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Frasi con cheering (in inglese)

  1. She was cheering him on.
  2. It is too hot for cheering.
  3. To lift thy cheering spires.
  4. The room erupted in cheering.
  5. When the cheering reached a.

  6. The cheering masses rang with.
  7. Duana had been cheering for him.
  8. Whistles and cheering broke out.
  9. Cheering me on, leading the way.
  10. Maybe a little cheering at some.
  11. And this affects your cheering.
  12. As it did so, the cheering of the.
  13. An uproar of cheering and applause.
  14. There was a loud cheering everywhere.
  15. But their cheering lacked conviction.

  16. But the cheering instant of recalling.
  17. There was loud cheering of groom party.
  18. The campers’ cheering died instantly.
  19. The hal erupted in cheering and applause.
  20. When they had done cheering, Nimrod rose.
  21. They’re cheering as the limo moves out.
  22. No, for her, it would always be cheering.
  23. The crowd jumped up and started cheering.
  24. Not the militia, nor the cheering crowds.
  25. Cheering could be heard in the background.

  26. Next, the germs were cheering outside a.
  27. The crowd screams, cheering and whistling.
  28. The applause and cheering doubled as the.
  29. The crowd is standing and cheering wildly.
  30. The crowd erupts with cheering and applause.
  31. The accelerated particle had kids cheering.
  32. They all erupted into applause and cheering.
  33. You could now hear the crowd cheering loudly.
  34. Raj’s cheering portrait was smiling to us.
  35. By the end of the night she is cheering us on.
  36. With that everyone was on their feet cheering.
  37. How cheering to read of Baxter and his labors.
  38. The game's on the line, the crowd is cheering.
  39. Everybody’s cheering and stomping their feet.
  40. Play ball! The crowd started cheering again.
  41. They burst into riotous applause and cheering.
  42. The audience erupted into applause and cheering.
  43. These good citizens begin cheering again.
  44. She was still silently cheering when she heard.
  45. Millions are cheering for them, you understand.
  46. As the finish approached, they started cheering.
  47. Greg thought he heard cheering in the background.
  48. Cheering me on and jeering at Reverend Channing.
  49. Everything was capital, everything was cheering.
  50. The group came alive then, clapping and cheering.
  51. A bunch of ugly cheering rose from the Ares table.
  52. Because the cheering of the crowd turned into a.
  53. A crowd has gathered round, jeering and cheering.
  54. Cheering told her that the royal party had arrived.
  55. His older brother is at his side cheering for him.
  56. Triumphantly, the two boys turned to the cheering.
  57. This team, it will have the cheering girls?
  58. Every one of them clapping and cheering as I neared.
  59. The cheering stopped and the joy was turned to dread.
  60. The mates cheering him on, and cheering her on too!.
  61. His children are clapping and cheering and screaming.
  62. And with a great deal of bustle and cheering they did.
  63. The room exploded with noise of clapping and cheering.
  64. A chance to parade around in front of cheering crowds.
  65. They both dismounted and stood before the cheering folk.
  66. She broke the kiss when the other men started cheering.
  67. A throng had gathered at the arena area, cheering him.
  68. Emma was brought out of her meditative state by cheering.
  69. As the cheering at last died away and gave way to happy.
  70. Moan, moan, and here I am supposed to be cheering you up.
  71. This time the cheering was a great roar of happy approval.
  72. Safety! he yelled, and ran to his cheering teammates.
  73. There were a loud cheering of joy and happiness all around.
  74. The sound of cheering could be heard far away from the hall.
  75. A dense crowd of cheering men were round the four travelers.
  76. Will they please stop cheering? I need to get off this stage.
  77. Clapping and cheering; in tune with Theo’s sense of humour.
  78. He raised his hand again, but the cheering became even louder.
  79. She had heard everyone counting down then cheering a while ago.
  80. The crowd was cheering, but it wasn’t me they were cheering.
  81. As they walked, there was clapping and cheering from all sides.
  82. The music starts and everyone already knew what it was cheering.
  83. It was not packed with cheering civilians, but instead soldiers.
  84. He saw the crowd cheering and realized that the ones sitting in.
  85. He and the trebuchet crew were the ones they should be cheering.
  86. As for the rest of the family, everyone was smiling and cheering.
  87. This time, no one was struck with a whip for cheering too loudly.
  88. But on this side too there was a cheering sense of money; for Mrs.
  89. Horns sounded at some distance, and the noise of cheering rolled.
  90. As the ship lowered, I could see a vast crowd of cheering, waving.
  91. The others laughed, they started cheering and making obscene remarks.
  92. And of the cheering thousands, the most enraptured of all was Edgar.
  93. While they kiss, I look away and find Emily cheering with the crowd.
  94. They sat the crown on my head as clapping and cheering came from the.
  95. In the crowd of cheering women, with Steven by her side, Alice sighed.
  96. Was he cheering for me? Or did a part of him enjoy watching me fail?
  97. Who has not been cheering when each bucketful of water finds its mark.
  98. The children loved it; they were cheering and clapping for the driver.
  99. I got off the bus and left the merriment of the cheering football fans.
  100. The chelonauts' honour guard appeared, to much cheering from the crowd.
  1. Hope it cheered you up.
  2. I cheered more than most.
  3. He cheered up at her sight.
  4. They cheered when she sank.
  5. They all cheered once more.
  6. That cheered her up no end.
  7. Stephen cheered up a little.
  8. That thought cheered me, too.
  9. The nuns laughed and cheered.
  10. That cheered me up for weeks.
  11. But then they finally cheered.
  12. The folk cheered and clapped.
  13. They cheered wildly in return.
  14. The Branton side cheered 121.
  15. The whole crowd cheered them.
  16. The crowd cheered around them.
  17. The crowd cheered and clapped.
  18. The Dragons cheered at his words.
  19. The audience roared and cheered.
  20. They cheered for the pinstripes.
  21. As it arrived we cheered as if.
  22. Will cheered up a little at this.
  23. You've cheered us up! We'll be.
  24. The audience cheered and clapped.
  25. The Arboreans clapped and cheered.
  26. The people within earshot cheered.
  27. The crowd shouted and cheered back.
  28. Everyone clapped and cheered at us.
  29. The crowd cheered Jaume’s escape.
  30. The others cheered their agreement.
  31. The children cheered, "We did it!".
  32. Again the folk cheered and clapped.
  33. And everyone cheered me to the roof.
  34. The crowd cheered wildly for him!.
  35. They cheered and returned to singing.
  36. That cheered her—but only a little.
  37. The soldiers in the cottage cheered.
  38. The crowd cheered her while clapping.
  39. He must be cheered up and reassured.
  40. A few wiseguys in the crowd cheered.
  41. The residents of Wood’s End cheered.
  42. The wood trolls cheered and applauded.
  43. The group above cheered at the news.
  44. That cheered them all up tremendously.
  45. The 'I told you so' brigade cheered.
  46. They all cheered, many through tears.
  47. The soldiers cheered and yelled abuse.
  48. My coming up here even has cheered her.
  49. They screamed and cheered, all of them.
  50. No one cheered when the lights returned.
  51. That’s the spirit, Amber cheered.
  52. Some boys cheered and then flung stones.
  53. The shorts cheered and hung on for more.
  54. The crowd laughed and cheered even more.
  55. Ponting was cheered by teammates as he.
  56. People cheered him in Tortuga and Goaves.
  57. Good for you, Abraham, I cheered silently.
  58. The throng of giants whooped and cheered.
  59. The dwarves and Bilbo shouted and cheered.
  60. All those people who cheered at the March.
  61. Wee-ho-la! he cheered to the walls.
  62. Everyone in the tavern cheered and clapped.
  63. The sound of running water cheered me some.
  64. She cheered herself, then, by singing the.
  65. We won, we won! Losers! they cheered.
  66. The crowd loved it and clapped and cheered.
  67. All of the girls cheered but Alex was lost.
  68. The voice that cheered me for so many years.
  69. Still, all along the way people cheered us.
  70. The stadium cheered wildly, even for a Card.
  71. The crowed all cheered in celebration, and.
  72. And the crowds thronging the streets cheered.
  73. The music faded and the crowd cheered again.
  74. Marina jumped for joy Yes! she cheered.
  75. The folk were excited too, as they cheered.
  76. I think we cheered a little as we drove off.
  77. The only thing that cheered me up was Carter.
  78. The crowd cheered, whistled and shouted as.
  79. So all the Tyhunies present cheered for him.
  80. Conseil's unflappable composure cheered me up.
  81. The nuns hated Philemon, and they all cheered.
  82. It worked! It worked! He cheered again.
  83. The entire camp got to their feet and cheered.
  84. They are cheered on by a complacent citizenry.
  85. The small crowd of watching Sogn-folk cheered.
  86. The whole group stood up this time and cheered.
  87. The troll folk in the inn cheered their support.
  88. The crowd cheered for the autistic boy who had.
  89. The auctioneer yelled sold and the crowd cheered.
  90. Annah cheered even more when Laura said that and.
  91. Who lived in ignorance – and now has cheered up.
  92. We told each other stories, laughed, and cheered.
  93. The crowds around the stage cheered and whistled.
  94. In the back row, it was a girl who cheered first.
  95. The crowd cheered as they expected Hariharan or S.
  96. The dwarves and stone giants cheered their victory.
  97. All around them, the villagers clapped and cheered.
  98. The audience cheered as he walked back to his seat.
  99. The crowd cheered, clapped, and stomped their feet.
  100. You’ve really cheered John up, Theodore said.
  1. He always cheers me up.
  2. Well then cheers to JT.
  3. The crowd cheers for them.
  4. The crowd burst into cheers.
  5. Cheers rise from the shore.
  6. The crowd erupts into cheers.
  7. The crowd screams and cheers.
  8. The assembly rose into cheers.
  9. The room erupted with cheers.
  10. Cheers erupted from the crowd.
  11. Cheers from all the assembly.
  12. Wild cheers greeted his words.
  13. The audience claps and cheers.
  14. The crowd cheers and applauds.
  15. Our side exploded into cheers.
  16. Happy cheers greeted that order.
  17. Three cheers greeted this order.
  18. Cheers nearly blew off the roof.
  19. The Cal fans erupted in cheers.
  20. Cheers went out around the crowd.
  21. Music always cheers people up.
  22. The crowd stands, claps and cheers.
  23. So here's to life, cheers, I Quit!.
  24. The audience claps and cheers again.
  25. The crowd claps and cheers for them.
  26. Start the day with cheers and smiles.
  27. Loud cheers greeted this announcement.
  28. That got some more cheers and laughs.
  29. Sorry about the long silence, cheers.
  30. More cheers and whistles and clapping.
  31. There were even a few claps and cheers.
  32. He cheers us with a gracious sentence.
  33. A concert of cheers greeted that scene.
  34. Cheers at the forefront of wonder and.
  35. The cheers stop and it goes quiet again.
  36. We said cheers and sipped our first gulps.
  37. The cheers became deafening as I continued.
  38. When cheers are all gone, what lingers on.
  39. Loud cheers and clapping broke out as he.
  40. The bridge erupted into cheers and clapping.
  41. This results in cheers from the entire wall.
  42. The cheers turned to boos and foot stomping.
  43. More cheers and applauses followed her words.
  44. Where nothing cheers nor saddens, but a fire.
  45. Big grins and cheers greeted those last words.
  46. Whoops, hollers, and cheers erupted once more.
  47. Cheers that flatter, applause that swells.
  48. Hi Diane D! the crowd shouts and cheers.
  49. The whole place burst into cheers and applause.
  50. One of their cheers was, Push on to victory.
  51. There were cheers from everyone on the bridge.
  52. Block Party that year was greeted with cheers.
  53. The crowd erupted with loud applause and cheers.
  54. Cheers and more applause rang him into his seat.
  55. The crowded room burst into applause and cheers.
  56. Yeah Diane D! the crowd shouts and cheers.
  57. Not for Must-See TV, home of Cheers and Friends.
  58. The cheers could be heard throughout the forest.
  59. A few cheers bubbled up cautiously, from the kids.
  60. The ball went in and the crowd erupted in cheers.
  61. Cheers! I don't know what they did with my stuff.
  62. He was backed up by an uproar of approving cheers.
  63. Youshould have heard the cheers in the kitchen! 5.
  64. There was thunderous applause, whistles and cheers.
  65. The cheers, the roars, mounted in deafening volume.
  66. There was no laughter or cheers to be heard, but.
  67. Loud cheers greeted them as they walked to the edge.
  68. Let’s cheers buddies!! they all got excited.
  69. The crowd in the courtroom erupted with cheers and.
  70. Matthew rolls again and gets seven the crowd cheers.
  71. He lapped up the cheers of his companions and the.
  72. Loud cheers greeted the conclusion of Bert's speech.
  73. There were scattered cheers and some muted laughter.
  74. The room erupts into applause, whistles, and cheers.
  75. The sight of him drew cheers from a few spectators.
  76. The uproar of cheers from the guests ended our kiss.
  77. The crowd screams and cheers as Tonio waves to them.
  78. The cheers and applause at the offer were thunderous.
  79. The audience exploded with cheers and wolf whistles.
  80. Director Estilon raises his hands to quiet the cheers.
  81. It cheers us up to work under the master's eye….
  82. A mixed noise of cheers and horrified yells went up.
  83. The congregation erupted in cheers and clapping as a.
  84. This information was greeted with a chorus of cheers.
  85. The cheers of the crowd resonate through the windows.
  86. A smattering of cheers went up from the white audience.
  87. The cheers were broken by the deafening sound of horns.
  88. Cheers! Ritter turned and stepped into the elevator.
  89. Immediately we are greeted with cheers of exhalation.
  90. The crowd screams and cheers as Marilyn waves to them.
  91. The crowds erupted into cheers again and continued the.
  92. He ended the cheers and chants that were sickening him.
  93. The music changed and the crowd erupted in cheers from.
  94. The others noticed, throwing cheers and applauds at Joey.
  95. The crowd claps and cheers on hearing the guilty verdict.
  96. Paul remembered well, and he cheers and encourages them.
  97. With that the Hall erupted in music and there were cheers.
  98. The crowd erupted into cheers and chants yelling out the.
  99. I couldn’t be sure of where the cheers were coming from.
  100. Wild cheers came out of the French soldiers at those words.

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1. It is time to cheer.
2. I started to cheer up.
3. That would cheer her up.
4. That will cheer you up.
5. This will cheer you up.
6. Then it is time to cheer.
7. Come on mate cheer up.
8. Said My Duty Is To Cheer.
9. Oh, come now, cheer up.
10. A cheer filled the bridge.
11. I'm in need of cheer, Finn.
12. It would always cheer me up.
13. A cheer went up among them.
14. Let's cheer him up shall we.
15. The delicate cheer and good.
16. That raised a cheer of support.
17. Let’s have a cheer for the.
18. A cheer erupted from the street.
19. Well, Fannie will cheer you up.
20. A cheer went up around the room.
21. And with one smile to cheer me.
22. Cheer up! We'll be out of this.
23. As the last half-hearted cheer.
24. They were trying to cheer me up.
25. Besides I'm here to cheer you up.
26. The soldiers gave a rousing cheer.
27. The class began to cheer, but Mrs.
29. Who will bring me a bit of cheer?
30. Try and cheer her up, if possible.
31. Should Holiday Cheer Be Required?
32. A fierce cheer was their response.
33. I knew exactly how to cheer him up.
34. We try to cheer him up very quietly.
35. Thomas wished he could cheer at that.
36. Cheer up, and have a thankful heart.
37. They knew that everyone would cheer.
38. A cheer of excitement arose as they.
39. More audience members cheer and clap.
40. I long the pleasing tune of your cheer.
41. They need some of your Leo good cheer.
42. THE TWENTY-SIX VETS continued to cheer.
43. Is there a cheer for central control?
44. Cheer up and give me a hand with lunch.
45. The men around me began a roaring cheer.
46. A subdued cheer went up from the others.
47. So I went in and tried to cheer her up.
48. The students start to scream and cheer.
49. I have to think of a way to cheer her up.
50. A cheer goes up from the men around him.
51. Derek to cheer me up and help me through.
52. Their early morning cheer was too forced.
53. Didn't she have to cheer or something?
54. A loud cheer erupted from the prisoners.
55. And that wine may cheer the heart of man.
56. Petra wanted to raise her hands and cheer.
57. She smiled at his attempt to cheer her up.
58. December is here with its Christmas cheer.
59. Again there was a huge cheer from the vets.
60. Lately I haven't had a lot to cheer about.
61. Be of good cheer! I have not deserted you.
62. I wanted something to cheer AND inebriate.
63. Remember these things, and be of good cheer.
64. We could use a little cheer around here.
65. Cheer up darling, that's one down only 56.
66. A few seconds later they cheer and stand up.
67. The four of us burst into a triumphant cheer.
68. Alright, I said with cheer in my voice.
69. Jacques tried to cheer him up, but the task.
70. But cheer up, Barliman! You have been on the.
71. Naturally, as her husband I had to cheer her.
72. That might help to cheer him up! said Watson.
73. Each of the travelers gave a cheer of victory.
74. They all whoop for joy, cheer, point and laugh.
75. To help celebrate with all kinds of good cheer.
76. Carry on as if I wasn't here to cheer you along.
77. She sensed it and made small talk to cheer me up.
78. Yep! he says with a kind of malicious cheer.
79. He screamed out a loud Croke Park football cheer.
80. We cheer, and squirm, and jeer along with all of.
81. Perhaps Venkatesh may bring some cheer to her boy.
82. A cheer went up from all the defenders on the wall.
83. Aw, cheer up, brother, Breckenridge continued.
84. You always want to cheer when you hear ‘the bad.
85. I told you that would cheer her up, Wendy said.
86. The students, parents and teachers applaud and cheer.
87. A mild cheer coruscated through the crowds worldwide.
88. Yeah! the back of the crowd screams and cheer!.
89. A loud cheer went up outside and in rushed the medics.
90. A cheer went up from the crowd, and the bride emerged.
91. He was too deeply disappointed to be able to cheer up.
92. He will get a paper and some tobacco, to cheer him up.
93. Then the people that showed up gave Steve a big cheer.
94. A cheer broke out from the audience and they applauded.
95. Gentiles should share in its cheer and fellowship (Isa.
96. She listened to him and it seemed to cheer her up a bit.
97. Jeff sometimes played on his harmonica to cheer them up.
98. As the prince entered the palace grounds a great cheer.
99. You should install yourself here, and cheer my solitude.
100. However, the young man seemed determined to cheer me up.

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