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Frasi con cater (in inglese)

1. You can then cater to that.
2. Gift Shops that cater for you both!.
3. It's disgusting how you all cater to.
4. They come here in the summer to cater to.
5. The approach is to cater to the SME sector in.
6. These cater to the different needs of poultry owners.
7. The temptation so to cater is strong on writer, editor.
8. EXCESS metal is being consumed to cater to same MODULUS.
9. It said, Whatever your tastes, Magrathea can cater foryou.
10. It is not the Northerner they cater to, but the Augustans.
11. Cruise lines cater to certain groups and their whole ship.
12. Manda had talked Sierra into letting Angie cater the party.
13. Sometimes I felt guilty having someone cater to my every whim.
14. He will not cater to the physical gratification of the people.
15. The authorities probably concluded that it was cheaper to cater.
16. A housewife offers a car-pooling service to cater to her pool of.
17. These tours are fully crewed and cater to a maximum of 21 guests.
18. They should cater to your needs; after all, you’re the customer.
19. On the other hand, how could society cater for such extreme cases?
20. Even Bill’s emporium would not cater for that class of clientele.
21. The generation that would cater to the warmongers of the second.
22. Sure? We cater for all tastes here – at least thirty-one flavors.
23. And because the law seem to mostly cater to idiots, the police said.
24. Their family dynamic blows me away every time the boys cater to their mom.
25. In fact, all the skin care products specify the type of skin they cater too.
26. Marina noted how Lezura’s hand trembled as she took her time to cater to him.
27. And Butterfield was now positioned to be summoned to cater to his every impulse.
28. As she only had herself to cater for now, she was going to have so much time on her hands.
29. Doctor Cater was the one who told me that another bacteria had built up around the first one.
30. We planned to cater some food and to buy a cake for him in addition to giving him some gifts.
31. Yet depending on how it is entered, Google shows that there ar only 997 sites that cater for.
32. I’ve got an important wedding to cater in the morning, and I’m short a driver and a server.
33. Again, if you're selling poetry, look for the email lists that cater to poets or maybe to writers.
34. Computers and computer-based learning can cater to the interests and ability of the individual child.
35. A lot of stores that cater to the professionals are not usually open for sales to the general public.
36. A row of vendors had set up to cater to their needs and the whole area buzzed as violently as the trees.
37. As a result of the ability to tailor your communications, you can cater to your customers' specific needs.
38. My only complaint – I cancelled the magazine a few months ago – was that it seemed to cater to the rich.
39. But let woman just wink, and men in scores line up to prostrate at her feet to cater to her every whim and fancy.
40. The Japanese were desperate to expand, partly to cater for their growing population and partly to acquire raw materials.
41. It favours property investment (residential or commercial), restaurants and hotels – or industries that cater to the home.
42. You will find the following tips useful when looking for that top notch catering service to cater for your wedding reception.
43. If your credit ranking score is bad but you need a loan, consider services that cater to people with a poor credit ranking scores.
44. Whether the Redguard ever realized how pettily obtuse she was being or not, he would not cater to or indulge it DRAFTChapter 8 129.
45. He hadn�t dedicated forty years of his life to end up babysitting freighters, or to cater to the whims of some overbearing diplomat.
46. Instead they cater to a belief that Mexico is full of volatile Latins who are at each other’s throats whenever they aren’t taking a siesta.
47. The most important factor that housing take most of peoples salary and leave them with enormous debt to cater for; perhaps does it really worth it?
48. Many hardware vendors cater to this conservative approach to infrastructure development by offering devices that can be expanded by the addition 186.
49. In order to demonstrate how universal the craving for sweetened, cold drinks has become, and how easy it is for the milkmen to cater to this demand, Prof.
50. According to Tong Yee there were more Chinese on the Palmer than any other nationality and there was a Chinese consulate in Cooktown to cater for their needs.
51. Though the canteen and the playground are not directly related to the main theme of education but they are there to cater the physical and psychological needs.
52. Here, too, the basic rule that the media are profit-seeking entities that have to cater to people’s interests and prejudices serves the contrarian trader well.
53. Hollywood is under their influence to cater to base desires by keeping the entertainment mindless, simple, and promoting fear and paranoia of attack by the enemy.
54. Coming to grips with her qualms in time, she developed the knack to induce beauties to keep Global’s supply lines fresh and spicy to cater to the high and mighty.
55. In that he saw a literary conspiracy — inducing Indian writers in English into churning out self-deprecating stuff to cater to the prejudices of the Western readers.
56. But even the denial and rejection of God do not cater any answer to our burning queries that is why the life holds pain? It seems God has no connection with the world.
57. As our world becomes more niche focused, with a future where we will watch the Internet from our iPad-controlled TV, education will be forced to cater to what the students want.
58. Adem had been disgusted at the extravagance of the feasts provided to them in their first weeks at Nordhel, and he had insisted that the cooks cater for a much smaller stomach.
59. As you begin to learn more about the business’s core customers, you want to understand how the business caters to them or whether it attempts to cater to too many types of customers.
60. She advised us that there were several places to eat within walking distance, although we opted for the place immediately next door, which seemed to cater more to locals than tourists.
61. It is not the will of my Father that I should return with you to cater to these curious ones and to become occupied with the ministry of things physical to the exclusion of the spiritual.
62. The rouge wrote that she wants a lover to satiate her lust, the wherewithal of whom she had ditched could be heard from the horse’s mouth, besides a husband to cater to her monetary greed.
63. Marital status: Are most of your customers single, married, living together or divorced? Knowing this information will allow you to cater to different segments with your site design and style.
64. Game developers continued to cater to the late Gen-X and early Gen-Y gamers that had been their base as pre-teens and tweens in the 1970s and 80s, and were now in their twenties and thirties.
65. Thankfully the pressure was off him now, with his patient safely cosseted in his own medical wing with select nursing staff on hand for every hour of the twenty four to cater for his every need.
66. But his wife thought it was an absurd proposition as she believed that the idea of medical science was to cure the curable, and not to cater to a gone case; remember that my father too saw it that way.
67. The religions of tradition attract so many believers because they cater to a need for security and belonging: the need to be part of the collective and the need for the protection and embrace of a social group.
68. The main terrible problem I have been able to discover is that most poor people are not foresighted, they don’t plan for years to come, they are only cater for the present and that is why the suffer at old age.
69. The Greek philosopher Socrates (400 BC), reflecting on the visible universe, inferred that God exists as a providence, that is, as a provider, responsible for all those things in the world that cater for human needs.
70. Such is the force of habit, and the inertia of mind for change, that even a faith so well-crafted to cater to the psyche of poor, initially failed to make even the poorest of the Meccans flock into Muhammad’s fold.
71. Never mind, it had always been the electoral calculus of the Congress party that given the caste divisions in the Hindu majority, politically it pays to cater to the Muslim religious proclivities to win over their votes en block.
72. Just kidding, we did outdoor stuff too, and most of our shopping online seeing as how the mall shops couldn’t cater to our obscure media needs, having to dedicate the majority of their shelf-space to the lowest common denominator.
73. Pavel Pavlovitch was despatched to cater for the party, while his lady informed Velchaninoff that they were on their way from O——, where Pavel Pavlovitch served, to their country place—a lovely house, she said, some twenty-five miles away.
74. Quite in contrast, the Versailles Club seemed to cater more to the nouveau riche rather than the old money and was frequently shunned by the more sophisticated Dunes Club, which did not consider its competitor in the private country club market as a threat.
75. Those girls are now forced to work as prostitutes and sex objects in a number of Black Hand exclusive and secret sex clubs around the planet that cater to the rich and powerful, people like judges, high functionaries and even a few ministers, generals and admirals.
76. Over six hundred prisoners were packed into a place built a hundred years before to cater for less than one-third of this number, and even then those spaces were derided for being inhumane - even for the worst of criminals like murderers, horse thieves and bigamists.
77. Most of them could shake a stick at a sandwich, but as with all eating establishments that cater entirely for passing trade, care had to be taken in choosing what to eat, especially when that what might have been sitting there all day with only the sweating sun and flies for company.
78. So, ironically, Mother India, in its myriad political dominions, would have been a no man’s land to its provincial potentates, and in later years, the Mohammedan usurpers saw its riches as their personal endowments to cater to their pleasures ‘here’ and to perpetuate their memory ‘forever’.
79. Throughout the universe every kingdom are in 1 of these cater glories, either the kingdom go light, or the kingdom of darkness, so as Creation in every place were there is life are in the category of the kingdom of light which end up in the kingdom of New Heaven and New Earth this is everyone that is in Creation.
80. When a restaurant offers menus in English to Spanish to Japanese to Swahili (well maybe not, but I think I’ve made the point), you can’t help but feel the restaurant is trying to appeal to the masses! When restaurants do this, the food on offer is usually generic concoctions, trying to cater to foreign tastebuds.
81. God may have made everything for human kind! It has been said that God is responsible for all those things in the world that cater for human needs, for example; Oxygen for our lungs - the Earth has four layers of decreasing amounts of air to the height of 500 miles, a digestive tract for our food, a blood circulation system to remove and replenish wastes.
82. She said that’s not what her husband would’ve bargained for when he sent her to seek my help, and I told her that I couldn’t help as her charms corrupted my soul; when she retorted that she was not obliged to cater to my craving for her, I asked her, what if I helped her out only to woo her later? Won’t her sense of gratitude tend her emotionally towards me? As she would be my P.
83. Hasn’t his wit failed to cater to her innate romanticism, leaving her ever more in amorous want? Won’t that make her vulnerable to the misty looks of the fast guys? Why, hasn’t she taken to Raja though she tried to hide her feelings from me? Well, haven’t I felt her romantic impulses in spite of my own excitement? Surely, Raja wouldn’t have failed to notice Roopa’s infatuation for him.
84. So, won’t the least sought-after of the whores outscore all the Casanovas of the world put together; well, that’s in the lighter vein, but it was that experience which made me realize that it was stupid to generalize the sex-workers; the harlots in the hell-holes of cities’ red-light districts are a pitiable lot of gullible girls and hapless women forced to cater to the ever growing demand for paid sex there.
85. During the year 1878 it will spend more labor and money than ever before to deserve that pre-eminence—which it secured, and means to retain, by becoming the medium of the best thought, and the voice of the best conscience of the time; by keeping abreast of the highest progress, favoring the freest discussion, hearing all sides, appealing always to the best intelligence and the purest morality, and refusing to cater to the tastes of the vile or the prejudices of the ignorant.
86. Why, luckily for men, the hard nuts to crack for the final favor are few and far between! But then, the harder the struggle to win women over, the sweeter would be the pleasure in having them, wouldn’t it be? Oh, what else draws a man to a woman than his desire to access her persona specifics? Won’t woman bare her veiled assets for her fancied man to dabble with her private accounts? But after a few jaunts of his to her favored joint, what would be left in her for her lover to explore, and for her to show him more? And thereafter, how could she cater to his innate need for variety and what else she could conjure up to sustain his enticement? Oh, the poor thing, seeing his interest in her wane in time, won’t she turn more so eager to keep him in good humor? Of course, the more she gives her man; even more she satiates him, doesn’t she? And it’s only time before she finds her paramour bypass her favors for lesser flavors.

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