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Frasi con coherent (in inglese)

  1. She was never quite coherent.
  2. So much for coherent thinking.
  3. Beagle coherent at the moment?
  4. Put that way, it was a coherent case.
  5. In fact, I felt completely coherent.
  6. Coherent shapes were forming as the.
  7. He’s coherent, logical, well spoken.
  8. By Guam, Parker was sober and coherent.
  9. Now let the words form in coherent order.
  10. How could he be so hot and still coherent?
  11. These three fetters are in a coherent series.
  12. Of course, I’m coherent to speak to him.
  13. It wasn’t a coherent comment, but it served.
  14. In contrast, a coherent philosophy empowers you.
  15. There was no coherent way to bolt them together.
  16. Good, at least the kid is coherent and can function.
  17. She was too shocked to even form a coherent thought.
  18. The rationale for a coherent strategy is that each.
  19. Call the police, she mumbled, barely coherent.
  20. It was the only coherent thought I had at the moment.
  21. When she came to and was coherent again, she was of-.
  22. You would send a coherent sentence; one which meant.
  23. Or, more accurately, holding on to a coherent world-view.
  24. I could not manage to get a coherent sentence out of her.
  25. Stacey, though coherent, still wasn’t feeling any better.
  26. Those were the first coherent words the patient had uttered.
  27. It is a powerful thing to have a coherent philosophy of life.
  28. It's a little hard to breathe, but I'm barely coherent anyway.
  29. I just shook my head still not able to form any coherent words.
  30. Beauty, is coherent with the first and the second theorems (see A.
  31. She was coherent enough to pass on their address and phone number.
  32. They all attempt to tell their tale as one and nothing is coherent.
  33. Are you coherent enough to talk to me? He was in the process.
  34. We have been focusing on the power of logical and coherent thought.
  35. The idea of a coherent plasma body surrounding and interacting with.
  36. It strained his brain to sort it out, to put coherent words together.
  37. Tammas tried to say a number of things, but nothing coherent came out.
  38. To the subconscious mind, SECURITY (coherent world-view) is everything.
  39. In a closed hanger, it was deafening, making coherent communications.
  40. My head was swimming so wildly that I could not frame a coherent answer.
  41. Sometimes it was very difficult to have a coherent exchange with Raymond.
  42. The third theorem is coherent with the first two, and arises out from them.
  43. Coherent groups of propositions are well-known to be cheap: with a bit of.
  44. Is the man with the gun making sense when he talks? Is he coherent?
  45. As the fragments of the idea came together into a coherent whole, he beamed.
  46. He has developed a coherent philosophy that has forced all of us to reex-.
  47. It was very difficult while he was touching me, to frame a coherent question.
  48. She lay quietly trying to gather coherent thoughts when she heard a chuckle.
  49. Obviously I was the only one coherent during that particular conversation.
  50. The mouth gaped, but no coherent words issued—only a high-pitched tittering.
  51. He could make no coherent sound, but the painful question was obvious in his eyes.
  52. I began to gather rational, coherent thoughts again and I started to make friends.
  53. I couldn’t snap any coherent thoughts together in the glint of his pearly whites.
  54. The residual theory of dividends states four principles behind creating a coherent.
  55. This time, however, was different—though he wasn’t coherent enough to know why.
  56. To typologize is to sort domains of knowledge into coherent and consistent categories.
  57. Isabelle? I had to know if she was coherent enough to process what I was about.
  58. Ohsh, notsh shou bash, Eugene could only mutter, trying to say something coherent.
  59. I had plenty of time to consider my fate, but my mind wouldn’t think in coherent terms.
  60. There is no comprehensive, coherent, or consistent basis for thinking since the rise of.
  61. The trouble was that he, like the intelligentsia in Russia, had no coherent plan of action.
  62. I’d had a few beers, but was mostly coherent, and nearly dulled to the worst of the pain.
  63. He could find no coherent pattern to the level of fracturing; no mathematical formula fitted.
  64. It's a really simple cipher, but that's the most coherent, strongest solution we’ve found.
  65. Karma, therefore, offers a coherent understanding for the function of the world and its beings.
  66. Shaking his head he struggled to remember what it was but seemed incapable of coherent thought.
  67. It could know the universe, very soon; it had to understand to be able to form a coherent field.
  68. Inner Circle Initiates live by their own set of rational, coherent and internally generated morals.
  69. In an attempt to remain coherent, he tried to do the math in his head, but his mind kept wandering.
  70. Devon can’t think of a reply; he can barely form a coherent thought, never mind an eloquent argument.
  71. There are multiple meanings in the message transmitted to the inner you and the whole is not coherent.
  72. She never left Aura, who had never been coherent for long, so when she was Talas was always in a rush.
  73. Who told you so?, Lorentz cried, Don’t come up with such statements without a coherent proof.
  74. Thus the doctrine of the Bible and its recorded miracles seem to constitute a living and coherent unity.
  75. She was relieved to find no one there, because she hadn’t formulated a coherent story as to why she was.
  76. It seems they have some influence over the population and have rallied them into a semi coherent group.
  77. Granted, there weren’t that many coherent thoughts, sex wasn’t so much about thinking, she’d realized.
  78. His mind was teetering on the edge of coherent thought; he registered nothing other than pain and confusion.
  79. My head and heart were racing as I tried to make sense of what just happened but nothing coherent came to me.
  80. I’m guessing that Lester wasn’t coherent and it didn’t take all that long for everyone to figure it out.
  81. In fact he believes that the law truly is an ass! Why? Because the law is not based on any coherent principles.
  82. Stratos hired a car for a few days and, with Lea, brought a distracted and barely coherent Panos to the airport.
  83. All the data and facts are registered in a coherent way, without repetition or accumulation of bureaucratic trash.
  84. Was still finding it difficult to accept what had happened and she couldn’t string a coherent thought together.
  85. The German command system disintegrated and the disillusioned German army now ceased to exist as a coherent force.
  86. His rational and coherent moral views may, or may not, coincide with the law of the land at any given time or place.
  87. The Church doctrine is so coherent a system that it cannot be altered or corrected without destroying it altogether.
  88. It is a logically coherent story but one intended to trigger an emotional response rather than scientific agreement.
  89. Alphabet of the Eartheart – Symmetry, Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion by Daniel Winter (move over Aristotle).
  90. The Initiate has his own internally coherent philosophy which may, or may not agree with the externally imposed laws.
  91. Will you move out of my way, please, she continued, struggling to form the words and sounds as a coherent whole.
  92. Its stars have attached to each other until they became affined and well-knit, like the coherent blocks of a building.
  93. He knew that if he turned and saw his own parents succumbing to the virus, he would lose all chance of coherent thought.
  94. There isn’t a wheelchair-accessible slope that leads you to a coherent and comprehensive (and comprehensible) overview.
  95. It would already take an editing genius to make a coherent story out of the amputated bits left from his original script.
  96. I couldn’t hold onto a coherent thought, and the swirling lights on the walls were making my eyes cross, so I closed them.
  97. He tripped over his words, desperately trying to form a coherent sentence with enough conviction to throw them off the scent.
  98. In addition to these new units, the new structure provided a coherent clustering of units completing the core process work of IT.
  99. Trade? How the hell should he know? He draws strands of thought together and tries to make them coalesce into something coherent.
  100. Finally, they assign values and moral and affective weights within a coherent emotional framework to the various bits information.

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