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Frasi con checkout (in inglese)

  1. Checkout is at noon tomorrow.
  2. He proceeded to the checkout line.
  3. He watched the checkout and an old.
  4. Checkout the following P90X3 Reviews:.
  5. The checkout assistant asked for thirty-.

  6. After that I saw her on the checkout and.
  7. Checkout the following Focus T25 Reviews:.
  8. Ray looked up from the checkout counter as.
  9. She made it up to the only open checkout lane.
  10. Let’s go checkout the plane, I told him.
  11. He then looked for the quickest checkout lane.
  12. Five or six, they're stuck in a checkout lane.
  13. And I still had the checkout clerk to deal with.
  14. The woman completed her assault at the checkout.
  15. Checkout the following 10 Minute Trainer Reviews:.

  16. Yeah, I found a checkout line that had just opened.
  17. This is the high speed checkout line for people with.
  18. Well, as I said, you’re in the high speed checkout.
  19. Next up is a girl from the checkout aisles, a karaoke queen.
  20. Just tell the checkout person that you left your card home.
  21. Maia nodded and Annette pushed the cart to the checkout lanes.
  22. She moved to the checkout line and started unloading the food.
  23. At the checkout, her eyes fell upon the poster behind the counter.
  24. Here are just a few places to checkout, if you need more of a detailed.
  25. I feel the checkout girl should react in some way … but she doesn’t.

  26. She smiled at the remaining volunteers, and went to the checkout window.
  27. If I was in line at the checkout, and somebody ahead of me pulled out a.
  28. You hear a lot of idiomatic English in those checkout lines, my darling.
  29. My choice would have been to get to the checkout and be told that I owed $5.
  31. If the sale is completed (Visitor goes through the checkout process), you get a.
  32. The user doesn’t checkout on your site, they checkout on a website that is selling.
  33. She couldn’t imagine Ben, chin-to-chest Ben, setting a dye kit on the checkout counter.
  34. L’eggs was convenient to purchase right at the checkout counter of most grocery stores.
  35. At the checkout he gives the spirits a quick once over and asks for a bottle of Fundador.
  36. As I moved into the checkout line, I began unloading the five cases of cat food from my cart.
  37. As he hardly had any time to catch the Bangalore Express, he rushed to the reception to checkout.
  38. Then, we use git to switch to an older version of this library using the git checkout command ➋.
  39. Guido approached a deck mounted control console and initiated an automated checkout of the vessel.
  40. Checkout time is at noon, but that wont be a problem for you because you have a morning rendezvous.
  41. As consumers we should be demanding that these rebates are passed on to us when we are at the checkout.
  42. Only 40 minutes after his call to Vinnie, he stood at the checkout desk beside a well-dressed attorney.
  43. She spent a while looking for her purse, like it was the last thing she'd imagine needing at a checkout.
  44. The intrepid reporter accosts a woman in the checkout queue and asks her what she thinks of Punk Rock.
  45. At the checkout point I looked at the heap of purchased items, at Josie and Tali and then back at the items.
  46. Me? I work behind the counter, she replied, pointing to the checkout counter at the front of the store.
  47. She was beginning to take stuff out of the basket and swap it for better quality leftovers at the next checkout.
  48. If your name IS available - then continue with registering your domain name by proceeding through to the checkout.
  49. If not, it happened when some creative checkout clerks used the subtotal key when they were doing their thing up front.
  50. I guess it’s checkout time, he thought as he waited for a pair jagged fangs to start shredding his exposed bare flesh.
  51. While buying the software I mentioned to the checkout person that I could have had the same deal for $60, with no rebate.
  52. Neither would have picked up the shooting, so if the shooter didn’t go through the checkout line with his gun in hand….
  53. He was especially gratified to see a small dark-haired woman wearing an expensive Fila tracksuit in line at the checkout counter.
  54. We got that boat eased back out where we were safe again and pulled it out and returned it to the wardens at the checkout station.
  55. She had told them that a generous old white-haired lady had come through her checkout line and felt sorry for her for some reason.
  56. I joined Marjorie at the counter again and the rest of the afternoon passed quite quickly, with plenty of customers coming through the checkout.
  57. Once, about six years ago when I was still in Delaware, I was standing in the checkout line at a food store and I listened to two women in front of me.
  58. I went to the store, did some dreaded shopping, went to the checkout and handed over my Tops card, but the checkout person said that it was no good there.
  59. Grocery shopping is all about making a mad dash through grocery store aisles, dumping stuff into the trolley and whizzing to the checkout counter in record time.
  60. However, when you’ve completed the tutorials, you can switch to the newest version of bitcoinJ (git checkout master) to experiment with its shiny new features.
  61. In my workdays, we did our best to get the shoppers away from the checkout and on their way home as quickly as possible, something that doesn’t happen much today.
  62. It’s rare that you see every checkout open, but why not open more lanes if shoppers are backed up down the aisles? The answer invariably is that there’s not enough help.
  63. The freak crashed into Seth, causing him to stumble forward against one of the remaining checkout tables and he shook himself free of its tangled arms in a surge of panic, but he was safe.
  64. I thanked Jakon for pointing me in the right direction, and then I noticed the once empty shirt rack next to the checkout counter had dozens of Chuck’s mustache turtle t-shirts hanging on it.
  65. By not eating candy bars… but the very magazines featuring models who have perfectly slim waists sit right next to all the last-minute impulse junk foods at the checkout counters in supermarket stores.
  66. Then, after browsing through a local library, he stood in the checkout lane for a good five minutes while the librarian was busy chatting it up with an old acquaintance of hers who stood in front of him.
  67. A simple trip to the grocery store will be filled with episodes of bad drivers, poorly-timed traffic lights, crowded aisles, indifferent checkout clerks, and thin plastic grocery bags that rip too easily.
  68. The first amount may have only been two dollars, but the checkout clerk could pocket this amount and continue his thievery with more orders in the same manner, thus enhancing his wallet at the end of the day and ripping off the consumer.
  69. While I appreciate the fact that the folks at Hallmark Cards went to the trouble of exhuming the two ladies working at the checkout, and will no doubt return them to their graves after the holiday rush is over, there to wait until next season's shopping frenzy again summons them from the cold confines of their caskets, I do wish they could move the storeroom, where they apparently keep the boxes in which every little ceramic figurine comes in, a little closer to the front counter.
  70. Myers went through the customary pre-start checkout,.

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