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Frasi con checker (in inglese)

  1. The checker stepped forward.
  2. The checker looked at his watch.
  3. What happened to the checker?
  4. It’s the editor, said the checker.
  5. What’s the gag? the checker asked.

  6. He stopped, directly in front of the checker.
  7. The checker trotted over from his pile of boxes.
  8. Jim heard the checker cry, Let me through here.
  9. Don’t bruise those apples, the checker said.
  10. The checker looked them over, dug down several layers.
  11. You can download it, along with our rank checker here.
  12. In disgust, Lov tossed the checker piece onto the table.
  13. Freeze the balls off a brass monkey, the checker said.
  14. Here’s a nickel’s worth, he said to the checker.
  15. The checker asked, You pretty sure that’s all it is?

  16. The checker marked in the buckets and then totaled the picking.
  17. The checker glanced quickly at him, for his tone had been satiric.
  18. Sam spun over and drove his knees between the legs of the checker.
  19. The voice of the checker called, Careful of those trees, over there.
  20. Harv Tiller the young telegrapher on night shift was a good checker player.
  21. The other day he knocked over a checker, and the checker had a gun, too.
  22. He walked over to the ash pile on the floor, and picked out the checker piece.
  23. He said, I thank you for the checker at the grocery store who checked out the turkey.
  24. With the last of the sunlight lingering in the west, we sat on their checker brick floored.
  25. Jim’s eyes darkened in anger for a second, and then he smiled and stepped close to the checker again.

  26. The checker answered, You take those men off this land or I’ll have the whole bunch of you run in.
  27. A checker stood beside the boxes and marked with a pencil in his little book as the bucket men came up.
  28. Each of the Checker cabs had been equipped with PRC-77 transmitter-receivers, known in Viet Nam as monsters.
  29. The checker backed up to the box pile, where his pickers shifted nervously, and watched with frightened faces.
  30. You can see how your company plan fares by using the Fee Checker on America’s Best 401k (http://americasbest401k.
  31. The board consisted of a checker board grid, covered with green felt, with raised borders defining the playing field.
  32. He glanced at them and flipped them aside, saying, This man is just a checker and I have it all worked out with his boss.
  33. After more delay an email from Kate revealed Microsoft’s approach to revising its spell checker, dictionary, and thesaurus.
  34. Suddenly your adversary's checker disappears beneath the board, and the problem is to place yours nearest to where his will appear again.
  35. We just want to talk, he said, and with one movement he stooped and dived, like a football tackle, and clipped the feet from under the checker.
  36. It’s not uncommon to uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential savings! Visit the Fee Checker on the following website: http://americasbest401k.
  37. A few minutes later, the Checker cab turned onto a busy avenue in Jackson Heights, then edged onto 85th Street, where Harry Stemkowsky lived with his wife, Mary.
  38. Resolution phosphate (for Phosphate, I recommend the Hanna Checker) So we've figured out our test kits, and we have a base understanding of salt water chemistry.
  39. IN THE BACKYARD I FOUND the old checker players from Hemple’s store tying up Byram Chaney, the retired teacher in whose wagon I’d been taken to the Klan rally.
  40. It seemed unlikely, as we had arrived by Checker cab, but we’d made it now, so I got in and found myself facing an older, sober gentleman who offered his hand.
  41. The checker at the loading station wore a sheepskin coat, and when he was not tallying, thrust hands and book and pencil into his breast pocket and moved his feet restlessly.
  42. Tom and his team have built a powerful online Fee Checker that can pull up your company’s plan (from the company’s tax return filing), and within seconds, it will show how your company’s plan stacks up against others and what you are really paying in fees.
  43. Why, for instance, tie up a full size court room for small claims or unlawful detainers? Put more seats in the hall, and use a regular office with attractive partitions between the judge and the parties and between the parties, and have a engineer hear the case, or a school teacher moonlighting for the summer, or a checker from the local market, or a construction worker, or an ex-policeman, or a social worker, or a graduate student.
  44. A sofa upholstered in prune plush had been translocated from opposite the door to the ingleside near the compactly furled Union Jack (an alteration which he had frequently intended to execute): the blue and white checker inlaid majolicatopped table had been placed opposite the door in the place vacated by the prune plush sofa: the walnut sideboard (a projecting angle of which had momentarily arrested his ingress) had been moved from its position beside the door to a more advantageous but more perilous position in front of the door: two chairs had been moved from right and left of the ingleside to the position originally occupied by the blue and white checker inlaid majolicatopped table.
  45. A bedraggled Derek walked over to the expectant checker,.

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  1. Far across the checkered marble floor, Mr.
  2. His checkered red and black flannel shirt was.
  3. I have a bit of a checkered past there, and I.
  4. The red checkered guy nodded and held out his hand.
  5. The checkered sports jacket of one of them was still on fire.
  6. She wore a huge checkered flannel shirt, about five sizes too big.
  7. The checkered pattern of that suspender recurred incessantly to his mind.
  8. The veiled brim of her hat cast checkered shadows over her pretty flowered dress.
  9. That’s what the black and white checkered shirt represented: the light and the.
  10. A few students in white thobes and checkered ghutras loll about the main building.
  11. Roman’s back ached, pushed against the marble of the hallway; the thin checkered.
  12. The one in the red checkered shirt raised his hand and waved his rifle at Jackie and me.
  13. Some guy in one of those very dark gray flannel suits and one of those checkered vests.
  14. A white sheet spills over the side of the gurney and brushes against grimy checkered tiles.
  15. She walked around the table toward me dragging a finger on the checkered tablecloth as she came.
  16. When the pancake flipper was removed, the policeman had a red checkered pattern across his cheek.
  17. The tiles in the Merciless Mart are always black and white, and here they are in a checkered pattern.
  18. Over his knees he had a checkered woollen plaid reaching to the floor, though it was warm in the room.
  19. There were plenty of checkered sport coats and wide-collared shirts opened to the medallion, if not the navel.
  20. Lines crossed each other, up and down, so much so that what Thomas held in his hands looked like a checkered grid.
  21. It had a picture of a race car in blue on the front and on either side of the race car were blue checkered flags.
  22. It turned out to be a cozy place with checkered tablecloths, real linen, and the obligatory wine bottle with the.
  23. Rubano was my father, he said as he removed a cigar and the cutter from the pocket of his checkered sports coat.
  24. Trask's tragedy came in for a lot of discussion, but at least it forestalled discussion of his supposedly checkered past.
  25. The order’s color is actually a checkered pattern of green, brown, and blue, representing vegetation, earth, and water.
  26. I looked up: there was a white, checkered cloth, and between the checks was a black vault in which burned fires of all colours.
  27. Centuries of wind and weather had worn it down, but the shape of it was still distinct: a rampant lion made of checkered squares.
  28. He looks overly smart today, dressed in a pair of black satin pants and a crispy, plum, checkered shirt with smartly folded sleeves.
  29. A few more steps and she was in the tiny café, which was nothing but a cheap add-on with a dozen tables adorned with checkered cloth.
  30. The red road lay checkered in shade and sun glare beneath the over-arching trees and the many hooves kicked up little red clouds of dust.
  31. He stopped in his game of imaginary chess with pepper and salt shakers on the checkered paper tablecloth: stopped breathing, or so it seemed.
  32. While my relatives were rulers, my father was a healer and I have had a rather checkered career, which did include many years in the military.
  33. Sitting behind the drums was a thin, balding man wearing denim and checkered black-and-white eyeglass frames that had been tattooed onto his face.
  34. He wasn’t exactly sure how to confront her about this, for this was not something he’d encountered before in his checkered career as a rock star.
  35. I also understand what a checkered record DS has for completing such investigations in a timely manner and resolving so-called derogatory information.
  36. I could see them all sitting around in some bar, with their goddam checkered vests, criticizing shows and books and women in those tired, snobby voices.
  37. At that moment General Woundwort, out on the open grass below the bank, was facing Thistle and Ragwort in the checkered yellow moonlight of the small hours.
  38. Some are more one than the other, and no one truly knows the mystery and recipe of how to build a checkered king; often it is just lucky jumps that make it.
  39. Tall, lean, weathered, wearing boots and jeans and a checkered shirt and a cowboy hat, he would have fit right into any Western that John Ford ever directed.
  40. On either side of the city, and beyond it, stretched the fertile meadowlands, with cattle browsing in the distance where fields and vineyards checkered the plain.
  41. You know Mitchell, a majority of my patients have difficulty in their lives today because of their checkered past; especially a childhood that started out painfully.
  42. She was a black woman with a checkered past, a Federation Marine lieutenant who had converted to marry her husband, a white Jewish man who held the rank of lieutenant in the Federation Space Force.
  43. The chemistry of his emotions, whether good or bad, emitted a bitter afterthought; the once focused medical student who overcame his checkered past by concentrating on his future, was now truly haunted.
  44. The checkered history of the Interborough Rapid Transit System in New York City has presented a great variety of divergences between market prices and the real or relative values ascertainable by analysis.
  45. Mary came, and Fred was in high spirits, though his enjoyment was of a checkered kind—triumph that his mother should see Mary's importance with the chief personages in the party being much streaked with jealousy when Mr.
  46. Churchill led a checkered life; constantly landing on red or black squares of the labor or conservative party until he was finally completely corrupted and landed only on the black squares, in a reversal of how checkers is played.
  47. Another milestone in Roger’s checkered life marks the beginning of a rejuvenating and promising future that breaks the vegetating mold of his most recent past and propels him into new heights of personal and professional fulfillment.
  48. When they came out of the woods, all his attention was engrossed by the view of the fallow land on the upland, in parts yellow with grass, in parts trampled and checkered with furrows, in parts dotted with ridges of dung, and in parts even ploughed.
  49. The rest of the flight home to Washington, was relatively uneventful, though filled with hilarity and entertaining antecedents of previous tours, concerts, and miscellaneous adventures (and misadventures) the band had experienced throughout their checkered career.
  50. While Fernanda was speaking to someone in the office next door, Meme remained in a parlor checkered with large oil paintings of colonial archbish-ops, still wearing an etamine dress with small black flowers and stiff high shoes which were swollen by the cold of the uplands.
  51. Jesus told her only one thing about herself, but his look into her eyes and the manner of his dealing with her had so brought all of her checkered life in panoramic review before her mind in a moment of time that she associated all of this self-revelation of her past life with the look and the word of the Master.
  52. At length the sun's rays have attained the right angle, and warm winds blow up mist and rain and melt the snowbanks, and the sun, dispersing the mist, smiles on a checkered landscape of russet and white smoking with incense, through which the traveller picks his way from islet to islet, cheered by the music of a thousand tinkling rills and rivulets whose veins are filled with the blood of winter which they are bearing off.
  1. Bring a game of checkers.
  2. We were playing checkers.
  3. But that led into checkers.
  4. It had red and white checkers.
  5. We used to play checkers and chess together.
  6. Yet checkers still with red the dusky brakes.
  7. Yeah, like checkers or chess, but different.
  8. I watched a man and his son playing checkers a few rows over.
  9. In one corner, two old men were playing checkers in front of a.
  10. Afterward, while we were playing a game of checkers, she spoke:.
  11. It was like a game of checkers played at a distance and in silence.
  12. By the way we were going; you could hardly think that we were going to play checkers.
  13. What was the hidden meaning of that name checkers? It was Churchill’s own private joke.
  14. You could sew or play checkers, he suggested brightly, even cards, and maybe knit.
  15. We'll set you by a fire and feed you something warm and we'll play a game of checkers with Pascal.
  16. And the checkers and the agent boys were bawling the destinies of buses, GUWAHATI-GUWAHATI-GUWAHATI!.
  17. Complete with both red and black checkers, numbered boards would be set up in train stations along the way.
  18. He figured it would be like applying the rules for checkers into a chess game and wondering why he had lost.
  19. There were seven counters and twelve checkers, none of whom were allowed to vote because they had to be independent.
  20. And ever since, the checkers are heard rattling, and the two damned souls are still playing the game in the tower-room.
  21. It was growing dusky when the rumble in the packing-house stopped at last and the checkers called out, Come on in, you men.
  22. And having this job, we had plenty of time on our hands, with very few demands, so most of us played checkers, or Rook every day.
  23. One night the telegraph in the next office began its string of clicks, but it wasn’t some other telegrapher wanting to play checkers.
  24. I’d thought of learning to play checkers, the game that the night shift telegraphers, miles apart, played by wire during slack times.
  25. With the spell checkers available on your computer it only takes a second and a click of your mouse to do this, so get into the habit early!.
  26. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday somehow he beat her at dominoes, somehow she lost at checkers, and soon, she cried, he'd defeat her handsomely at chess.
  27. Sometimes their hands reached out for a game of checkers or a string of beads or an old chair, and just as they touched it they looked up and there were Mr.
  28. How many board games are based upon the idea of decapitation? Chess, Checkers, Chinese checkers, card games, the throwing of dice, the throwing of bones, etc.
  29. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday somehow he beat her at dominoes, somehow she lost at checkers, and soon, she cried, he’d defeat her handsomely at chess.
  30. And the father put one of his checkers on the boy’s and made for the son another king, by which the son would use to destroy the father’s hopes of winning a checkers game.
  31. Another conjecture was that once the notorious Menyhart Orzo, who was supreme under King Rudolph in the castle, played a game of checkers with his neighbor, Boldizsar Zomolnoky.
  32. All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it.
  33. We invite you to join us in bringing dominos into classrooms, adding this valuable collaborative skill to the approved set of other games that school children play (backgammon, chess, checkers, etc.
  34. But don’t linger too much over them, since many of you, who still continue to play in devised spirituality, remind me of those amateurs who play checkers (chess is out of the question!) with themselves.
  35. Churchill led a checkered life; constantly landing on red or black squares of the labor or conservative party until he was finally completely corrupted and landed only on the black squares, in a reversal of how checkers is played.
  36. From breakfast until bedtime she was busy with him in the salon, while the other two played Chinese checkers, and when at last she managed to put him to sleep she would hang the wicker cage from the ceiling on the cooler side of the railing.
  37. After dinner each evening, there were more formal entertainments—a variety show, an amateur hour, mock trials and mock weddings, bingo games, checkers and chess tournaments, and a casino night during which the athletes wagered stage money.
  38. During the course of years of production on a book such as The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, many people become invested in the project, from researchers and investigators to copy editors and fact checkers to designers, publicists, and, yes, even attorneys.
  39. Amaranta felt freed of a reef, and she herself did not understand why she started thinking again at that time about Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, why she remembered with such nostalgia the afternoons of Chinese checkers, and why she even desired him as the man in her bedroom.
  40. During that year just before Nixon was to give his famous Checkers speech invoking the family dog and Pat’s cloth coat to stay on the ticket as Ike’s vice presidential running mate, Burger, then the Minnesota Republican leader, and his wife, Vera, sent Nixon a word of encouragement.
  41. He sank into the rocking chair, the same one in which Rebeca had sat during the early days of the house to give embroidery lessons, and in which Amaranta had played Chinese checkers with Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, and in which Amaranta Úrsula had sewn the tiny clothing for the child, and in that flash of lucidity he became aware that he was unable to bear in his soul the crushing weight of so much past.
  42. Churchill did not change his goal of winning a 2nd war in Europe with the changing times because the undead ghouls of his family’s evil filthy dynasty had a death grip on his inner soul: he systematically corrupted himself and reduced himself to selling his soul for money in order to ‘preserve’ and ‘save’ his country estate called checkers to keep it in running order and pay for his staff of servants.
  43. The level of Churchill’s political cunning was the level of playing a game of checkers… The goal of checkers is to turn as many pieces into Kings by putting another piece on top of the pieces in play: this signifies an undead entity which controls the movements of the living human it takes control of and gives it more mobility because it is operating in two zones instead of just one, and can see what other undead players are doing to oppose its goals and counter-act them without the living shell it controls being aware of its 2-level manipulations in the realm of the Living and the realm of the undead.

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