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Frasi con chaparral (in inglese)

  1. Chaparral should not.
  2. Just as a chaparral cha-cha is about.
  3. There are more nice chaparral cha-chas than you can.
  4. We got you going with the chaparral cha-cha back in the.
  5. Last night she had discovered herself in the chaparral.

  6. It's too early to bother with turning with your chaparral.
  7. She had entered the chaparral at night, something she very.
  8. She peered across the yard at the dark shadows of the chaparral.
  9. Here is a key point: the reason I label this the chaparral cha-.
  10. You seem to think you are bringing it to the rightful owner in the chaparral.
  11. I only know one Brazilian who's gone much farther than that into the chaparral.
  12. Powdered chaparral can be applied directly to minor wounds, after they have been.
  13. They were amassing a large contiguous plot of land about twenty miles into the chaparral.
  14. He knows it's two hundred fifty miles into the chaparral, that's all, as much as you know.
  15. They bedded down in a little copse of quibreaks out in the sparse wild theshes of the chaparral.

  16. Beside them was an old hangleaf holding what had to be the last public house before the wild chaparral.
  17. Chaparral has been used topically to decrease inflammation, and pain, and promote healing of minor wounds.
  18. He had been among the first to leave the Kassikan and the city and hole up in the Chaparral of the Gengee.
  19. He knew the Brazilians had settled out into the chaparral, but twelve to fifty miles, not two hundred and fifty.
  20. Our loss was considerably over a thousand, before the lines for attack were formed through the chaparral on the fringe of the woods.
  21. The anti-inflammatory effects of chaparral found in test tube research suggests this practice might have value, though clinical trials.
  22. His oldest sons had ridden out to deal with Waldeis, the one who had given Ernesto the infection and now ridden off into the wild chaparral in fear.
  23. They proposed buying a corridor thru the wild chaparral to connect their lands and Ernesto was arriving with a delegation of his sons to discuss it.
  24. But as the shuttlecraft made that one more orbit, Narrulla swung too far east to observe the Gengee chaparral, and its scope could no longer see what was happening out in the wilds of that basin.
  25. As the android swam in space toward it, he saw the ship because the video that its android's eyes provided to the Angel who animated it, could also be projected to the crystal ball on his desk down here in the chaparral below Gengee City.

  26. Herndon had used a little technology and a bit of money to establish this ranch farther into the chaparral than any other fenced operation, but tried hard not to upset the social or economic fabric of the area by encroaching too much on the open prairie.
  27. Her growing up, however, had been done in the other world, the world of Jenny, with its miles of highways, its drive-ins, beaches, and bougainvillea, chaparral, Tastee Freez, wildfires, stucco, cineplexes, bumper cars, in-ground pools, planned subdivisions up in the foothills with grids of paved streets and manholes and streetlights, as if someone had forgotten to build the houses, or as if some B-movie bomb had vaporized them.
  28. Modern research has not confirmed the usefulness of chaparral for indigestion,.

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