Italian Cardinal and appoint a Frenchman in his

    3. back, before turning a baleful glare on the Cardinal

    4. Cardinal Corrente inspected the man before him closely,

    5. Cardinal paced the room

    6. The Cardinal also had no doubt that his co-

    7. 'Circumstances have changed,' said the Cardinal,

    8. thinks that being a Cardinal he can get away with anything

    9. 'Everyone knows,' said the Cardinal shortly

    10. can,' said the Cardinal reluctantly

    11. Cardinal Tours, trying to intimidate the witness

    12. Cardinal Corrente shrugged

    13. heart sank as he recognised the garb of a Cardinal, and he

    14. A quick glance told the Cardinal that they had,

    15. how sensitive the Italian Cardinal was to such taunts

    16. 'Sit down,' said Corrente to the Italian Cardinal

    17. asked the senior Cardinal, changing the subject

    18. what repercussions the foolish Cardinal was contemplating

    19. Cardinal whilst he was investigating the controversial arrest

    20. 'The Cardinal insulted his wife at

    21. Cardinal Corrente closed

    22. 'Where do we begin?' asked the Cardinal

    23. leant forward on his desk, watching the Cardinal closely

    24. 'And that’s all?' The Cardinal considered carefully,

    25. said the Cardinal, smiling

    26. immediately before and after the Cardinal fell to the floor

    27. murder?' The Cardinal was silent for a few moments, and

    28. 'I’m very grateful for your co-operation and help, Cardinal

    29. The Cardinal looked

    30. my brother Cardinal last evening,' said Tours

    31. Shall I continue?' To the Cardinal it

    32. 'Yes,' said the Cardinal after a slight hesitation

    33. again noted a distinct sense of discomfort in the Cardinal

    34. The Cardinal looked over his

    35. Cardinal Tours was still shaking when he stormed into the

    36. Cardinal Tours yesterday, it seems to me that it points to

    37. Cardinal because of the altercation with his wife? Yes, I

    38. Apparently he was enraged when the Cardinal insulted his

    39. There have always been two cardinal rules for the house, whether it was in

    40. I was about to shoot the cardinal rules to shit

    41. the Cardinal walked into Godfrey's shop

    42. the Cardinal, drawn his sword, and was holding it firmly

    43. before Cardinal Sandini collected his medicine

    44. Cardinal Tours now entered the room and turned a quizzical

    45. prepared for Cardinal Sandini

    46. into the death of Cardinal Sandini

    47. who had killed Cardinal Sandini, why he was killed, and –

    48. Cardinal was the final straw

    49. ‘What had the Cardinal done to you?’ Her face

    50. And I violated one of the cardinal rules taught to us at the Police Academy and this shows you just how stupid I was about this

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